Friday, September 07, 2018

Swexit from its Nordic Social Justice and Welfare State leaves Europe wondering

Ironically like Islam, Sweden has always had a Zakat like alms mandatory Swedish Civil Code of 1734 by the Riksdag of Estates which runs on a similar Red Tory progressive conservative socialism code of noblesse oblige, an idea popularized by the 19th century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli towards an Industrial Revolution solution which did not lead to a republican uprising as it did in France during the days of Napoleon a century previous. The kicker here being Sweden with even its grand social justice experiment of the welfare state, along with the other Nordic countries even before post war as Germany joined them with its wirtschaftswunder from the middle ground sozialemarktwirtschaft Konrad Adenauer and the ordoliberal Christian Democrats instituted which lead to such economic growth across the board for the common good, would not tide away the massive 2010 refugee increase that led to the great European migrant crisis of 2015 where European Union member states received over 1.2 million first time applications for asylum being more than double that of the previous year where Sweden, Austria, Hungary and Germany received the bulk of them. Following these increases came terrorist links, sexual assaults, and a general lack of cultural integration which has been the key ingredient of the Nordic social justice welfare state, as it depended upon a certain element of homogeneous social hegemony where their formerly very small populations agreed to stay within the bounds of its unwritten Janteloven or Danelaw code of conduct or Scandinavian ethos, without it any recognition of what the nation state once stood for was lost and its now truly existential identity no longer made sense to all those who made it.

A final Swexit from the European Union and its Nordic Social Justice and Welfare State leaves Europe wondering just what is next, who are we and what do we stand for anymore if we ever did as we have lost ourselves in this world that we no longer rule and run as they once did as Vikings, that loaded question is harder to fully unpack in one weblog post but hints towards its answer can be found in the cultural norms and mores that remain in private and public lives of Europeans in general yet also in the slow and stunted integration that continues to inhibit the progress of the outside visiting newcomer specifically.

For a united Europe to save itself at this stage, it would need to recalculate what made it historically great via its heritage and culture which had once been put in place as a pride of ownership in keeping up appearances, put its people in their place, and maintaining a certain agreed upon societal order with a certain degree of democratic liberty to allow for both freedom and independence that made the continent move forward progressively for its people from nation to nation within its distinctively European ode to joy towards its fraternal celebration of the brotherhood of man with its the freely enlightened storm and stress of humanity as emotionally felt through Johann Gottfried Herder, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and even near the neoclassical end Ludwig Van Beethoven as it once proudly had. The European Union and its member states have forgotten albout these great societal elements almost thirty years later until Brexit happened, which had most recently been alive and well with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the dictatorial Communist Iron Curtain state as the start of the democratic and capitalist new world order was supposed to come and save European society, the West no longer had its convenient enemy and the East no longer had its concealed identity where localized continental integration between one another would first have to pass a more globalized test which has most definitely proved the old division remain intact right down the centre as right versus left gets replaced with right versus wrong. Germany, through its Alexander Gauland led Alternative has come to aid those grassroots believers in a revival of the principal ordoliberal Christian Democrats and conservative followers of Adenauer from the past, seems to follow less of where soft Eurosceptics like a Farage led UKIP, Lepen led NF, or even the Wilders led PF have gone and instead more of where Sebastian Kurz and his Osterreichische Volkspartei, Jarosław Kaczynski and his Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc, and Viktor Orban and his Fidesz Magyar Polgari Szovetseg, and so Sweden joins suit accompying the renewed Christian Democrat effort through an Alternative Germany to rescue what Europe they have lost to an elitist regime just as the rest of Scandinavia soon does too.

Monday, July 30, 2018

From Intermittent Fasting to Feasting and Furious Intensity Training

Just recently took a group of twelve on an online journey through a fitness regimen that included a cool tool for physical fitness, psychological clarity, and overall longevity for a better life, where the zeitgeist idea behind intermittent fasting or intermittent feasting or intermittent calorie restriction, which I personal recommend a 17 hour fast to 7 hour feast roughly starting around 11am to 6pm give or take. Now, some of this dirty D12 dozen used a low carb paleo nutritional meal plan and others high fat keto nutritional meal plan, I continued my mixed Mediterranean New Nordic nutritional meal plan from 2010 that mixes via pyramid mainly composed of plant based foods like cruciferous and root vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and berries, as well as some fatty dairy and fish and lean proteins like chicken with the switchout being olive for canola oil. Really any proper nutritional meal plan works, as long as it has sustainability as your lifestyle choice, does not feel or work like a diet, and is balanced in the macronutrients and micronutrients needed for the maintenance of your body.

The big thing we see with intermittent calorie restriction is three key things in almost everyone who has employed the popular technique, how it maximizes fat burning and muscle building, boosts human growth hormone, and drops insulin growth factor, all of which bring good things for anyone who simply adds it to any fitness regimen, workout routine, or exercise program they may be using.

For those wishing to prevent future chronic health issues such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity with the inflammatory cardiovascular disease that follows, this kind of body manipulative tool, along with having early morning boosters like ice cold spring water along with a packet of green tea powder added before a daily prefueled fasted high intensity interval cardiovascular and steady state calisthenic in a 2:1 Tabata wax on wax off protocol via Doctor Izumi Tabata and the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Such a simply daily cardiovascular and calisthenic workout routine keeps your need for a full bodyweight or freeweight lifting exercise program down to a basic three day on and off system, with your weekends free to enjoy, rest, and recover as you like without any storm or stress in life trying your best to beat the body fat back from total muscle conditioning and maintenance, with minimum effort toward maximum results without pain in your gain. We shall get more into the specific functional training styled exercises later on in another posting, as well as the principles of specificity, overload, and progression from which the subprinciples frequency, intensity, time, and sort come into effect, but will leave the information above today for a small takeaway so you can see how it work out for you today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ontario chooses Shades of Rae or Merits of Harris

As we get closer to our provincial general election campaign finish line, Ontarians clearly are making known to all that no longer is there is any room for David Peterson or should I say Kathleen Wynne and her Ontario Liberals, I stand by my position that our provincial Grits will give or take have about half a dozen seats from their 55 majority going in and only 17 percent of the vote from their near 39 at the current. The pragmatic centre where it supposedly is today fell apart, where Kathleen thought campaigning further out into the left on spending would allow her to go back to cutting on the right in government, as Horvath tore her far leftways while Ford took a hard altright turn Wynne could not pick and choose from. Actually worse than anything David had, Kathleen might put the Ontario Liberals out to pasture a la Iggy or further into a politico bizarro world in which they do not even qualify for official status in the Ontario Legislative Assembly for next session.

With their own might as one province, Ontario today now chooses Shades of Rae or Merits of Harris, either we are heading to a 1990 or 1995 style finish to such a horrendous campaign as this one has been for all good hearted Ontarians.

I think neither prediction is pure, a Bob Rae styled New Democrat Orange Crush under Andrea Horvath seems to be getting more unlikely as the chances of a Mike Harris styled Progressive Conservative Blue Wave under Doug Ford get bigger as the days go by, unless a huge tsunami sweeps away Ford with a Harris like scandal a la Walkerton or Ipperwash within his campaign then Ontarians seem more at ease with the Ontario Tories than the New Democrats. Ford will likely gain 44 percent of the vote and 73 seats, up from roughly 35 percent and a half and 37 seats, Horvath and the New Democrats will likely gain 39 percent of the vote and 45 seats, up from around 23 percent and 21 seats, and no return for the Trilliums and no gain for the Greens as the minor fringe stay that way this next time around. So close to Harris for Ford and kind of Rae for Horvath, thanks completely to Wynne being worse than Peterson, both the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats have their best shows ever at the expense of the worst ever campaign by the Liberals for years to come yet but perhaps a Trudeau waits in their Liberal youth wings yet.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Why a Loss is still a Wynne

Kathleen Wynne and her Ontario Liberals will lose bad, yet to whom she will lose bad is a question that only the people of the province can answer rightly, but right now I think she will be returning six or half a dozen seats give or take with 17 percent of the vote. This versus either a Bob Rae styled New Democrat Orange Crush under Andrea Horvath that will get 37 percent of the vote or more with a likely 66 seats under her belt for a slight majority, or a Mike Harris styled Progressive Conservative Blue Wave under Doug Ford that will get 43 percent of the vote or less with a likely 73 seats under his belt for a heavier majority, that will do for a quick pick of an early prediction. But how did Kathleen get caught under a barrel with Andrea and Doug doing the rolling downhill, just look at her campaign and how she thought it was no different than all the others, there is where you will find the rub.

She planned for a Patrick Brown, then expected a Christine Elliott, but finally got a Ford and that is why a loss is still a Wynne as he pulled her progressive campaign too far right for her to stretch back to her original radical left gameplan with Horvath covering the base she only knew how to play.

Tax and spending on her Great Forward Society was the whole plan with nothing else to back it up just in case, nobody expected a Tory who played to Rural and Northern Ontario issues to win their primary and stop the Toronto centric election campaign rhythm of the race for Premier to simply throw off the beat of a leftward progressive drum, tack on a personally unpopular Premier who had such a dismal polling number that kept getting worse year by year, Liberals today likely wished they had lost the last time out so not to lose everything this next time on. Clearly readying themselves simply to run on their record, this only works for one when the record they run on is solid enough to win them again with the people, however when said record in government is zero net or worse negative then most call timeout and look for other alternatives which shall happen sooner than later. The question remains which leadership candidate is less about their party and its supposed ideology and rather is more like the Liberals and their assumed position in the middle, which is what most Ontarians really want but cannot have, that leader and party will hold the mantle of government this next time out but like Rae or Harris will hold it only by the peril of their own ideological bent.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Nothing runs like a Ford except an Elliott

Tons of politicos from all different colours and parties have been asking me what are my thoughts on the provincial Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leadership race for 2018, with a vote is not even a pure one member one vote styled, rather equally weighted by a 100 point electoral district riding across 124 electoral district ridings in order to win the leadership race, this makes the vote into more of an electoral college vote rather than a popular vote from a one man one vote result. Where an electoral district riding has less than 100 members, a single vote there is worth one electoral vote, where there is more than 100 members, an electoral vote there is worth a percentage of votes overall, which might actually mess up the value of the numbers given at the bottom, most likely between 2-5% plus minus give or take. Not sure if Patrick Brown will be on or off the ballot, as he was supposed to be left on being take out after the deadline, a fifth name of which none remaining on it would likely wish it to stay, we shall have to assume it will still be only four on the ballot being Tanya Granic Allen, Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, and Caroline Mulroney Lapham, all of whom found their way down there at the Markham Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre in Markham.

Three major factors become obviously in play throughout the affair, first whether the provincial party could run away from the shadow of their former leader and Opposition Leader Patrick Brown or mimick his successful balance act that held up only months before the election. Second, was the new ideology going to remain that was devoid of any kind of conservatism via Elliot or Mulroney, or would fiscal and social conservatism along with democratic reform and civil libertarian ideals mix into a populist altright message against political correctness via Ford or Granic Allen. Third, were those major campaign issues with created splits and crisis such as carbon tax pricing, sex ed curriculum, and the cleaning of internal party chaos, collusion, and corruption which created temporary voting blocs for those single issue voters, which artificially increased and decreased the numbers for certain teams in the race, though at the end of the day, nothing runs like a Ford except an Elliott.

Those other 4 remaining leadership candidates outside Brown who I list in order lowest to highest to be in the first round were 
hard right socon Tanya Granic Allen fourth at 12%, soft right redtor Caroline Mulroney Lapham third at 13%, hard right fiscon Doug Ford second at 36%, and soft right redtor Christine Elliott first at 39% on the first ballot with the first of two possible kingmakers in Granic Allen dropped off for a second ballot, next round leaves Mulroney Lapham third at 13% with no gain being the absolute ideologic opposite of Granic Allen, Elliott second at 39% increasing slightly as the more sellable choice, and Ford first at 48% on the first ballot increasing massively as the candidate for change, finally Ford second at 48% is overtaken by Elliott first at 52% on the third ballot in the race to replace Brown his big bad Peoples Guarantee platform. But does it all really matter, the Ontario Tories still rot to its very marrow of the bone is dying if not dead, have now publicly shown themselves to be what everyone in the know always knew it to be, the party of corruption protected by lawyers and lobbyists all lined up to take their lick from the porkbarrelled gravy train. With little to no difference between any of the Big Three parties at Queens Park, one looks to cleaner and clearer provinces like Saskatchewan, unlike even the dirty Tory politics Jason Kenney has participated next door over in Alberta, real principled leadership from the likes of Elwin Hermanson, Brad Wall, and right now Scott Moe have shown us that burning down parties of corruption like the Progressive Conservatives to rebuild more righteous parties for people might be the right way to go in the end!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ouellet Chips Off the Old Bloc Québécois

Martine Ouellet should have learned well from former leaders Lucien Bouchard, Gilles Duceppe, the late Jean Lapierre, the 25 year ten term Dean of the House Louis Plamondon, or even recently departed Rhéal Fortin, who is one of the seven Bloc Québécois members splitting from the current party of three to form Groupe Parlementaire Québécois to solely advancing the cause being to defend the provincial interests of Québec in Ottawa. Both Duceppe and Bouchard understood the heart of the Québécois was never to leave Canada, but to make Ottawa understand Québec was a founding partner of a balanced Confederation that needed to be restored again, foundationally key for a rainbow coalition movement that merged Conservatives and Liberals in June of 1991 over the failed Beau Risque based Meech Lake constitutional accord of former Tory Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, which would have recognized Québec as a distinct society. Ouellet seems to be more from the side of thinking of the radical Jacques Parizeau over a pragmatic René Lévesque, apparently one top of these sins Ouellet is also intransigent, authoritarian, and has a poor leadership style, that and she refuses to run political business in Ottawa from Ottawa rather than currently in Québec City and Montréal without the help of the grassroots, which usually ends out bad for any populist or regionalist party representing its people!

If this all sounds familiar, it should as Ouellet chips off the old Bloc Québécois while the new Parti Québécois does the same under Jean-François Lisée, all of this was covered by us mere few months ago with a similar light suggestion that Québec will continue to move towards a more palatable alternative like the Liberals federally and Coalition Avenir Québec provincially if both indépendantistes and séparatistes refuse to lower the bar to being autonomistes and souverainistes within Confederation.

This weakened Bloc is not that strong party that was formed as a conterrevolutionary to the corruption of the Mulroney Tories in May of 1990 when it split from the federal Progressive Conservatives, that became Her Majesty’s Official Loyal Opposition in 1993, which held the majority of seats in the province from 1993 to 2008 for six elections, and the balance of power in minority parliaments between 2004 and 2011 for seven elections, focussed on their first responsibility in promoting Québec, showing the harmful effects of federalism on the lives of Québécois, and fighting without compromise against corruption in Ottawa as it showed in 2004 with the Martin Liberal Adscamsponsorshipgate. No, after an Orange Crush in 2011 where it lost official party status and a Red Scare in 2015 where Québécois voted en masse for the familial enemy of their state, a Bloc led by an Ouellet so afraid of the risk in running and possible losing a byelection in Lac-Saint-Jean being the old riding of Bloc cofounder Lucien Bouchard, this Bloc so fearful of another backlash from its own Québécois, when they look to who the Progressive Conservatives and Canadian Alliance treated Joe Clark and Stockwell Day after leadership challenges, they see how they have treated their last six ad hoc leaders with even more contempt and less respect. Just as the Bloc fractions its factions in half, so goes the Parti Québécois which only now loses its raison dêtre on the eve of its provincial general election, the grander question as Québécois allow its electorate to vote centre left federally and centre right provincially by way of current trend, do either of these political options have the best interests of its constituents at the vital beat of its active heart, or shall we see another plus ça change plus c'est la même chose moment that bring us back sooner than later to Meech Lake?

Friday, September 22, 2017

Will the Minority that Merkel forms be Nationalist or Socialist?

Angela Merkel will continue to be the German Chancellor after the federal election of the 19th Bundestag Sunday night, however with an estimated higher turnout projected and a surge from sixth to second of the populist and nationalist Alternative for Germany as the past opposition party of the Social Democrats drops down, the Christian Democrats can safely believe they will go from less than half the vote to a little more than one third from 41 and 238 seats to 35 for 241 seats while the Social Democrats lose about five points from 25 and 193 seats to 20 for 149 seats thus allowing the Alternative to go from less than five points with zero seats to 17 for 131 seats. So, as you can see both the former opposition Social Democrats and the so to be opposition Alternative for Germany will be almost equal in percentage of votes and seats in the Bundestag with Merkel and the Christian Democrats falling and failing to not only gain a majority, but gain enough vote and seats in this projected minority to be a strong partner in any kind of government without a kingmaker looking over their shoulder likely in the form of the SDP or AFG. Yet, the CDU and CSU union made it clear in this election they would not cede to either the far left to centre demands to end the coordinated social market economic miracle and expand the welfare state bureaucracy while rejecting the far right to centre demands to oppose to Islam and open door refugee immigration via reasonable accommodation and stop financial support and loss of national sovereignty to the European Union via continental integration.

For the first time during the seventeen year Merkel era, German Christian Democrats must now decide which part of their balanced centrist grand coalition program gets tilted over towards, do they move rightward towards the Nationalists or leftward towards the Socialists?

Germany might see neither of these in that Merkel nor the CDU and CSU union wish to lose their fiscally conservative and socially progressive agenda for the sake of holding grand power, rather cobbling together minor concessions with pro EU fringe parties like the classically liberal Free Democrats and environmentally responsible Greens trading give or take 150 seats they gain for major cabinet posts seems to be the more realistic path forward to stable governance as they come together with give or take 390 seats in a Bundestag of 630. With the math now aside, the real question is does Merkel start emphasizing real Christian Democratic third way politics in the radical centrist spirit of Konrad Adenauer and its traditional values of life, liberty, and leadership both strong and solid which could easily counter the grassroots democratic populism of the AFG and the labour union cries of economic inequality coming from the SDP along with a Soziale Marktwirtschaft Wirtschaftswunder solution for the FDP and environmental free enterprise marketeering solution for the BDG, while still leaving the open centrist position to get back to a more principled conservative right to centre as we move from her fourth to fifth term. Whether to choose identity or ideology, both Christian Democracy and Merkel need to figure out who they are now before their small timeframe of power to make change disappears into the infinity of space and beyond, leaving a very confused Germany that knows less of what it stands for after her chancellorship than even before it.