Friday, May 09, 2014

Ottawa aborting Freedom of Conscience too

According to various news sources, the National March for Life, annually held in Ottawa on Parliament Hill by the federal anti abortion and pro life organization Campaign Life Coalition with support from the newly created Association for Reformed Political Action in Canada, had some 20,000 Canadians of various backgrounds participating together to oppose abortion, and demand legal protection for all human beings from the time of conception to the moment of natural death. Meanwhile, inside the House of Commons, Leader of the Third Party, and the Member of Parliament for Papineau QC, Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau countered the movement with his own pro abortion and anti life edict originating from a non binding policy resolution from the last biennial party convention that was twinned with one favouring the decriminalization of assisted suicide or euthanasia, saying all newcoming candidates running for nomination to represent the Liberals in 2015 will have to support the pro abortion position where the choice to abort must be accepted no matter what, though all sitting Member of Parliament who are pro life and anti abortion can do so as they will be grandfathered in until their departure, something which the Leader of the Opposition and New Democrat leader, and the Member of Parliament for Outremont QC, Tom Mulcair calls a double standard. Other issues which also will be part of the screening process for the Liberals include homosexual or same sex marriage, where the candidate must support a pro homosexual or same sex marriage position and those unable to as traditionalists will be left out by the party nomination committee.

I personally had very high and strong hopes for Justin when he came in, like his father Pierre, a defender of civil rights and freedoms, with a sense that a political balance needed to be found to allow for a civically live discussion that would lead to a public square debate on any controversial subject, from which a well reasoned and soberly thought out decision would be made. That now looks very unlikely, as a student of political science and arts like any other, I would truly hope, I am massively disappointed as this all seems to simply take away the very idea of politics being a marketplace of thought, policy, and action, which is the whole point to it, or so I thought Trudeau understood, when he said during his leadership run last year, that we must do politics different. Seeing this all being taken away, with decisions like these being made with little explanation as to why they are usually done in such an elitist top down fashion without consulting even the grassroots membership of their party leaves me to wonder is democracy truly dead and instead are we just observing the continuation of the old Platonic monarchy-aristocracy-oligarchy line of power, from royal being the Queen and Governor General to loyal being the Prime Minister and Cabinet to oil being the CEOs and leadership from Big Business, Unions, and the Media Industrial Military Complex, just repeating its same old self all over again. Awhile back now, the Reform Party of Canada had a neither right nor left, just right not wrong policy idea, that on issues of personal conscience and moral issues, their members were required to share their own position on the subject, allow for a nationwide referendum on it, or failing that, hold a free vote in the Commons where the Member was duty bound to vote the wishes of their constituents via town hall vote or a riding wide referendum, which I think we can all seems to be a lot more fair, free, and democratic than what is happening today. Speaking of neither left nor right, Doctor Mehmet Oz recently spoke on the wonders of newly born life in his granddaughter, quoted as saying "I realize how sacred and unique life is and I am reminded of it when I look at her. Many of us forget that beauty of how people felt when we were born. If you rekindle that passion for being the best you can be, you move from being the thirtieth percentile of being who you could be to the ninetieth percentile of who you could be, no matter what age you are.", which is why I stand here with the original traditional human friendly institutions of life, family, and marriage, for I can do no other.

Myself again being quite partial to these three great institutions of humnanity, I was rather optimistic a more thoughtful decision could have been made on all the sides, which could have respected each other a lot better than they have, instead of this all out cultural war kulturkampf that guarantees no solution and rather continues the situation by exacerbating the problem even further, on purpose to solicit more support, money, and votes from their small yet motivated segment micromanaged part of the population to do just that. So now Justin, with his decision to decide behind closed doors, in the back room, with the elite power brokers of the party, seems to be moving us all back to the days of old politics, almost quite like Prime Minister and leader of the governing Conservative Party, and the Member of Parliament for Calgary Southwest AB, Stephen Harper, who before voting against Motion 312 from an Ontario Conservative backbench private member said his Tory government will not reopen the debate nor endorse anti abortion or pro life legislation. Taking out choice from the debate inside and outside of Parliament seems to be exactly the problem we the people have with our politics today, government that will not allow its citizens the right and freedom to freely speak on the floor and responsibility from opening statement, challenging responses, to closing argument in remaining on point, yet giving us a difference in view and opinion to possible change or just persuade us of another idea, that is something direly needed and sorely missed these days in the Park and on the Hill.