Saturday, March 31, 2007

Too much Redee needing to Mac

Friday, March 30, 2007

Rights and Freedoms versus Responsibilities and Fairness

Third and last official meeting of the Redeemer University College Students' Political Science Association went quite well, interim executive and constitution set for official club status next Fall 2007 and it is a nice tight dozen or less collective of individuals who are keen on knowing their stuff. The last topic of the meeting led towards this new political term Christianism or Christianacy, we looked at how the ideas of American Dominionism and European Christian Democracy could merge into a classically traditional Christianism and how this could effect politics of tomorrow.

My small contribution to its scrum was a key rule of mine on most things political, "Always remember to do unto to others as you would have them do unto you!", this I felt was a universal, catholic and principled ideal most believers of fundamental and basic truths would be quite evangelical with and were hardwired as orthodox fact to share with as many others as possible to lead us all towards a more reformed worldview on life here on earth. If one believes they have a right individually to do something, whether economically, socially, fiscally, morally or environmentally irresponsible, then should that person expect society to collectively have a responsibility to fix it or make it good if a bad mistake is made. If the exercising of rights by citizens inside our community without its twinned movement in a taking of responsibility for its actions isn't a bad thing, then why has no good come from such a cultural institution as it currently is at present, why do we still lack the operation of proper basic and fundamental freedom, fairness and equality in our community that those citizens who respect their rights and responsibilities already have today?

To do Justice, find that longlost Equality and lead us to our Utopian Just Society. I think John A. Macdonald, John G. Diefenbaker and Pierre E. Trudeau all tried doing this here in Canada, different strokes for these different folks, these Conservative, Progressive and Liberal Prime Ministers of Canada all had a sense of what a balance was ideally in theory and looked to make it happen in reality with practice. From all three, I have been able to follow a certain political equation: Rights and Freedoms plus Responsibilities and Fairness equals Justice and Equality - the kind that bring a brand new progressive democratic reformed outlook on our political end game - perhaps this will be key too in the politics of the future as well!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Vive la Révolution Bruit Québec

On a sidenote, it really is great to have Dr. and Prof. David T. Koyzis back in class, tomorrow is Canadian Government and Politics, really can't wait to here the verdict from him on what has been done here and his take on how this election will change our Canada. Though obviously still a little sedated, with much paleness around the face, nice to see the prayers for the professor worked quite well enough there, with his comeback miraculous in the nature of human medical recovery. As I couldn't see us having any other instructor for the course, since the next closest would be the President and Associate Professor of Political Science Justin D. Cooper (B.A., Trinity Christian College 1972; M.A., Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1976, 1986) who one would figure has others things going on the day thus we all just had to wait and read other books of political science theory while he recovered well. So he is back now, going straight to Chapter 7 of the book "Political Visions and Illusions" being "Transcending the Ideologies: Affirming Societal Pluriformity", where the ideals of Thomism, Luthernism and Calvinism seem to leave us in a political equation that Progressive Conservatism plus Reformed Liberalism equals Independent Democratism. This is the exact kind of instruction one would expect from another, who did their Ph.D. dissertation on "Toward a Christian Democratic Pluralism: A Comparative Study of Neo-Thomist and Neo-Calvinist Political Theories" for Government and International Studies at the University of Notre Dame, between the time being a teaching assistant at Notre Dame and assistant professor at Redeemer in 1987. That line of academic thinking which focusses on "the nature of authority and obligation, to the relationship between religion and political ideologies, particularly nationalism, and to state-building amid social diversity" is what gives us societally relevant vitality and makes sense of Canada's own cradle to grave cultural mentality. Everyone tries to start out doing something brand new different, but the completely honest truth is that each of us is scared of the great unknown to a point, therefore all of us perpetually end up acting the same old way, this is what brings us off of our individual footpaths and in to the collective crossroad of life. Life is wack, so when it gives you something negative, you must simply make something positive out of it or all will be wack then what is the point of that, within it we as slaves of sanity must wait until after we lose everything that is near and dear to us from our top on down before we as freepeople of faith can go forward and win anything from the bottom on up.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Have not Québec premier purchases premium must have Québécois primary public populace

Friday, March 23, 2007

Full Spring Agenda with Redeemer University College Student Political Science Association

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ontario Liberation Front Block Québécois

A provincial campus youth political action group has been formed ironically called the Ontario Liberation Front, this non violent younger relative of the Concerned Citzens of Ontario warns well with its Block Québécois website that another Charest Liberal victory or win by the Parti Québécois under Boisclair will equate the end of the Dominion and its Confederation deal once and for all - be forewarned Québec - Ontario is watching!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Better Balanced Budget replaced with Barrel Buying Budget

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Where Strength Weight Training and Rag Tag Dutch Footy Meet: The Royals Gym

Friday, March 16, 2007

Interesting Noise from CFL Testing, Development Evaluation Program Camp and Combine 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Liberalism and Conservatism as Unjust Worldly Ideologies

Finishing up my very interesting time in Dr. David T. Koyzis' POL-122 A Introduction to Political Ideologies class here at Redeemer University College, I note his book used as the class text "Political Visions and Illusions", I had actually read before coming to Redeemer and entering the actual class of the writer, goes into great detail with liberalism, the development of which its unique ideology can be found in five stages being first the civil and ecclesiastical commonwealth within a state of nature under the absolute sovereign power of the Leviathan via social contract of Hobbes, then a night watchman state, into a regulatory state, to an equal opportunity state and finally the choice enhancement state.

Every move from selflessness forward progressively expands the state into both the community and its individual sovereign held rights and responsibilities, changing terms within the originally agreed upon social contract with no guarantees of any further renegification on those original terms thus alluding justice, government is meant to stay as small as possible, but taxation and servicing through representation must grow, with abuses from greed come need for reformation and renewal of the system, towards both egalitarianism and commoditism then eventually selfishness.

Where I would like to add my two bits is that while Dr. K argues to know the kind of conservatism a certain type of conservative is one must ask the question "What do you want to conserve?", I believe similarly one can know the kind of liberalism a type of liberal is by asking the question "What do you want to liberate?", likewise I think conservatism has five stages as well, being the mirror opposite of liberalism, therefore would go from the choice enhancement state, to an equal opportunity state, into a regulatory state, then a night watchman state until it too accepted Hobbes idea of a civil and ecclesiastical commonwealth within a state of nature under a social contract preserved by the absolute sovereign power of the Leviathan, however one thing about both conservatism and liberalism is, the individualism of the former in its fifth stage and latter in its first and the collectivism of the former in its first and the latter in its fifth can not do justice for the responsibilities of the community in the first grouping and rights of the individual in the last, thus loses its transparancy, accountability and honesty as ideologies within the politics of the people.

Beware the Ides of March

Back from McMaster University Medical Centre Hospital Emergency Services just tonight, interesting takes on what I will be doing in the short term 4 to 6 weeks and long term 4 to 6 months, letting sleeping dogs lie would be the best or everyone, intensive abdominal workout between January and March had made some payout, after better developing the six internally, finding strength within the eight is quite a key for the summer, must balance though with proper nutrition such as protein based foods like fish, needless to say we shall focus more on the lower body development for Cheetah like speed and less on the upper body development for Gorilla like shape.

Walking and talking down Main Street West on 2 with my main Momz in the rainy wet snow brought some memories of blading it during the junior football years with the Ironmen, with a huge Army olive green canvas duffle bag rucksack to slam over my back and bring home the food and drink with, rolling as fast as I could while still meeting and greeting people, mainly the Mac students then, with as simple as a Hello, except I would switch onto the other side of Westdale to get back home at Paradise Road North, right next to our Coronation Park where I would faithfully wake up early in the morning and windsprint up and down for 12 to 21 repetitions at 3 to 7 sets of 3 or 4 in consecutive order.

West Side Hamilton was definitely phat back in the day, as the experience had me only spend from late August to early November in the city, I never even knew it snowed here, as my pal Chris made it out like it didn't, what a total shock systemically that was, but hey it really is Canada so what should you honestly expect, lots of snow with public health care and massive amounts of hard earned tax cash going toward a bottomless abyss we call our state bureaucratic system, but really, I think we all should be lucky to count the stars, even be alive with such memories, in this brave new world and grand old time such as tonight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sunny Black Tuesday

One really sunny black Tuesday!

Monday, March 12, 2007

A not so Québec solidaire

As the Québec party chiefs prepare on the eve of their critical debate, those comments by the Premier on the partition may just have created the situation and distraction he indeed wished for, between 25 to 50 armed rebel aboriginals have blockaded Highway 117, north of Ottawa, with teepees, vans, firearms, heavy equipment, barrels and logs early this morning immediately stopping traffic over a reneged verbal agreement by the Charest Liberal Government, which ended an earlier protest over the refusal of granting local aboriginals living outside reserves the right to harvest trees and now they "won't let anybody pass that line"!

Guillaume Carle, chief of the recently formed Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada, has stated that "the protest is about the government of Quebec, the Liberals, lying to us", as luxuriant clearcut logging in the region has left aboriginals without economic planning and benefit from that forestry activity, as well past the grievance with newsprint giant Abitibi Consolidated as the corporation involved, living conditions across Canada for aboriginals who live outside reserves without "no electricity, no heat, no water" and apparently no real advocate outside which makes "the conditions are unacceptable" for his CAPC to take today.

Without even a comment by the Liberal friendly Phil Fontaine as Grand Chief and his Assembly of First Nations, this upstart Confederation has began its assertion of determination, ironically his successor and predecessor Matthew Coon Come prophetically called this, with events in Oka, Ipperwash, Gustafsen Lake, Burnt Church before and Caledonia, Walpole Island, Saugeen and Nawash after, now Grand Remous making this militaristic set of actions ones that shouldn't, but will be, ignored by the politicians and perhaps, more hopelessly sinister, created by those exact politicians and only for gain politically.

If Charest's Liberals are trying hard to make a state of emergency issue, he needs to understand two very important things, one, in order to use such an issue to one's advantage, one must have a real emergency, not merely invent one instantly for the sake of convenience, two, in order to actually win it once you have created one, you must prove you are actually a statesman who can solve it, peacefully most preferably, but as you may have witnessed here with the Ontario Liberals' Dalton Mcguinty-David Peterson show in Caledonia, this can obviously backfire politically, thus isn't truly a progressive option, especially when you and your government were the exact reason for this situation itself and finally, remember, all of this optically with not only a general election on the go but also the great leadership debate tomorrow looks just ugly.

There is no mistake why this blockade is stopping the only route between the Laurentian and Abitibi-Temiscamingue regions of Québec, territory is being marked as we speak, partition is a big issue since the Cree from Eeyou Astchee territory, under Coon Come's direction, held their own referendum one week before the October 1995 one where over 96% of his people voted no on independent separation and yes on self determination, "we're being robbed" is their cry, they want their collective rights, their individual responsibilities, their personal freedoms, will the Canadian people deny them all these, the genuine ingredients which create real citizenship, or they collectively ignore these results and let those political clowns make their political indecisions, while easily playing off the fears of their electing public to keep them and their same old status quo system in power?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Intellectual Tea Party goes on at ReDee's Rec Centre

The first night for the Intellectual Tea Party, or PhiloHistoPsychoSocioAnthroCoffeeHaus as one put it, went very well yesterday night up in ReDee's Rec Centre, while a mass watching of some Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game was staged below, we of the upper tier spoke on issues of an enlightened side with an open talk on Philosophic, Historic, Psychologic, Sociologic and Anthropologic ideas, practises and theories.

Starting just before 7 and ending just after 9, we had coffee, tea and other wacky liquids to quelch the collective thirst of the belly, but we continued with our individualistic reach to quelched our thirst of the soul, issues that involved God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost and the Holy Bible were brought up, recent negative situations we spoken on and how they could be positively resolved in the faithful manner as Christians - real interesting stuff.

Philosophy, History, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology really are subjects that need extra attention, we hope these planned talks help to bring more light to each of those subjects, started with just a small group of half a dozen, hopefully more will join us as we grow forward and perhaps its popularity will multiply so kudos to all those who helped organize the event within the former Canadian fraternity and now secret sovereign society Alpha Mu Omega.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Progressively Conservative Liberal Charest Gaffes Up

Progressively Conservative Liberal Premier Jean Charest makes major missteps by controversially suggesting Québec could be partitioned in the aftermath of a separatist referendum victory, leaving his campaign team to correct the gaffe with the rushing through of a statement issued retracting comments in which he flaunted the spectre of partition, a provincial hot button issue, in the wake of a Oui vote in the next référendum.

After stating Québec could be carved up into separate territorial districts after a successful référendum on Souveraineté-Partenariat, with his "I don't believe Québec would be indivisible" quote, he later states his comments were in English which may have led to "confusion" though he was and perhaps still is fluently bilingual, this massive mistake came from Charest's explaination of why, as the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in 1996, he stated Cree and Inuit aboriginal peoples should also have the right to secession from the new state (or perhaps now the Nation of Québec would be more proper), to which now he backpedals from saying its territory can't be partitioned, "a slip of the tongue" being basically blamed on the besieged actions of the former top level Mulroney Tory cabinet minister and current Premier of their Province and all any of us can think is same old politics of the status quo.

He simply puts out that a Liberal vote on the 26th of March will avoid the issue, but really he knows as a staunch federalist that it will just intensify the situation moreso, dividing the body politic with his irresponsible declarations internally, the ideal of nationalism begins to split between his two opposition leaders André Boisclair and Mario Dumont, creating a ethnonationalist and civionationalist dichotomy (so it could be more understood by the international community), allowing the Action Démocratique du Québec and Parti Québécois to split the raging nationalism of the region, creating a third tier on to the original Liberal Quiet Revolution under Jean Lesage and its succeeding PQ Beau Risque under René Lévesque, already running a fear campaign a la Mulroney with the earlier talk of suggested loss of federal transfer payments, one must conclude that because of his very negative term in office, that he is angling for best he can get and that would be a minority government with either the PQ or ADQ (who both recently deflected controversial remarks and booted out their candidates in respective districts) forming the remainder of the coalition.

There hasn't been since 1878 a minority there, as the Québec general election of 1878 brought in Liberal Henri-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière over Conservative Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau, this was after Joly de Lotbinière was made Premier after Charles-Eugène Boucher de Boucherville had resigned or deposed by Lieutenant Governor Luc Letellier de Saint-Just, as Letellier de Saint-Just refused to approve railway legislation that had been passed by the bicamerial legislature (perhaps due to connection with Macdonald's Pacific scandal and its favouritism towards Canadian Pacific Railway), Joly de Lotbinière didn't win outright with the Conservatives winning 32 plus two Independent seats to the Liberals own 31, yet four Conservatives supported him to allow him the formation of a minority government but only to eventually have the Upper House force him to resign undemocratically and allow Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau to then take office.

Add to this nationalist dictatorial democratic deficit, the Assemblée Législative du Québec or its Legislative Assembly would later pass a law abolishing the Conseil Législatif du Québec or its Legislative Council, but the latter would not agree to its own demise, which finally would occur in 1968 when the Assemblée Nationale du Québec or National Assembly was created as consequence of the Union Nationale legislation and create its current unicameral legislature.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Staging and Raging of Kegging


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dion-Chrétien popped by Ignatieff-Martin for Trudeau

Wow, I just got word tonight of a backroom coup with a forced political collapse to go (what an honest banana republic) from a pretty knowledgable guy in Ottawa, who has down his inside baseball to a science - and that would be political! Supposedly the Jean Chrétien crew, who rules the Liberal party once more, is being attack internally yet again by the Paul Martin mob, this time using factions within separate leadership camps to take issue with one another all over again. From what has been gathered, Stéphane Dion loyalists thought Uniting the Left would be easy by going green on the environmental issue, but Michael Ignatieff rebels wanted substantial change to the way government worked by at least a real promise of political reform and clean up a system that stole power from them personally (Jean-Stéphane robbed Paul-Michael then, now vice versa politically, to feed Québec with taxdollars from Ontario and the rest of Canada, to stave off separation with an Option Canada of Trudeau over the Option Québec of Lévesque, as I have been explained Adscam, Groupactiongate or another official title being the Sponsorship Program Scandal and its Advertising Activities Affair). Which now makes Bob Rae an important voice within the party, does he back his intellectual bunkbuddy from university and fellow English compatriots of Ontario West, to whom he was once their Premier over a decade ago, or does he back this Unite the Left effort by the Franco base of Québec East for the sake of social democracyatic socialism in Canada. So once again, tactically divided loyalities within the party are once more attacking each other, allowing the federal Tories under Stephen Harper room to create that majority pan-Canadian-wide coalition, if they want, to like Brian Mulroney - making the Liberals a Party of Conservatives and the Conservatives a Party of Liberals (for those who remember Bill Clinton two consecutive terms straight this makes some kind of sense)!

Now don't go off the handle just yet, don't rush to stop the presses, this is the same guy who told me, back in the election for 301 Members of Parliament of the Canadian House of Commons of the 37th Parliament of Canada, that if the Canadian Alliance didn't win Ontario from the Liberals, its main creators would start a deeply regionalized Western Block party founded in Calgary and Harper would be its Leader using his Three Sisters theory as its main base. Then in 2003, after the selection of Harper as Leader of the Conservatives, he thought Mulroney would hold a open press conference with Lucien Bouchard and work to bring on back the Bloc Québécois electorally and other Québec nationalists officially into the fold to rebuild the coalition. Now most recently, he interrupted me in class last semester (political science of all them) to give me the scoop that Garth Turner would be calling a byelection by the end of the week, going to Green from Tory by the end of the month in the House and likely create enough friction that another leadership race would be held within their party, yet none of these events happened, however caveat emptor now established, then I must say that I agreed with him on all three scenerios!

But with the emergence of political superstar Justin Trudeau, obviously it is not that hard to imagine another transfer of power in such a way as was done for his philosopher king father Pierre Elliot Trudeau and especially with a party desperate for some Leadermania to get a nation back on its band wagon again. I still contend, despite the evidence to its contrary, that Grit leadership still doesn't know what time it really is or whose first nation or solitude of the deux is next to be selected, things have changed within this brand new world of Multilingualism, Multiculturalism and Multiracialism that make their old world of Bilingualism, Biculturalism and Biracialism now antiquated and obsolete, as I think a Windsor born yet bred in Ottawa just mixed up the combination, now the rejection of a politically academic Pur Laine separatist from Vieux Québec whose own federalist dad taught at Laval (Freud's Oedipus complex theory anyone) to create a Canadian king of kings in its secularized Québécois sense, one must ask who best exemplifies their new vision of leadership and could it be someone perhaps born in Ottawa yet bred in Montréal or Ville-Marie. Leaving behing his New Democratic membership and Cité Libre journal in 1965, the powers that be gave the senior Trudeau party membership, safe Mount Royal seat, the role of Minister of Justice in Cabinet (where he eventually passed the Omnibus Bill with John Turner as his personal Quiet Revolution just began), then won the Prime Ministership of Canada without even an election, as Lester Pearson quitely stepped down after the Centennial. All this in less than only three years, before the fact had social journalist Gerard Pelletier and labour organizer Jean Marchand to push him into power and then after the fact had Minister of Justices Turner and Chrétien with Registrar General André Ouellet to keep him in for power, so the original question evolves, the new vision of exemplified leadership may have changed - but who would be the three wise men for the junior Trudeau now and later?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mac's Spring Break No Animal House

The recent breakout from the Canadian University traditional Victorian era of decorous extracurricular activities only started in Ontario in the later part of the 20th Century.

This exactly when the Whidden Hall Riots started on fire in 1969-1970 and eventualy came to a final end in the school year of 1998-1999 in the storied residence on the campus at McMaster University in Hamilton.

These epic stories would later be relived through National Lampoon's 1978 "Animal House", a film produced by Ivan Reitman, who ironically was part of those riots and later was arrested with future Northern Lights Entertainment partner Daniel Goldberg for making the film "Columbus of Sex" on campus at Mac.

But even though, after a homecoming toilet papering by the 5th Floor Animals ended the Riots, Whidden Hall returned to calm. Mac's Heddon Hall Hussy of 2000-2001 soon picked up, giving McMaster the bad frat boy nom de guerre, as one girl decided to hold parties, make video and go wild starting yet another sexual riot in the province and nation.

Soon WLU's Willison Hall Whore of 2002-2003 came to the fore from Golden Hawks central, then UWO's Saugeen Hall Stripper of 2005-2006 had the approval of Mustangs worldwide, seemed all the schools with football rivalries against Mac began their attack upon the powerhouse of parties all at once.

With Montréal's McGill making Playboy’s recent list of Top 10 Party Schools, as "Canada's answer to America's Ivy League schools", Americans have forgot the province next door to la belle province, its legacy institution that boasts 19,000 full time students and their infamous Kissing Parade during Frosh Week.

Yes, McMaster's Whidden Hall Riots live on in "Animal House", where one can still watch a party scene where there is "MAC" spraypainted across the walls. But they should neither forget the real tradition it has, nor the other growing universities around it, as they move towards putting Canada and Ontario back on the North American map. For this is the reality any educational institution of higher learning has in this business, one that may force colleges and universities to add ribaldry to the other 3 Rs, or just become relegated to yet another R: relic!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Real Life Dilemma: Mac has the Athletics but ReDee had the Academics

Talking with new found pal Ilyas Zylstra, a 6 foot, 2 inch and 201 pound former Mac baller from Brantford within the glory years 2002-05 (as did my former teammate fellows of the Hamilton Steel City Ironmen Chris Cubitt for 2003 and Rick Andrade for 2000-05), about the situation we got here and simply put I have all the confirmation I need proving exactly what I figured it was to be.

Mac has the mad crazy Athletics one must have in life to live, but ReDee has the mad crazy Academics one must have in life to live, so how does one square up these realities within this real life dilemma to make a long time decision?

Lots of prayer, discernment and guidance from God the Creator, Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour and the Holy Spirit Ghost the Indweller - that's it and all there really is!

He enjoyed his time over there at Westdale, doing the athletic thing for sure, all them gaining special treatment with some bling a bling with provincial championship rings and cup action, but here in Ancaster, he is getting special enrichment academically and intellectually one simply can't get over there, mainly because of the difference in secular and religious worldviewpoints, though McMaster originally was founded to be a teaching institution of Reformed Christianity as Conventional Baptists, it wasn't until 1957 when it was forced to become non denominational and drop religion altogether in 1968 deferring the business to its Divinity College Seminary, Redeemer on the other hand was also founded upon the ideals of Reformed Christianity as Dutch Netherland Reformers in 1982 and remains so, which likely is why this private institution on the Mountain is half as much in price materially than its public cousin in the Valley and will remain so for some time.

But getting a chance to wack the Varsity Blues of Toronto during the regular, knock off either Ottawa, Wilfrid Laurier or Western Ontario in the Yates then go on to kick some Club de Football Rouge et Or de l'Université Laval buttocks in a Vanier Cup between 2007 and 2012 at the Skydome or better yet Ivor Wynne Stadium would be priceless and really just be the bomb, returning a punt, kick off or missed field goal the whole distance, a Canadian 100.7 metres or 110 yards long with 18.5 metre or 20 yard end zones, for a touchdown a la Speedy Gonzalez and bringing some quick silver back home up here in Hamilton - just tout sweet.

I really love it at ReDee, this year has far surpassed the pathetic Holy Cross to Notre Dame analogy I simply used in the summer to explain the scenerio to family and friends, as the people on and off the campus at the school have truly made the difference, but what does Mac have to offer past the game as most pals who played the ball are now gone, a chance to kiss ring, drink from cup and taste metal, can it give the soul its spiritual food and sustenance, Ilz is a wise man, knows of where it just is at, so I best heed what he shares within the present time remaining and talks of from his previous experience - but also especialy listen to our Higher Faithful Power when He speaks of the coming future!