Friday, January 02, 2015

Consistency is one very important key to success

Another Fitness Friday is here again, first one for the New Year 2015, today we talk about the other CPR in life, wealth, and health being consistence, persistence, and resistance. Like those other three keys to success in breaking body and making muscle though longer consistency, stronger frequency, and higher intensity, all three of these keys take all those others from within the gym and expands them outside in the real world, towards a lifelong commitment to yourself and your overall goals until the end. Striving for all your goals in life, whether ever successful or not, shows a good work ethic despite all the different pleasures and desires we leave behind on our own narrow road of self denial, inner sobriety, and outer sacrifice.

I think one thing which keeps hanging people up is the innate push to always pull oneself towards all those little bad deficits in day to day life that add up to become one really big debt for life, examples being trashy reality television, wasteful online social media, and of course fast junk food, all goes from lips to hips or eyes and ears to worries and fears which does nothing for the betterment of our bodies, minds, and souls.

Making sure that consistency is always the key to success, as it remains static and steady when alround you moves with the waves of life when things get rough and the goings become tough, giving you that one step backwards yet two steps forward incremental approach. So if your consistency is the middle ground in the life fight to do what is right in terms of exercise to perform, nutrition and hydration to fuel, and rest to recover and repeat, then becoming more persistence becomes the foreground action which moves you towards progressing your future and becoming more resistance becomes the background action which prevents you from returning to your past. Having all three of these in your rearview mirror, front passenger seat next to, and dashboard window ahead will allow you a better visual, to physically see and emotionally feel right around you, to most definitely help make better decisions and keep solid resolutions for this upcoming new year.