Monday, January 19, 2015

State of the Union Address still lacks access

So this is where the change we asked and he delivered on came to be, the Office of the President of the United States of America translating the State of the Union address from American English to technocratese. 140 character texts and less than 10 second images for the greater digital audience who ditches cable television and over the air radio for going online and into the satellite, not even newspaper find its way into their recycling bins and pet cages anymore, that wider audience the main stream media lost now loses its ability to read, watch, and listen to anything deeper than what Youtube or Netflix can feed it. But can you really blame them for ignoring a never deviating mantra from the executive branch of the central government in the most powerful republic in the whole free world, have we become such a cynical mob of malcontents we distrust and disbelieve government at every turn with not much room for error, or is this how it has always been in America where every single encounter between the President and their people has lead to an internal disconnect and disinterest between each other?
Oh I am sure back in the day when politics was not as jaded a sport, once the campaigning had ended and the governing had started, publically elected officials forgot whether they wore a red or blue tie yet still moved forward with their opponents working for the people and that was called leadership!
So in short, the Office needs to make the Address one that not only makes sense but also makes a difference in any miniscule way for the average citizen, one that is tailored by, of, and for the people of the United State of America. Instead of creating a working digital communications and marketing strategy, why not make a classically grassroots attempt in getting to know who you represent and finally becoming someone real the constituent may actually trust and believe in, placing so much hope and faith into what simply makes up a quite abstruse advertising campaign is beyond the basic. Until the President and their State of the Union address can restate it relevancy, along with the popular access to its public it sorely lacks, the point of view that it remains a partisan soapbox with a particular biased agenda of the administration will remain.