Monday, December 15, 2008

Reformed Elected Senate now Tory Appointed Seats

Like I have been saying constantly since 2003, democratic first populism took a blow in the House when the Reform and Alliance caucuses merged with the Conservatives, something the post 911 polarization of politics caused I am sure of. I would argue that only the Bloc and Greens still have remnants of it, though I also think that the aforementioned polarization and its recent effects in the coalition merger deal have killed that kind of populism on their side too. Anyhow, with this selection, not election, of his Senate, Stephen Harper should officially shake off any idea that Reform is still on his mind finally in the minds of many Canadians.

That now said, having already brought in the unelected Quebecer Michael Fortier and Albertan Bert Brown, this action is therefore not without precident. With 18 vacancies, in the 105 seat Senate, the provinces involved within this particular sweepstakes are four in Quebec, three each from British Columbia and Nova Scotia, two each from New Brunswick and Ontario and one each from Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and the Yukon territory. I think some picks that would seem to be quite Tory friendly would be Mario Dumont, Luc Harvey and Ian Macdonald and Michael Fortier again in Quebec, British Columbia's will likely be John Reynolds, David Emerson and either Clarence Louie for his aboriginal or Nancy Greene for his athletic status with the upcoming Winter Olympics in Whistler Vancouver, Nova Scotia's will likely be Rodney Macdonald, John Hamm and Stewart Mcinnes, Bernard Lord and Percy Mockler in New Brunswick and Mike Harris and Preston Manning for Ontario, Newfoundland's will likely be Rick Hillier, Pat Binns for Prince Edward Island, Elwin Hermanson for Saskatchewan and Dennis Fentie for the Yukon, unless he remains Premier.

Due to age and overall life long residence, I could see Harper replacing a pick for Preston Manning, who I believe still lectures at the University of Toronto as a senior visiting scholar, for John Tory. But I think one should look at this from the other side, Tory is really a Tory, Tories have a sense of noblesse oblige and communitarianism, which is what embodies him and the aristocratic Senate to a tee. So in order to get that balanced Red and Blue Toryism which powered Brian Mulroney federally and Mike Harris provincially to two terms consecutively, I think Harper needs to bury his rivalry hatchet with the Joe Clark wing, replace Marjory Lebreton and make his past nemesis Tory his future Leader of the Government in the Senate and end his supposed past belief in Reform once and for all since we all know by now, that while doctors take the Hippocratic oath, politicians take the Hypocrite oath instead.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Could this Liberal Socialist-Separatist Coalition split Canada?

As I said in Dr. K's class, forget that King-Byng affair of days yore, this Dion-Jean fiasco is going to blow it out of Canadian governmental and constitutional affairs history all time!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Pumped Up to the Next Level