Friday, March 14, 2014

Women getting positively empowered as Trim Healthy Mamas

Another new wives fad with party included like essential oils and select epicures has just arrived in the form of another health book, this one called Trim Healthy Mama by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, but it does seem to set out to make a difference espousing much of the same health and fitness advice on nutrition I speak of here on this weblog. While dropping carbohydrates, bad fats, and overall calories is a good thing, the book rightly asks its readers to simply not mix these altogether, so a protein with a fat or a protein with a carb but not an energizing carb over 10 grams and satisfying fat over 5 grams in the same meal. I also like how it goes on an allout attack on artificial frankensweetners, but its massive reliance upon natural sugar alcoholic sweeteners is something I wish it could have avoided too, instead a balanced moderate approach in my books would be using organically whole sweeteners like honey or maple syrup but use less of them.

Or a true alternative is to keep using cane sugar conservatively, just less of the product which can make us fat in excess, as we also strive to reduce our previously liberal use of salt, starch, and flour.

I think we can all read between the lines and realize, for one example, that the best sugar for the body in terms of usage as energy is glucose and the worst sugar for the body is fructose and basic well known facts like these are ones agreed upon in Trim Healthy Mama. But it entered the realm of science allegedly without all the evidence needed to back it up, when speaking on sex drive and performance, hormone imbalances, exercise and supplementation, one really has to use the work from medical journals to show the studies that prove the science that makes suggestions like these safe and secure in their proper assessment. That all said, am very glad Pearl and Serene have got women positively empowered towards eating more natural whole foods, less sugar overall, and has got them moving actively to burn energy after eating satisfying meals which is all that matters in the end.