Friday, February 23, 2007

Holla out trill props to my Flying Dutchmen and Dutchwomen back at ReDee

I know we of that private Redeemer University College institution up there on the Rock only get a February Reading Week, which supposedly compares to our fellow public institutions across Canada, such as McMaster University below the Mountain who loses without a March Partying Break, but I figure that all the extra academic stimulus, created by means of tough lectures, long seminars or similar intellectual contributions of thought in regular class, we gain up North there will, in the end, be their loss down South (and trust me it really is your loss peeps)!

Then again now, it could just be that evil pure green jealousy and envy talking as my I-75 boyz get ready to go those 1,789 miles towards sophomoric freedom all the way rolling down the Dixie Highway from Windsor/Detroit-Wayne or Motown to Miami-Dade/Coral Gables sans moi as originally planned last year, so big up yaselph or prepare to brave the storm and man up down in Jacksonville, Duval County, Gainesville, Alachua County, Ocala, Marion County, Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Seminole County, Sanford, Ovideo (where my parents were engaged, married and lived as missionaries in training), Orlando, Orange County, Ocoee, Osceola County, Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County, St. Petersburg, Manatee County, Sarasota, Lake Okeechobee, Belle Glade, Palm Beach, Broward County, Miami, Dade County and Coral Gables (perhaps the Everglades and Keys too) without me?

But remember fools, jesters and biastiches, a serious booyahkashaaa for all to check yourselves, I got props for my tight Flying Dutchmen and Dutchwomen back on that massively bubbled campus there at ReDee, with all the beautiful niceties innitt to make things all good, warm and sunny like Orange Juice for my March madness here at home to go complete riot eh, so keep it trill boyz, don't come back home all jacked up and flossing about crazy sagas of going out all muskied down to your tizzow on a holla call, as big league gogettaz all getting freezy my beezy with the real greenback and something tres sweet in the Deep South, hooking it up out there with mad hot action, doing the Dirty Martinez on the rebooty with some fine catch, all buckwild and junk like that or just punking up the prime time clubs with major league ballers and swingers as gangsta athlete wannabes, because you know we have been up studying hard at home while you played in the rays so just remember to give us respect - aiiiiiiight!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Frozen Cold St. V's Day

Martin Luther is believed to have once said "Hier stehe Ich, Ich kann nicht anders, Gott helfe mir amen!" or "Here I stand, I can do no other, God help me amen!" (according to Reformed Christian historical tradition, it was the conclusion to his speech at the Diet of Worms, after the spokesman for Emperor Charles V had asked if he would recant his criticisms of the Church of Roman Catholicism and Pope Leo X, Cardinal Albert of Hohenzollern, Archbishop of Mainz and Magdeburg, and their abuse of the indulgence soteriologic income to pay their bribery debts and his own 95 Protestant doctrinal theses he posted on the door of the Castle in Wittenberg), when I stepped outside today in the middle of yet another windy snow blizzard, quite like yesterday and probably tomorrow, I could think of nothing but the other and did just that!

Already out the door with a huge snow drift at the steps, I drudged onto the unshoveled and reiced dorm path to its main walkway, a huge snow bank came between me and the walkway at the end of the path, so I hurdled it only to end up knee deep into yet another snowbank, as the main pathway wasn't cleared either, not yet 9 of the clock, I decided rather foolishly to continue through all of the massive snow deposits, as my class was likely going to be late anyhow, if there was even going to be one, so I went the long way towards our school's administration section, halfway there I found the snow right above my waist, by the end some drifts were up to my chest and now so very close to my now frozen cold heart on such an ironic day as this.

Having made it to its doors, I found the school to be locked on that side, which likely would have forced me to go through my already blazed trail on the previously snowful pathway amongst those tall trees, but instead opted to go unconventionally around the actual school by the bricks where there was little to no snow at all, which really worked for my time as I quickly moved towards our school's athletic department doors, after shaking of the snow from my hips on down to my tapping toes, I ran up the stairs by the cafeteria to the social science department corner of the building to find it closed, which meant yet another trip for nothing like yesterday and likely tomorrow, instead of doing some research at the library or lifting the iron and playing some roundball in the gym, today knowing school was cancelled, I just retired back to my cave, keep reading the book I have been reading since last weekend, awaiting to hear from other snowed-inners who likely will hit me up for some crazy activity involving - you guessed it - snow!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Liberals and the Unelectable Fringe lose big

Three Ontario provincial by-elections were held tonight, resulted in York South-Weston being taken by the New Democrats from the Liberals, Burlington remaining within the domain of the Progressive Conservatives and Markham being retained by the Liberals. With voter turnouts from 46881 or 61.5% in 2003 to 22748 or 29.8% presently in Burlington, Markham's 2003 result of 52978 or 53.8% to 18411 or 18.7% now and 32774 or 50.7% of 2003 to 18897 or 29.2% from the current York South-Weston, one might have expected better from all three, but how so when the majority of the candidates refuse to answer the questions of the public. Though some may look at the weather, local issues or just plain voter apathy to explain the lack of voter turnout, I think one can tell by the results of those who actually voted where things are most likely to go, or better yet where they are most likely going towards.

Though one would think now, it would seem either the Ontarian electorate would be set to re-elect the Mcguinty Liberals back into power as the Government of Ontario, but one must read past the results of the unprincipled mainstream provincial political parties and instead let the results of the unelected fringe provincial political parties set in.

Out in York South-Weston, Independents understand the game well, Green Mir Kamal was almost hunted down with 262 votes or 1.4% by Independent Kevin Clarke's 220 votes or 1.2% only 43 away from being fourth, one the other hand, Independent Mohammed Choudhary's 142 votes or 0.8% did take out the Family Coalition candidate Mariangela Sanabria who only gained 139 votes or 0.7% for placing 6th by 4 votes, with other fringes doing worse than even this lowly Independent, the Libertarian candidate Nunzio Venuto staying alive with 98 votes or 0.5% for 8th and way back on the bottom at 9th was the Freedom candidate Wayne Simmons could only garner 77 votes or 0.4%. Markham witnessed their Green candidate Bernadette Manning pick up 999 votes or 5.4% for the fourth spot, with the environment agenda over the other fringe candidates, in Libertarian, Freedom and Family Coalition parties, that all made their vote totals into the hundreds unlike the other ridings. Finally around here in Burlington, this enviro trend fell simply flat on its face, the Green leader Frank de Jong finish out with fourth place as his reward, after gaining just 734 votes or 3.2%, almost doubled by the New Democratic candidate, a mirror opposite to recent federal results from London North Centre where the Green leader Elizabeth May finished second ahead of the solid Conservative and New Democratic candidates with about 9,864 votes or roughly 26%, which backs my past guesstimation that his next election run will be his last.

Before people just look at the results, believing the people had their say, remember this little tidbit of information, I had a good pal of mine from the political action days tell me, that as one loyal New Democrat, he and literally hundreds of his fellow comrades were honestly forced by upper party management to go out and, to quote the party brass, win York South-Weston as though it was the life of the party at risk and make sure no door was unknocked. He told me that busload of convention delegates would hit the streets, making it absolutely impossible for anyone in the area to not know their New Democratic candidate, easily making Paul Ferreira the only game in town and obviously making the exception for those already buying another party line, sinker and hook. I figured I would tap into Tory base there and find out what the word had been, supposedly they were told just evacuate with their hides and they did so with extreme precision and prejudice.

So before one judges the way the electoral process works, always read the inside baseball, or in this case hockey, first on these weird, wild and wacky by-elections, they are the keys to knowing how general elections themselves work, just on a more concentrated level and more tricks of its trade involved as such.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Rain Wind Snow Bowl

Just like with the Grey Cup back last year, we headed down Highway 6 between Caledonia and Hagersville to the Highway Pentecostal Church's Backyard Football Pitch with posts to renew old acquaintances and rivalries from our last match, we played no equipment, all tackle football, just like in my old midget football days, the regular temperature was -17.7 degree celcius without the wind chill, which made it -30.3 degrees celcius, so wearing my beanie, game jersey (yeah the Bears it was), cutters gauntlet padded receiver gloves, under lyrca armour tight compression skivvie pant and cleats, while others were bogged down with their snowpants, mittens and snowboots and I was ready to fly.

After one heck of a game, we all took count of the many injuries, I didn't realize until after that on the opening kickoff, where I ran a quarter of the field before trying hard to hurdle over my defender, I guess his hard head made more of a dent than I thought originally as it ripped a hole in the pant, plus a piece of meat with blood frozen stiff to it as well at the knee, all in all we had some fun out there, later we had fellowship together as brothers in Christ, ate our potluck chips and dips as well as my contribution of pepperettes and beef jerky and played some console football with the newest in machines.

People though I was nuts when I figured the game to be a low scoring one, guessing that its opening kickoff would be going back for 6 and the Chicago Bears wold just edge out the Indianapolis Colts, but after Devin Hester, a former University of Miami Hurricane returnman, did take it back to sender for a 92 yerd return in his college hometown some were starting to question their pick, the wind and rain factored game eventually went back to Indianapolis with a big 29-17 score, as Chicago tried hard rallying back from their deficit, but really it was a classic because of the weather alone and later I found out that supposedly one dormmate around Luther Court actually wasn't just an Illinois resident (but was actually an Indiana native) so I blame and believe her to be the jink on the Bears for the Colts as the rogue IllinIndi amongst us all.