Monday, May 11, 2015

A good and bad lesson of the Ontario Brown Tories

This is a tale of a good and bad lesson of the Ontario Brown Tories, victorious in their fight to win the leadership of the provincial political party during such a marathon race as it was by copying the federal model Harper controlled himself singlehandedly, all of which brings us to our first lesson being the good can be found in the Three Ps of persistence, perseverance, and perspiration Patrick sweated off throughout. Brown persisted to fight when at one point he was behind almost every leadership race candidate at the start, persevered to outlast all but the top three and then made a deal with his closest rival to outflank his greatest opponent in the race at the end, and perspired by travelling around the province from North where nary a Tory seat can be securely found to 905 Greater and 416 Metro Toronto Area south where Patrick used his federal Harper Tory political model of multi level marketing to various multicultural ethnic groups to obtain and retain their full loyal support on voting day. Riding by riding, door through door, and face to face, Brown won 83 of 107 ridings and 62 per cent of the membership vote because he travelled great distances and got out to speak with and sign up as many as he could day after day, and then stay in and keep up contact and communication at such a personal level as he could to swing and get those votes out and thus ridings towards his campaign.

Now, that was the good point for the Patrick Brown leadership campaign and his Ontario Progressive Conservative party, here is the bad one that may haunt them down the road later.

The second lesson being the bad can be found in the Three Ds of distance, deny, and dry, words Brown did not take truly to heart when he sought the endorsement of single issue special interest groups collectively and the vote from its membership individually, being the property rights defending civil libertarian Ontario Landowners Association and the family values defending social conservative Campaign Life Coalition. Instead of representing his own position and standing by his own record, Patrick aligned himself needlessly to agendas he obviously does not actually believe in and will eventually have to distance himself away from down the line. Denying those special interest groups their pound of flesh and tune by the piper may do more than just alienate their membership by the time the next general election comes rolling around, Brown by continuing to fumble around flipping and flopping about on those single issues may keep slipping on them day in and day out across the floors of the Ontario Legislature left by the Liberals all dangerously wet, Patrick would do himself well in copying former Premier Bill Davis and his own leader Prime Minister Stephen Harper in keeping all other political business contained blandly dry.