Monday, September 13, 2010

Chatsworth mayor and former Sullivan reeve did good and well

Got some bad news from back home that Municipality of Chatsworth mayor and former Township of Sullivan reeve Howard Greig will not be seeking reelection later next month during the wardwide municipal election, with Ward 3 Sullivan councillor Tom Kuglin joining him out. Another change comes at the position of deputy mayor, while Ward 1 Chatsworth and 24 year veteran councillor Terry Mckay looks to move on up to it, pushing for more insight into county policies especially providing fire and police protection, road and bridge maintenance and more growth for less, he will face a challenge from Rodney Saunders, the former Euphrasia Township or now Municipality of Grey Highlands councillor for 11 years from near Walter's Falls, who is looking to get back in the game. Unlike last election, incumbents in all three wards have challengers, as Ward 1 Chatsworth is open between Scott Mackey and Bruce Menary, Ward 2 Holland has incumbent Cornelius Vlielander up against newcomer Patrick Forgrave and Ward 3 Sullivan is open between Bill Kuglin, Brian Gamble, Sherry Knapp and Trina Simmonds.

Working his way up since 1982 from councilor to deputy reeve to eventually the reeve of Sullivan, he proved himself to be as popular as Julius Kuhl, who was also a warden for Grey County in 1952, as Howard was in both 1993 and 2000, he protected the municipality from the brunt of provincial cutbacks, keeping property taxes low and community services high unlike other municipalities across the province during the days of downloading in the Province of Ontario.

Replacing him will be his former deputy mayor Bob Pringle, who repeated as Grey County warden in 2006 and 2007 during his 16 year political career, who political background can be traced all the way back to Joseph Pringle of Chatsworth and Sullivan Township. Being a former county warden in 1894 and 1904, it obviously runs in the family blood, so obviously Chatsworth, with its former townships of Sullivan and Holland and their Highway 6 split wards, is not in fear of losing any proven management as Bob fights against the province for a fairer share from the farm tax rebate, protect agricultural property from making productive farmland into severances, lot or parcel additions and easements into residential subdivisions yet promote more building, housing and tourism. That now said, the kind of conservative, prudent and austere leadership Greig gave the township and municipality as a whole shall be missed, hopefully he will stay active in the community as yet another strong legislative pillar upon a solid local foundation.