Friday, July 01, 2016

One away from a Century and a Half as Canada

One hundred and forty nine years old and not a year more, Canada does not seem to be showing its age one bit, a still young country with so much youthful zest yet quite the experience statesman when the world needs us to be. One that is a odd heterogeneous mosaic of ethnocultural groups, languages, and heritages that coexist within one united nation, to form an even odder homogeneous society that conforms around the maple leaf ideal from a mix of multiculturalism that creates a community of communities where its citizens embrace our similarities, understand our differences, respect our traditions, and recognize Canada as a whole is perceived by its people as greater than the sum of its parts. The ideas of assimilation and acculturation of the melting pot stop at the border in Canada to become replaced by accommodation of the salad bowl, where an international polylogist theory becomes the national practice of the country, a nation state made of many nation states hopefully taking all the best from the globe.

Bringing us just one away from a century and a half as Canada, the village which taught a global community how to get along with and learn to love itself, giving much joy, hope, and peace towards all of mankind through a vision of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance which is even today ironically a war still fought around the planet.

Immigration has been a key policy that made this country great, as it did for our neighbours to the south for the betterment of our continent, and it can as America can attest to make it great again when performed, preserved, and protected in a proper manner. Instead of throwing away such a fine and faithful gift from sea to sea which has been given to this nation from above, over tears and fears of terrorism and foreign invasion or attack from afar, why not welcome in all those law abiding newcomers who truly and genuinely wish to come to our country with open hands, hearts, and minds to not only listen and learn but to also talk and teach in hopes to make a good Canada possibly even greater? Let us dream of such a Canadian nation again for our children of the next generation and be that light for the darkened by the evils of the world, children whose innocence hold the promise like that of a promised land past, one that shines out from Canada to foreign lands from off the coast like that of a beacon from atop its hill to bring the lost to shore and take care of those who need us the most here in this brave and brand new world of our own today, tomorrow, and forever.