Monday, July 30, 2018

From Intermittent Fasting to Feasting and Furious Intensity Training

Just recently took a group of twelve on an online journey through a fitness regimen that included a cool tool for physical fitness, psychological clarity, and overall longevity for a better life, where the zeitgeist idea behind intermittent fasting or intermittent feasting or intermittent calorie restriction, which I personal recommend a 17 hour fast to 7 hour feast roughly starting around 11am to 6pm give or take. Now, some of this dirty D12 dozen used a low carb paleo nutritional meal plan and others high fat keto nutritional meal plan, I continued my mixed Mediterranean New Nordic nutritional meal plan from 2010 that mixes via pyramid mainly composed of plant based foods like cruciferous and root vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and berries, as well as some fatty dairy and fish and lean proteins like chicken with the switchout being olive for canola oil. Really any proper nutritional meal plan works, as long as it has sustainability as your lifestyle choice, does not feel or work like a diet, and is balanced in the macronutrients and micronutrients needed for the maintenance of your body.

The big thing we see with intermittent calorie restriction is three key things in almost everyone who has employed the popular technique, how it maximizes fat burning and muscle building, boosts human growth hormone, and drops insulin growth factor, all of which bring good things for anyone who simply adds it to any fitness regimen, workout routine, or exercise program they may be using.

For those wishing to prevent future chronic health issues such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity with the inflammatory cardiovascular disease that follows, this kind of body manipulative tool, along with having early morning boosters like ice cold spring water along with a packet of green tea powder added before a daily prefueled fasted high intensity interval cardiovascular and steady state calisthenic in a 2:1 Tabata wax on wax off protocol via Doctor Izumi Tabata and the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Such a simply daily cardiovascular and calisthenic workout routine keeps your need for a full bodyweight or freeweight lifting exercise program down to a basic three day on and off system, with your weekends free to enjoy, rest, and recover as you like without any storm or stress in life trying your best to beat the body fat back from total muscle conditioning and maintenance, with minimum effort toward maximum results without pain in your gain. We shall get more into the specific functional training styled exercises later on in another posting, as well as the principles of specificity, overload, and progression from which the subprinciples frequency, intensity, time, and sort come into effect, but will leave the information above today for a small takeaway so you can see how it work out for you today.