Monday, March 15, 2010

Skeelering quickly Into the sun

It might be the ides of March, usually known as time for a loss of power, but the weather being so bright and warm, the general student body of Redeemer has taken to the main street on campus to play sports and I beat all to it with my favourite around this point of the year being skeelering. The sport is basically short speed skating except on rollerblades, a sport that was popularized and is clearly a favourite in the Netherlands, especially the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Noord Holland, with the stretch from Garner Road to Kitty Murray Lane being a perfect question mark shaped trail for one to ride down and up. Sometimes, it tis best to get outside the campus bubble I have found over the years, when I do, I usually do a high and low speed blade of what I call the Meadowlands Boot, by going north down the lane, turn east on Stonehenge Drive, then go north up Meadowlands Boulevard, sometime make a late night or early morning stop between Olivia Place and Citation Crescent at Meadowlands Community Park for a quick ghetto workout on the jungle gym, prison bars, firemans pole and other makeshift amenities, then keep going north until Golf Links Road, where you go west until you hit Kitty Murray Lane, wind your way south curving like a boot until you get back to ReDee.

Skeelering quickly into the sun, I took advantage of today and will be doing the same tonight for my first midnight blade here at Redeemer since September, getting a small but still noticeable tan above my tanktop and below my spandexshorts, amazing since we are only in middle of March but it feels like the middle of July, unfortunately though however essays and exams month is around the corner, which stops us all from enjoying up the weather and instead sweating out the work.

Other than all of that, I have been taking in as much sunshine as possible, as I remember last summer, where I would guess that our area of Cottage Country got about more or less a month full of the rays and the rest being rain, that really started the old Scandinavian melancholy and Native depression to set in, something that has anyone in both contemplating an overdose of Vitamin D calciferol secosteroids to end it. Complementing the anaerobic exercise workouts during short term yet high intensity weightlifting, skeelering, like most aerobic long term and low intensity activity, can help maintain primary areas of body strengthening, motoneuron development, coordination skills, balance, stamina, agility, power and endurance theough quadriceps, hamstrings, groin, hip and gluteal muscle development and secondary fitness goals, including low impact gliding over high impact grinding, which protects the legs, knees and feet, unlike running or sprinting and raising the resting metabolic rate, which is key to burning off fat and building on muscle for a better, stronger and longer lived life. So go on and get out there, fit in and strap on your blades and join us on the pave in fighting off the fat and adding on the muscle while burning off about 300 calories in 30 minutes down the fast lane.