Wednesday, January 21, 2015

American Sniper makes America Fifty States of Grey

An Iraq war biopic based on the bestseller autobio selling more than 1.5 million copies of the same title for late United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams marksman Chris Kyle, American Sniper may have made its target, hitting the Hollywood movie industry bullseye with a record setting rubout of the competition by $105.3 million over this weekend, but it may have also triggered a sociocultural avalanche involving the old Red versus Blue state debate being last fought just recently this last fall midterm. Being marked by its production and distribution company as being a phenomenon both culturally and societally, the bandwagon effect so evident in the acceptance of the film should also remind its political opponents exactly how and why the war which is its raison de etre was supported so strongly by happy hearted hawks from sea to sea, even if by ways and means that allude the average dove. This bandwagon of soft powered citizens across America is not some ragtag clandestine fifth column using internal subversion and sedition towards treason externally, no on the contrary philosophically, this is a convoyline of hard powered citizens across America who may not know all their rights, liberties, and freedoms but nevertheless wish to defend them to the death wherever and whenever by all means and ways necessary!

And yet even as we speak, this film and those ideals which surround it, prove that spirit of America continues to burn on strong in whatever capacity, shape, or form it takes at the current.

America is divided on whether soldiers like Kyle should be seen by America as a Red State military hero, who by honour did his duty making 160 kills during his four tours, or as a Blue State cold blooded killer who dishonoured and deserted the peaceful American principles of live and let live and allowance of the pursuit of happiness, a divide that still has not healed itself and has allowed America the Great to fall far from its previously politically united stance. Both ideological sides will be sure to hype this film, like the book before it, to as much of a tactical advantage that each can hold on and further itself and their agenda to in order to sway the general public closer to its way of thinking as per usual which is a given. The not so given and unusual aspect of this situation is this, instead of seeing both political colours eventually meld back into a united purple nation, as it has been for most of its political history, especially during its most recent post World War period, could we eventually see a divided America that becomes so biased and colourblind that it might take on a third colour, leaving us with a future America being fifty states of grey?

Monday, January 19, 2015

State of the Union Address still lacks access

So this is where the change we asked and he delivered on came to be, the Office of the President of the United States of America translating the State of the Union address from American English to technocratese. 140 character texts and less than 10 second images for the greater digital audience who ditches cable television and over the air radio for going online and into the satellite, not even newspaper find its way into their recycling bins and pet cages anymore, that wider audience the main stream media lost now loses its ability to read, watch, and listen to anything deeper than what Youtube or Netflix can feed it. But can you really blame them for ignoring a never deviating mantra from the executive branch of the central government in the most powerful republic in the whole free world, have we become such a cynical mob of malcontents we distrust and disbelieve government at every turn with not much room for error, or is this how it has always been in America where every single encounter between the President and their people has lead to an internal disconnect and disinterest between each other?
Oh I am sure back in the day when politics was not as jaded a sport, once the campaigning had ended and the governing had started, publically elected officials forgot whether they wore a red or blue tie yet still moved forward with their opponents working for the people and that was called leadership!
So in short, the Office needs to make the Address one that not only makes sense but also makes a difference in any miniscule way for the average citizen, one that is tailored by, of, and for the people of the United State of America. Instead of creating a working digital communications and marketing strategy, why not make a classically grassroots attempt in getting to know who you represent and finally becoming someone real the constituent may actually trust and believe in, placing so much hope and faith into what simply makes up a quite abstruse advertising campaign is beyond the basic. Until the President and their State of the Union address can restate it relevancy, along with the popular access to its public it sorely lacks, the point of view that it remains a partisan soapbox with a particular biased agenda of the administration will remain.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Change is another very important key to success

Following up on the last Fitness Friday from New Year 2015, today we talk about the other FIT in life, wealth, and health being frequency, intensity, and time or duration. Now we speak on all three of those other keys to success in breaking body and making muscle through stronger frequency, higher intensity, and longer time or duration, all of which must be combined to get the desired effect from exercise. During this cycle of rebreaking, rebuilding, then repeating, one must overcome the obstacles by improvising to said change, then adapting to it until time comes for more change.

I believe for the heart and muscle health of the body, most science nowadays recommends a frequency between 3-6 times per week exercising, an intensity that is equal to 70-90 percent of your maximum heart rate and 70-90 percent of your one rep maximum, for 7-13 reps and 3 sets during a time of 30-60 minutes.

To all those yet uninitiated, the frequency of exercise is finding a balance right between having just enough stress to initiate change and having just enough rest to recover from it, the more frequent you work out, then it will be more likely to use the progressively resistant overload to build a bigger and better quality body. For the intensity, or amount of effort and work, which too must be well balanced, resistant enough to overload the body progressively, but not enough to overtrain into injury and insult to your mind, that must be invested to follow a specific routine and direction towards a specific objective. On the importance of time or duration, the length of the workout depends completely on the frequency and intensity of the session, showing us clearly that change is another very important key to success too!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Consistency is one very important key to success

Another Fitness Friday is here again, first one for the New Year 2015, today we talk about the other CPR in life, wealth, and health being consistence, persistence, and resistance. Like those other three keys to success in breaking body and making muscle though longer consistency, stronger frequency, and higher intensity, all three of these keys take all those others from within the gym and expands them outside in the real world, towards a lifelong commitment to yourself and your overall goals until the end. Striving for all your goals in life, whether ever successful or not, shows a good work ethic despite all the different pleasures and desires we leave behind on our own narrow road of self denial, inner sobriety, and outer sacrifice.

I think one thing which keeps hanging people up is the innate push to always pull oneself towards all those little bad deficits in day to day life that add up to become one really big debt for life, examples being trashy reality television, wasteful online social media, and of course fast junk food, all goes from lips to hips or eyes and ears to worries and fears which does nothing for the betterment of our bodies, minds, and souls.

Making sure that consistency is always the key to success, as it remains static and steady when alround you moves with the waves of life when things get rough and the goings become tough, giving you that one step backwards yet two steps forward incremental approach. So if your consistency is the middle ground in the life fight to do what is right in terms of exercise to perform, nutrition and hydration to fuel, and rest to recover and repeat, then becoming more persistence becomes the foreground action which moves you towards progressing your future and becoming more resistance becomes the background action which prevents you from returning to your past. Having all three of these in your rearview mirror, front passenger seat next to, and dashboard window ahead will allow you a better visual, to physically see and emotionally feel right around you, to most definitely help make better decisions and keep solid resolutions for this upcoming new year.