Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Jagmeet could find justice against petty Justin in Brampton

Trudeau slowly but surely breaks every single promise he made before and after his election as the Canadian Prime Minister, except those specific loaded promises that fit his narrow ideological agenda and backroom political strategy, up there is treating his Opposition inside and outside the House of Commons with civility, integrity, and respect which Justin has conveniently forgot all about now that he sits on the federal throne. Taking his sweet time calling a batch of byelections within a year of the next federal general election is also the opposite of any kind of electoral reform I have ever heard of, a quasi broken election promise as you had promised to deliver not just fairer elections but also fairer voting in them, as your first as the Prime Minister of Canada was supposed to be the last using first past the post electoral system. I did not expect this promise to be his first broken not did I expect his reconciliations of truth just to simply be contradictions of lies, so imagine my not so shocked surprise to hear that after New Democratic leader Jagmeet Singh has already committed to running and is nominated to run in the Burnaby South byelection to be held early February, that all of a sudden the Liberal MP for Brampton East has decided to call it quits.

For those following the drama from home, this Brampton East riding was created from Bramalea—Gore—Malton and Brampton—Springdale and was once represented by Singh when he was the provincial NDP deputy leader, where he last beat the Liberals by 11% and 6,000 votes approximately in the provincial election previous to our last one.

With other byelections taking half a year to be held, like Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes to be held early December, with others across the country like Outremont, Saint-Leonard–Saint-Michel, Nanaimo-Ladysmith, and York-Simcoe yet to be held if even they will be with the upcoming federal general coming up quick, it has become very obvious Trudeau is playing partisan political games which he promised he would never play. Those would be the same old status quo games he attacked when played by his predecessor Harper, so I think especially if Justin is going to run a Liberal against the New Democratic leader in Burnaby South to make a forced play at third, Jagmeet should think long and hard about throwing a change up and being honest with his constituents to say he would rather go back and represent his natural home riding of Brampton East. I am sure everyone will understand after all, if Justin can make all these great promises and hold to none of them such as electoral reform, why then should Jagmeet be held to a less meaningful one especially when played within a larger and more dangerous political game.