Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Orange Crushed by the Red Machine in Outremont

Despite the cries of the former Opposition Leader who just vacated representing the riding of Outremont, former NeoDemo leader and MP Tom Mulcair calls for the head of federal New Democratic Party leader and candidate Jagmeet Singh do not equate to his vying to become the next leader of the Green Party, but rather a Liberal replacing his NeoDemo seat as the New Democratic candidate Julia Sànchez guns it hard against the Liberal candidate Rachel Bendayan. Running along in the byelection with third being a fight between the Green Party candidate Daniel Green and Bloc Québécois candidate Michel Duchesne, fifth will be a battle royale between the Conservative Party candidate Jasmine Louras and People's Party of Canada candidate James Seale with the Independent being William BarrettUsually with byelections one expects the normal 70,559 valid total eligible to 44,045 valid total voters from the 2015 general election to drop by around half, more or less around 22,022 should be par, with the top issue of the byelection being the Montréal based Surveyor Nenniger Chênevert-Lalonde Valois International Limited engineering, procurement, and construction services company scandal Trudeau Liberals has been the biggest talk on the street. The Twenty Fifth of February will be a tough one to call, however Bendayan and the Grits should still gain 45% and win the seat, Sànchez and the Neodemos place second with 25 percent of the vote, Duchesne and the Bloc take up third with 12 in percentage with Green and the Greens fight for fourth at 9%, as Louras and the Tories finishes with fifth at 5 percent and Seale and the People's seals up sixth at 3% or more while from the fringe William Barrett takes less than 1% of the vote for Independent.

As the Orange Crushed by the Red Machine in Outremont brings us back to the old Martinite Jean Lapierre versus Chretienite Martin Cauchon 1993-2006 era battles of old which go back to leadership rivalries such as Paul Martin versus Jean Chrétien, Chrétien versus John Turner, and Turner took on Pierre Trudeau, does the Liberals now have a new AdScam Sponsorgate scandal with the LavScam SNC-LaValIn affair, with no proper opposition from anyone in the House it would seem Prime Minister Trudeau has no cause to once and for all end the democratic deficit which led a direct line from that old fiasco under the old regime to the new fiasco under the new regime Jody Wilson-Raybould has now uncovered?

Like Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals, the Justin Trudeau Liberals federally continue to intervene and institute their own rules just to anger those Tory premiers across the land, which should peak in their power once the pipeline politics and new National Energy Program of Trudeau elect Jason Kenney to office in AlbertaHowever, as the former Reform to Alliance to Conservative party goes back to being like the old Progressive Conservatives, Tory leader Andrew Scheer should have learnt here is principled grassroots politics trumps pragmatic astroturfed politics, one cannot fix or specially endorse political race for nomination primaries or general election campaigns for the gain of your own agenda especially if that agenda is diametrically opposed to one espoused by the general membership you are supposed to be leading, nothing wrong in being different but completely remaking and doing over the whole program so it no longer can recognized ideologically by its followers throws ones leadership into question at best and worst chaos and calamity in a time you need to create solidity and stability. The brand new populist movement Bernier now leads proves that the political elite and the main stream media industrial complex establishment still think not just that only they know best, as recently shown in the Trump Clinton United States Presidential Election where political talking heads, pundits, and pollsters got it wrong over and over again, but they even afterwards still refuse to listen, understand, and begin getting the message that we the people want to say to its government and societal institutions.