Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coming into Labour Day pains

Changing back from home and office to school is so honestly annoying, yet though all these Labour Day pains as they are, much learning can be gained in the way one prepares for the overall change made. Anxiety, nervousness, persistent worriful fear never enters into the equation, but then again neither does excitement, so really it just means entering a new environment then maintaining the status quo with a twist of difference from the same old. Hamilton is the place to be for Labour Day there is no doubt, but instead of in a hot sweaty gym for registration sign in day, maybe it would be truly best held in a sunny open stadium?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Greens finally in the House for the wrong reasons

I understand the Greens need to get in the House, but having a Member of Parliament do so for them by crossing the floor, or rather jumping the bench, from Independent to Green, after Blair Wilson of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country's year long walk in the wilderness from the Liberal caucus he was originally elected to. In all likelihood, Leader Elizabeth May has pulled trigger on this in order to get a shot at speaking in the debates, which still may not happen if the Canadian media consortium decides he still has yet to sit in the House as a Green or he was never elected in his riding as a Green, then add upon this his tarnished reputation made when he was accused of not properly recording financial expenses during the 2006 federal election anonymously, something which has since been cleared of serious wrongdoing by Elections Canada despite some violations. It has been forgotten that Reform had their first MP elected in a byelection, not selected amongst Independents already in the House, so it shall be interesting to see what kind of a bounce the Greens can get from this development, though it should be noted a Social Credit-Reform-Alliancee turned Conservative John Reynolds got elected there in that riding, so anything is truly possible with such an openminded lot on the election of a Liberal turned Green. However, with less than a 1,000 votes separating both mainstream parties, a bitter fight, like the federal election itself, will likely be the outcome for all involved.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vee Pee will be either more of the same or change

Hello Denver then hello Saint Paul, first the Democrats then the Republicans, next week Jackasses will gather to get Mile High, while Labour Day will give the Elephants Excel Energy for their pump up play. As the Blues and the Reds fight it out in the streets, trying all their best to make peace with the average Joe and Jane on the street, seeing if the media can get them an all time high bounce that excels past that out of nowhere miracle a supposed backwater nobody named Bill Clinton performed so many years ago in 1992. The question however, will not be just how high the big bounce will be coming out of the convention, but rather who is going to be picked as the vice president nominee for both Obama and Mccain, something which is much more critical for the Demos than the Repubs.

Obama is change, so going with another grey haired full white guy will not work, been done from time immemorium, but the obvious is not to obvious anymore. The dream ticket of Obama and Clinton is not going to go, as Hillary wants either 2012 if Barack does bomb, or 2016 if history is kind to him, so instead Democrats need a redeem ticket, one that now will ignore John Edwards. Besides how much changes does Clinton really have in her political genes, so the obvious choice for Obama is narrowed down to just three, Russ Feingold, Dianne Feinstein and Debbie Stabenow.

Feingold, is the leading contender as one of Obama's most strongest supporters, the Wisconsin junior Senator has a long history of bucking the going trend, foe example the only Senator to vote against the USA PATRIOT or Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act, as well the former recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award is about as bipartisan as they come, working along with John in cosponsorship of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, a major piece of campaign finance reform legislation in this century. However, as he is a man, politics say they need a women to balance this dynamic once in a lifetime ticket for change, but the selection has less to do with the selection of the women, but rather the selection of the region. California must be won and California Senator Feinstein can win it, however, if Michigan is indeed the battleground this year, as I believe it is, then Michigan Senator Stabenow is the one, especially as she comes from the same class year as Clinton.

Mccain is different, his situation does not force him to pick someone specific, as Obama must pick either an actual agent of change or a women from voter rich or key battleground territory, anyone can do for him and likely will. Detroit born Mitt Romney, a former Governor of Massachusetts, whose dad was a Governor of Michigan and 1968 presidential candidate, seems to be the no brainer, especially with again Michigan being the key battleground this year in my own mind. However, as he was also a former candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2008 United States presidential election, there may be some problems with this, so if he is out, these are the next three best bets.

The hometown favourite, like fellow Minnesotans Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale from conventions past, will be Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, no doubt about it here, especially as Minnesota will be another battleground come November. Another one who is a strong supporter of Mccain could be Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, with the vote rich population to boot, yet neither seem to have the political experience to make such picks reality. So, in the end, one has to go to Joseph Lieberman, the independent Democratic Senator from Connecticut, whose own bipartisanship is only matched by that of a Russ Feingold, which it may very well be. If Barack goes anywhere else but Obama-Feingold or one of the gals, John may very well have it with a future Mccain-Lieberman administration for America, or Romney for his base. So, we now wait, as one of these two will make a mistake, anything less than change for Obama or anything off the status quo for Mccain, then it will be showtime.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Redeemer Rough Royals are Ready to Roll

Redeemer Rough Royals are ready to roll in our third football season, glad to hear the players of the years from the past Andy Luchies and Matt Neal will be returning, as I just know both Pain Train and Real Deal will be rumbling to bring on the noise in September. Not sure how the outdoor tackle ball on the field is going to go, with no change on the ironman rules or a legitimatization towards a flag game for the college association league, it will be a heck of a battle this year from leafy turf and into the snow for one more Super Bowl Sunday Chili Snow Bowl victory against another regional opponent elsewehere. But I do know with three separate teams for the club to play indoor touch ball in the arena, making it all out war on the floor, a 50 yard gym wall to wall brawl hopefully giving us another great RUC Royal Cup.

With less than half a month away from gametime, the Royals only became Rough when the Redeemer athletic department announced it would not call for the return of flag football as an official college sport this spring, with some players in their last year, there was no other choice but to remain independent and play the rough and tough no equipment game. I figure this independent unsanctioned club will have to eventually go legitimate and join both the OCAA and CCAA, that means going from no holds barred tackle and into an official flag rules game, which many of the original diehards rightfully would never go for.

I truly would, however, like to protest the lack of need by the institution to celebrate both Labour Day and Spring Break. These are two important times of the year for myself, where I have been able to happily party hardy in the past, yet have not been able for the last two and coming three years. My only actual real criticism, constructive or other, of the academic system there, which does not actually really have anything to do with academics, but rather the quality of extracurricular activity up on the Mount ReDee.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ivy Big Ten League for Ontario University Football

Many of the commentors on the Canadian university football game have recently been wondering if the Ivy League of Canada, the Ontario University Athletics Football Conference, should be split into two. Nothing really brand new here, since discussions in this area have been on going for years, as every single institution in the conference, let alone the league itself, want the edge. But now the call for change has gotten much louder, in particular, from those in the Atlantic East and Pacific West outside of Ontario.

This leaves conventional wisdom to decide how such an interesting arrangement work out, some think it should be decided by population, others believe it should go by ability. If one did align the schools by population, Ontario would have a Big Ivy Five consisting of University of Toronto Varsity Blues at 63,000 students, York University Lions at 39,100, University of Ottawa Gee Gees at 30,882, University of Western Ontario Mustangs at 25,000 and University of Waterloo Warriors at 22,368, while the Small Oak Five would be Mcmaster University Marauders at 19,113, University of Guelph Gryphons at 17,332, Queens University Golden Gaels at 13,500, University of Windsor Lancers at 12,291 and Wilfrid Laurier University Golden Hawks at 11,869. However, if one instead went by ability instead, then in the past twelve years since 1995, Ontario's Big Ivy Five would have UWO Mustangs at 106 powerpoints, UO Gee Gees at 102, WLU Golden Hawks at 96, MU Marauders at 89 and UW Warriors at 72, while their Small Oak Five would be QU Golden Gaels at 71, UG Gryphons at 60, YU Lions at 53, UW Lancers at 45 and UT Varsity Blues at 21.

So, obviously there is no agreement in both these areas, if one were to combine them, results show two obviously different tiers. The Ivy Schools would then be Western, Ottawa, Mcmaster, Waterloo and York, the Oak Schools would start with Toronto, Queens, Guelph, Laurier and Windsor, ticking off archrivals within the Varsity Blue and Lion camps as well as Golden Hawk and Warriors booster. To find an absolute agreement from all these variables may just be too hard, therefore perhaps the best thing is to let them fight it out there on turf, rather than on the notebook.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good on Redeemer with Homecoming Football Game

Redeemer University College is going to start the 2008-2009 year with a Homecoming Football Game, it seems Kyle Schroeder is teaming up with the Redeemer University College Royals Football Club to bring ReDee back to the pigskin on Sunday, September 7, 2008 from 1:30 to 4:00 PM, something I suspect the underground Alpha Mu Omega fraternity will have something to do within the game or without in the pregame or postgame festivities.

The important thing here is that Redeemer is slowly cracking its delicate shell in becoming on that can party, have fun, yet remain a work first academically elite institution, proving that yes it really is possible to have it both ways, something most Canadian universities, colleges and post secondary institutions refuse to do or even believe can be.

Hats of to all those behind this great push to bring the game into the next level to what I always have called the Little Notre Dame of the North, I know when talking about the school to all those involved with the football program down at Mac, that at least it was respected for its academics, but perhaps we can move it ever so closely towards athletics even with one pep rallied homecoming football game as is planned.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Harper will not go to fall election unless forced before fixed date

With the Canada Elections Act came a one paragraph amendment to Canadian Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper's planned Monday October 19, 2009 election date, giving the Governor General the final say as to when it happens, in other words, the Act is worth no more than the paper it is written upon, the Conservatives know this fully, ending any retention one has to dissolve parliament is exactly the point to making a fixed election, something that obviously has not happened in this case here.

With no such binding law, which could have been real representative reform in this nation, in effect because of constitutional issues, the whole raison d'être resigns itself, something both Harper and the ruling Tories know. Therefore, one suspects they are waiting for the Stéphane Dion Liberals, Gilles Duceppe Bloc and Jack Layton New Democrats to implode the legislation for him, especially as the backroom play that the inside work is not getting done because of an unruly opposition against the working plans of the government. Quite similar as one pretending to be prevented from governing in the House, when in fact they are disemminating secret handbooks to the media on how to disrupt parliamentary committees and create Parliament into a chaotic House of horrors like never seen before, all in a bid to end this minority government for a chance at a majority one instead.

Bush had Karl Rove, Harper has Doug Finley, so instead of full time governing, administrations have now become full time campaigns, ones that have created the slumping economies we North Americans have slowly become quite bogged down with, Harper et al may not want to repeat Monday, January 23, 2006 again, but if the governing Tories keep playing backroom games, it may just very well become like Monday, October 25, 1993 instead.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cattlemen of Grey Bruce once again on a roll with Thanksgiving Classic in Owen Sound

I like what I am seeing from these Grey Bruce Owen Sound Cattlemen, when all of us got together 5 years ago, we never would have figured it would take on a life of its own, as the sport of football in this area was very close to dead as a doornail.

The football movement peaked in March 2005, on Friday the 3rd at 7 PM, we all met at Montana's Bar and Grill where the chair Dave Carriere, a former national senior football champion with the Sudbury Hardrocks and Spartans, held an open meeting that was attended by a dozen or so local football players. But after meeting, things started to fizzle out, with the cancelled showcase 2006 Bluewater Snow Bowl Jamboree tourney being the last event tried in the area. A new set of young turks led by a Cowboy Roy Mccoy have taken over the association we started, with the Wildcats moniker officially changing to Cattlemen, a nickname I originally thought should have stuck, hoping they can follow the former Grey Cup Champion Sarnia Imperials, as the next expansion club into the Canadian Major Football League and Northern Football Conference. All of which brings us to the Grey Bruce Canadian Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving Classic, to be held this October 13th at 9 PM between Team Owen Sound of OSCVI, WHSS and SMHS alumni and Team Grey Bruce of SDSS, GHSS and JDSS alumni, not knowing the event was part of the Cattlemen, or was the pickup 7 on 7 game I played in last year up at the Vic to a 1-0 draw for TOS over TGB, but not totally shocked or surprised either way that it was part of their package.

I am happy though now to see football is once again important, even if at its most unofficial, grassroots or pickup level, just glad to see the sport back in play and open to helping it grow from small beginnings into something bigger someday in the future.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Flyergate by Tories starts a Committee to RE Elect the Primeminister

When does an innocent ten percent flyer become a guilty piece of government propaganda literature, one could ask, I would answer when that guilty literature and innocent flyer are both sent one the poor taxpayers dollar through a rich politicians agenda.

Right from the very top, I want to say we have seen this kind of franking by all parties across the spectrum, every kind of government is guilty of it, so there is no innocence within politics today. That now said, carpetbombing the whole ridings with six flyers straight is enough to campaign for, campaign towards an end of taxpayer paid franking, which originally was a privilege given to our Parliament by the national postal service. But with privilege comes responsibility, one the current Tory government has lost by insourcing their constitutents fake votes and real inquires to a Conservative Research Group of Government Caucus Services, which must be the Tory backroom for this Conservative government, making one wonder just what the responses and replies from constituents of Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound just really go towards anyhow, which I believe we can likely extrapolate times 308 as it must be happening in every riding across the Dominion!

In this blitz, the environment, carbon tax, military spending, drug crimes, tax freedom day and Senate reform even the parliamentary stylings of the Liberal Opposition Leader all have become literal topics du jour by the federal Tories, as the flyers actually seemed to come in from Ottawa day after day, as though it were already an election with each of these being the party's advertising. Privacy is also quite the concern, as we come from a riding of demogrphic extremes, with elderly seniors and young students who may not know just who is asking or who is getting their mock vote for one of the four parties federal on the back of these frankers, now knowing just who they are going to be or intending to be voting for in the next election. Electioneering seems to be the primary cause, with Harper and the federal Tories campaigning towards a fixed election date they know will happen, though our current one week barrage was done by mistake, the Member of Parliament Larry Miller says they were meant to be released quarterly throughout the year like the update booklet, making the distribution glitch more about the exact time and less about the actual waste created by it.

I personally have been against franking since I knew of the procedure, however I understand it to be a way of life and death in politics, yet this recent development of preelection shock and awe franking irks not just myself, but I am sure others as well, that an inside team we shall just call the Conservative Tory Committee to Reelect the Prime Minister hijacks the method all 127 sitting MPs of the governing party use to speak to their constituents, instead use it to float trial balloons for what sells and what does not, as well as what the voting preference is for each, all in order to get reelected and pay for the new house, car and family they want so bad off your hard earned tax dollar, no way in heck if I have to work just as hard for those myself. Though no actual breach of regulations, we can all now agree this goes beyond the basic decorum of ethics, equity and essential human dignity, not just the politics of certain party successes, failures and the politics in between at Ottawa, but right through the very soul of the average taxpayer and into the flesh and blood person who is behind that paper and metal money. Perhaps, going back to Miller, Harper and the federal Tories flyer on Tax Freedom Day, we could reach it quicker if franking could now come out of the politicians pocket instead of that of the taxpeyers, would they all be in favour of such a free vote on that idea?

So there is no real need for a ten percent flyer slash government propaganda literature in this ditigal ecologically friendly age we live in, all politicans of all stripes should make good use of their computers, internet access and other taxpayer paid technological goodies they have been give, making such pamphlets obsolete and parliamentary update quarterlies about non partisan riding events in the constituency and parliamentary news we need to know.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing will need an Olympic effort to change self as the World will watch on


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beijing battle between Bolt and Powell for Olympic fastest human world title

The last 3 Olympic 100m finals have been well beyond excellent, seeing Donovan Bailey of Canada erase the image Ben Johnson left of the dominion in the minds of millions world wide winning gold at the Atlanta 1996 XXVI Centennial Summer Olympics did good for the soul. Watching the American records of 9.85s by Leroy Burrell at the Lausanne 1994 World Championships and 9.92 by Carl Lewis at the Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics fall was sad, but how glad when a Canadian pumped up the volume and picked up the medal, though I had the numbers mixed around for who would win the other ones. Another silver 9.89s time ran by Frank Fredericks of Namibia, almost exactly a sleeker, quicker and more aerodynamic version of his 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics performance of 10.02s and 9.90s bronze by Ato Boldon of Trinidad and Tobago had did better than I though, as I felt Bailey would win the gold, but Briton Linford Christie being the gold medallist at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics with 9.96s and 1993 Stuttgart World Championships with 9.87s, would dig for silver only to end up being disqualified this time for false starting out from the blocks as an oft user of performance enhancing drugs pseudoephedrine, nandrolone and anabolic steroid and disqualifier as such. With both of the Americans Dennis Mitchell and Michael Marsh coming in a bronze 3rd and 4th place, especially as Mitchell had finished with a bronze time of 10.04 at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, instead the legacies of Lewis and Burrell ended up in 4th and 5th at 9.99s and 10.00s respectfully.

Also I felt a fifth place for Canadian Bruny Surin of Canada with 10.13s, a sixth place for American Jon Drummond with 10.16s in semis, a seventh place for Kim Collins of Saint Kitts and Nevis with 10.34s in semis and an eighth to Obadele Thompson of Barbados with 10.16s in semis. I distinctly remember giving out propers to Jan Torbjorn Eriksson of Sweden, who although he did not even qualify with his preliminary 10.49s time, ran like a dickens right down his powerlane home to almost place in his own heat for the short sprints and now he trains Scandinavian youth in athletics like Jenny Kallur of Sweden like a professional. Rounding out Atlanta, the Canadians also won gold in the 4X100m relay with an Olympic record time of 37.69s over the Americans Dream Team time of 38.05s, thanks to the blast off lead of Robert Esmie, second Glenroy Gilbert, third Bruny Surin then the fastest anchor Donovan Bailey and preliminary heat extra Carlton Chambers, which is almost identical to its 1995 Gothenburg at 38.31s and 1997 Athens at 37.86s World Championship Gold medallist teams. Other events in both games, the men I favoured at 200m American Michael Bates and Michael Johnson, 400m Americans Quincy Watts and Michael Johnson, 800m Norwegian Vebjorn Rodal and Danish Wilson Kipketer, 110m Canadian Mark Mckoy and Briton Colin Jackson, 400m hurdles American Kevin Young and Swedish Sven Nylander, 4X100m relay Team Canada and 4X400m relay Team United States. And for women, in both games 100m American Gail Devers and Jamaican Merlene Ottey, 200m American Gwen Torrence and Jamaican Merlene Ottey, 400m Canadian Jillian Richardson and German Grit Breuer, 800m Dutch Ellen Van Langen and Russian Svetlana Masterkova, 100m hurdles American Gail Devers and Swedish Ludmila Engquist, 400m hurdles Swedish Frida Johansson and American Kim Batten, 4X100m relay United States and 4X400m relay Team Canada.

From Atlanta to Athens, we witnessed the Americans go from Dream Team to Drug Team, thanks in part to a cultural behaviour change through a smalltown business transformation from Millbrae Holistic Vitamins into corporate giant Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative and its founder and owner Victor Conte, making the next turn of a decade nay century nay millenium a more biological, kinesiological and physiological one.

Big Maurice Greene of the United States of America was as I thought in the gold at 9.87s, who had bested Baileys 9.91s time at the 1997 Athens World Championships with his 9.86s time, however I was very wrong in my belief Bailey bought the silver for Canada, as the ruptured Achilles tendon acted up throughout the season and then a bout with pneumonia during prelims, quarterfinals and finally the semifinals finished him off. Also I felt Ato Boldon of Trinidad and Tobago would bag the bronze and come in third, obviously did way better with his silver and second place finish at 9.99s time, instead it would be Obadele Thompson of Barbados taking bronze with his 10.04s time, someone whom I had picked lower than Surin who I thought had fourth all but wrapped up. Once again I distinctly remember giving out propers to Nicolas Macrozonaris of Canada, who seemed to do better than Eriksson in Atlanta, but still did not even qualify with his preliminary 10.45s time even though he too ran his race in his own heat to almost place. Finishing out Athens was in my own mind, a sixth place for American Jon Drummond who finished with a 10.09s in 5th, a seventh place for Briton Dwain Chambers who finished with a 10.08s in 4th and an eighth place for Kim Collins of Saint Kitts and Nevis with 10.17s in 7th.

At these Beijing 2008 XXIX Olympiad Mens 100m, we shall likely see a new batch Jamaican Asafa Powell for gold, Usain Bolt of Jamaica for silver and Walter Dix of the United States of America for the bronze. American Tyson Gay seems ready for 4th place, Michael Frater of Jamaica for 5th place, Kim Collins of Saint Kitts and Nevis for 6th, Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago for 7th and Pierre Browne of Canada, not Anson Henry as most had been thinking, in 8th place for good measure. To predictate which men will be winners of gold, for the 200m Walter Dix of the United States of America, for the 400m Jeremy Wariner of the United States of America, for the 800m Gary Reed of Canada, in the 110m hurdles Liu Xiang of China, in the 400m hurdles Angelo Taylor of the United States of America, in the 4X100m relay Team Jamaica and in the 4X400m relay Team United States. Finally, I believe for the women who will win gold, for the 100m Kerron Stewart of Jamaica, for the 200m Allyson Felix of the United States of America, for the 400m Sanya Richards of the United States of America, for the 800m Pamela Jelimo of Kenya, in the 100m hurdles Susanna Kallur of Sweden, in the 400m hurdles Queen Harrison of the United States of America, in the 4X100m relay Team United States and in the 4X400m relay Team United States.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Will Triple Eights in the East lead to Muslim terrorist attack from the West?

From the Xinjiang Uyghur region of China, home of the northern route of the Silk Road there in Urumqi, comes a threat one must have known was surpressed by the Chinese military and police for a long period of time, one that, perhaps once isolated, may soon become global in nature. This terrorist threat presents itself recently in an allout attack which killed 16 policemen and injured 16 more, from witin this Muslim populated land, just days before the Beijing Summer Olympics. It also makes those of us who remember the importance of numbers in these attacks, like 9-11-01 New York and Washington attack, 7-7-05 London attack or the purported 6-6-06 Toronto and Ottawa plot, will these Games become the 8-8-08. Remember as well, Emperor Shenzong, nicknamed the Divine Ancestor for his creation of the modern welfare state, who as the sixth emperor of Song Dynasty, invited Uzbekistani Muslims from Bukhara led by Prince Amir Sayyid to help create a buffer zone between his and the Liao empires, by settling between the Sung capital of Kaifeng and Yenching, what is now modern day Beijing.

Later becoming part of a rapidly expanding governing strategy for the land, Mongols forcibly recruited and relocated hundreds of thousands of Western and Central Asian Muslims immigrants to help them administer their new found empire, academically, socially and economically becoming more superior than natives of the land they had took over, using their strong skill set in engineering and architecture to begin and finish the construction of their Yuan Dynasty capital, Khanbaliq, or present day Beijing, as led by Hui architect Yehdardin and the Han architectural learnings. Eventually, the Qing Dynasty kept the mantra of the Manchu in play, that being divide and conquer, keeping Muslims, Hans, Tsang or Tibetans and Meng or Mongolians fighting one another and remaining in conflict, which eventually led to neverending revolts in Shensi, Gansu and of course Xinjiang only almost a century ago, which continued to be surpressed through acts of genocide or a washing off of the Muslim peoples by the Manchu government. By the beginning of the First Great War, this oppression, then forced unification, led to all three Xibei San Ma Muslim warlords taking over the Chinese provinces of Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai during the Nationalist Warlord Era for the glory of Muhammad and in the name of Allah, fighting both the Communists and the Japanese.

To ignore the Hui people of the Northwest would be a huge mistake for the Communists of the Northeast, though capitalism since 1978 has softened the Cultural Revolutionary chokehold upon them, traditions have been maintained as recently proved with the attack days ago, the current revival to reorganized their past associations for Islamic culture, to recoordinate interethnic activities among Muslims and need of an upsurge in religious expression has been sadly also encoded with a push within by terriorist organizations to gain support from those without. As freedoms have been hard to come by for them, now would be the right time in their mind to make them pay for the perceived hardships since their internal defeat, if an Islamic nation is to be independently founded in China, Muslims just may use that attack to be its starting point towards its own freedom as their own people, especially as their seems to be no other way out in the Great Big Red. As with Munich, we saw how those Black September gunmen used Olympic athletes to make a point, Beijing could just as easily become a Red August, expanding from not just athletes, but spectators too, held globally hostage for all the world to see.

Friday, August 01, 2008

American Global War on Internal Terrorism of 2001 finally ends on Amerithrax

The 2001 American Global War on Internal Terrorism seems to have come to an end on the September 18 Amerithrax case, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation's new top suspect, Fort Detrick government biodefense scientist Bruce Ivins of Frederick, Maryland apparently committed suicide by overdosing upon learning of his impending prosecution, knowing very well such a dastardly act of internal bioterrorism would lead to a patriotic conviction for high treason with a change of punishment by death penalty.

Just one week after 9-11, letters containing first coarse brown granular then highly refined weaponized dry powder material infected with anthrax spores were mailed to the offices of news media and politicians, including then Senate Majority Leader and South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle, instead killing 5 people and infecting 17 others, all through life threatening anthrax infection, both the less serious cutaneous anthrax and the more dangerous inhalation variety, yet both came from the same bacterial strain known as the Ames strain, originally researched and developed by the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases biofacility at the fort. The first wave of letters came from Trenton, New Jersey and were sent to the media, then a second wave from the same Trenton postmark on October 8, to the Capitol Hill officies of two politicians who both were against the Patriot Act on principles of civil liberties.

It may have reminded many of the Unabomber mail bombing attacks, masterminded by mathematics professor, academic social critic and now federally incarcerated convict Theodore Kaczynski from between 1978 to 1995 from up in Lincoln, Montana, but once the special and secret ingredient of partiotism is added in these days, all bets are off table, especially when one realizes how big it would be for the current adminitration to have Amerithrax solved and wrapped up, giving this case its high priority and uniqueness that rids the so called war of at least one front here at home.