Monday, September 03, 2018

Québec flips power from Liberals and Separatists to Populists and Socialists for a protest

People always seem to be the ones forgotten at the end of the game they call politics, no matter how many times at the beginning the citizen, taxpayer, and voter and their good name is fervently invoked by the desperate politician just grasping for every last vote like it may be their every last breath of living air. Ontario, quite like Alberta, can get into these long term funks where players of the game we call politics do not only play with the policies and principles of their little stakes within parties themselves democratically, but play the big stakes with the lives of actual flesh and blood people where it can mean the difference between life and death with heath and education in a fashion quite dictatorially. Québec is the prime example politically of where change always has a real chance to become free away from the clutches of those elitist status quo politicians of the establishment for a true choice of the people, which honestly makes La Belle Province a paradise for those looking for a place where transparency and accountability live a life full of liberty.

And thus now, Québec flips power from Liberals and Separatists to Populists and Socialists for a protest where the Liberal Party and Parti Québécois were the government and opposition parties and now become replaced by the Coalition Avenir Québec and Québec Solidaire.

Politicos seem to have really missed the point across Canada, especially those in their wartrench around the Hill in Ottawa, people are sick of same old status quo politics as usual and want a chance at real choice for a change. None of those big three ideologies traditionally found in Canada, being Conservatism, Liberals, or Separatism in Québec or Socialism in the rest of Canada, have been able to deliver and leave those wanting the real thing with a bad aftertaste in the mouth year after year, term after term, election after election. The Ralliement Créditiste know it, the Bloc Québécois know it, and now the Nouveau Parti Démocratique know it and it would be never forget the people who elect you or they will forget you. Populism is now here as the fourth ideology federally in Maxime Bernier's People's Party of Canada and provincially in François Legault's Coalisés with their politically incorrect fiscal responsible free marketeering individualism, but neither liberalism of Philippe Couillard's Liberaux nor separatism of Jean-François Lisée's Péquistes will be its prime antagonist, rather both cospokespeople Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois plus Gaétan Châteauneuf with their politically correct social justice warmachine Solidarités will fill that bill for the next four in the Ville de Québec.