Friday, June 23, 2017

Three Ways to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Fast and Furious

Forget about your carbon footprint, think about your carbon mouthprint, did you know that respiration being the process of moving air into and out of the lungs to facilitate gas exchange with the internal environment, mostly by bringing in oxygen and flushing out carbon dioxide, also is one in which oxygen is used to breakdown foods for energy and produces carbon dioxide as a waste product via cellular respiration. So, right off the top simply breathing more harder and heavier can make you burn more calories thus white adipose tissue cells or body fat and help build muscle, but did you also know past exercising hard, eating right, and sleeping well, you can also kill adipocytes or body fat by drinking water which also helps you bulk up and lean out on svelte muscle too. Water is the energy transformation medium that flows through your arteries, veins, and capillaries to carry nutrients to your cells and filling the space that is your body, forming the structures of protein and glycogen in, transporting unwanted waste out, and keeping you hydrated to keep going and moving forward because that is how winning is done!

Okay, so you have two of three ways to burn fat and build muscle fast and furious, but what praytell is the number three easy way to do both, be fit, and have fun?

Stress less for fit success, those who like I continue thundering out testosterone, will pay the price in having to chill out more or risk gaining the beer keg around the middle instead of the six pack. Managing stress and thus balanced hormone levels is the main key to burning fat specifically, however also helps to building muscle as well, elevation of the hormone cortisol released from your adrenal gland in response to stress triggers a need for survival, where one burns muscle and stores fat to protect and preserve your body via gluconeogenesis where sugar is made from the amino acids built into that hard earned muscle tissue, for more testosterone dominant men the middle becomes not so fit as a fiddle, for more estrogen dominant women the bottom got them. Save your muscle and strip your fat by breathing harder and heavier, drinking more water colder better, and stressing less to keep that muscle and lose that fat more fast and furious than ever before while joining the fight for our life club!

Friday, June 09, 2017

Bernier will pay the price as Scheer shows power over principle

Word from Ottawa is that fallout has started from the Conservative Party of Canada leadership election held just half a month ago, the validity of which its vote is being questioned very loudly in many dark corners and halls of the Centre Block by those within the leadership team of Maxime Bernier, so loudly the leadership team of Andrew Scheer who is now making up the majority within the Opposition Leader's Office is now preparing a war room effort on blunting the force and trauma created by Bernier and the possibility of any other former leadership aspirant doing the same thing. With nomination races just around the corner, Maxime and his leadership team which is now called Conservative Futures is figuring on win them as one united slate called either the Freedom or Liberty Caucus against the status quo Tory leadership slate under Andrew who Scheer will unofficially be endorsing similarly to what Patrick Brown has been doing across Ontario since he got in May of 2015. The leadership team behind Brown, along with Alex Nuttall and Tony Clement, back Bernier and helped put together a similar winning Tamil, Sri Lankans, and Sikh East Indian combination Brown used to win, while Scheer cobbled a coalition amongst the Hindu East Indian ethnocultural community amongst other new Canadians in Ontario.

All of this has lead to a frosty standoff between them with the message being quite clearly that Bernier will pay the price as Scheer shows power over principle, Scheer cannot allow his leadership to be eroded internally if ever he is to show himself to be a strong Opposition Leader, as Stephen Harper had been before he eventually overtook Paul Martin as the next Prime Minister of Canada for over a decade.

As this feud grows larger, a few leaks show that half of those who ran to be leader of the party at the bottom half will never see the light of day being Steven Blaney, Chris Alexander, Kevin O'Leary, Rick Peterson, Andrew Saxton, and Deepak Obhrai politically by the next election, while the Opposition Leader's Office is going to be very selective what to do with those in the top half. As the same rumours make it clear that Brad Trost, Kellie Leitch, and Pierre Lemieux will soon disappear, as their politics are unacceptable for winning middle ground conditions electorally being too socially conservative or populist, while Erin O'Toole, Michael Chong, and Lisa Raitt will be elevated as their their politics are very acceptable for winning middle ground electorally being socially liberal or progressive. Where this grand schism within the party is headed no one knows as it has gone well past simply giving Bernier a juicy insider post like Deputy Leader and Scheer know this all to well, Maxime watched exactly what Harper did to Peter Mackay and will not let Scheer do that now to him, look for a silent detente happening where Andrew will just allow Maxime to create a party within a party using the organization and operations of the official party while unofficially hoping Trudeau blocks Scheer come October of next year then the knives of the long night will be coming out.