Monday, February 03, 2014

Reunion of the Soviet Republics in Sochi

One must be very careful assuming that a President pro vita Vladimir Putin is just another Napoleon Bonaparte of early 19th century France or Adolf Hitler of mid 20th century Germany, personally I would think the world would be smart in treating Russia with more kindness, understand their ways, and not wishing even to use kid gloves against their culture, not so much as I have witnessed the West work its diplomatic magic, or lack thereof, upon the East on the eve of a time for goodwill being the Olympics. We know the script, parts the greater country are always annexed, removing territory from the fallen empire, the new found autonomy and freedom by the smaller country or countries within the affected territory led to more hurt feelings by the greater injured party, those weaker leaders who made these losses die, resign or move aside for a stronger leader who unifies the empire, makes proud its country people and then politically targets minorities within to make an empire without, the rest of world slowly wakes up, jerks its knee to react to the tough and rough revolution fermenting. Now, my question is, we have come to the stage where the West has been making empty warnings against full actions by the now rising empire rebuilding to rebuilt in the East, Putin's Russia, will they continue to rail on until finally continental then world war commences that proves mights makes right all over again, or will they realize the sovereignty, selfdetermination, and nationhood of Russia as a whole, allowing them to live as they do, letting it be and leaving them alone to do it before they actually do threaten sovereignty of someone else beside them?

From the Olympic Winter Games to war games, the whole exercise has been, as Hitler used his Berlin 1936 XI Summer Olympiad to show the differences between his empire and that of the world's, Putin has smartly allowed the whole wide West promote their secular values and ideals, such as its human rights concern over Russia's traditional LGBTQ2S propaganda law in regards to the safety and security of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and two spirited athletes, coaches and spectators, with ethnic treatment of Caucasian and Circassian peoples due to their protests against genocide and threats of jihad retaliation and insurgency causing various counter terrorism concerns for the International Olympic Committee, these events continue while he calculates his next move. Quite possibly another Cold War with the west is the endgame, for the time being at least, or perhaps a more internalized version of the Eastern War, Crimean War or War of the Black, White and Baltic Sea is at play, as he wants to put the 2000 Kursk submarine disaster, 2002 Nord Ost siege or Dubrovka theater hostage crisis in Moscow, 2004 Beslan school hostage crisis via North Ossetia Islamists and their week of war exercises with the separatists of Abkhazia against American backed Georgia in South Ossetia, decade long struggle of Chechen conflict in those North Caucasus republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, and Ingushetia quickly behind him. Only because he wants a new victory, over a more tougher foe, that being the greater cultural war, that he has long fought against internally as much as externally, the war against those economic, social, political differences to the West and his at home in the East, long before communism, which itself was a western ideology identified by the weaknesses of its dialectic via speculative and practical logic over nearly a century of use by he and they in Mother Russia!

This does not change the wish for a future Reunion of the Soviet Socialist Republics as we seem to be headed for sans the socialism, as this one Putin seems through a Niccolo Machiavelli kind of imperially quasidemocratic communitarianism to be on his way to building, which in of itself has been quite a study in geopolitical science and socioeconomic development. Allowing those aforementioned elements within the unofficial Olympic protest by the West, which is on course throughout the politically charged atmosphere to be on display in all the undercurrents that will be in Sochi, will all but lock the lack goodwill between these friendly combatants and begin to brew a batch of bad blood that neither party will be able to retract like a diplomatic off colour statement made at an afterparty for just another State of the Union address. But it should give those in the West pause, as the majority of citizens especially in its political sphere of influence, do not realize the fullness of their actions and the obvious implications of them after the Games, as we enter a more unknown future sooner than later, thanks in part to the war room mechanisations going on in the East.