Monday, September 07, 2015

Still Miller Time in Bruce Grey Owen Sound

Three versus one for all four candidates fighting to win the seat in Bruce Grey Owen Sound this late October, for the longest federal election campaign in Canadian history being the start of August, going a whole eleven weeks long though not fully campaign by all the candidates locally. Those candidates being the incumbent Member of Parliament Larry Miller of the Conservative Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada candidate Kimberley Love, Canadian New Democratic Party candidate David McLaren, Green Party of Canada candidate Chris Albinati, all having been campaigning and debating for almost one whole month. A very confident Tom Mulcair and his New Democrats Orange Crush have been leading the pack, but slowly but surely the underestimated Liberals under Justin Trudeau have been gaining steam in hopes of the crush finally crashing, while Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives maintains the middle position consistently not to high and not too low but still in defense of their record.

With an Anybody But Miller group slowly growing in the riding, which in all likelihood will be moving to the beat of All You Need Is Love as she has been campaigning for a full year and was the only other candidate other than Miller to return for this campaign, chances are tis still Miller Time in Bruce Grey Owen Sound for a fifth and final tour of duty back to Ottawa.

One can expect the normal 81,389 valid total voters to hold a turnout of well over 70%, as likely will be the case across the nation during this once in a lifetime federal tide change event, either from progressives trying hard to vote together behind their most likely candidate from the left of centre pack or from conservatives trying hard to vote together behind the very true blue Miller to block out the leftist three amigos. Miller and his Tories will drop back to around 2006 numbers at 45% and win the seat once again, Love and the Grits will respectfully get 39 percent of the vote for a second place showing to bring the Liberals back to life for once this decade, as McLaren and the New Democrats will place third falling with 13 in percentage, and finally Albinati and the Greens will maintain fourth downed with 3%. Sadly as it would seem to indicate, the bellwether swing riding of Bruce Grey Owen Sound will remain a very disparate and distinct political culture, as the progressive Summerfolk and conservative Salmonfellas continue to battle it out for years to come at the ballotbox.