Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Ten Football will eventually become Big Thirteen

Big news in American college football has been the possible expansion of the Big Ten, thus a contraction of another conference in the N.C.A.A., or possibly just a shoreup of the last independents, either way these changes will change the face of college football in the United States for quite sometime, let alone starting the 21st century with one bold step forward into its future.

The news mainly deals with the implosion of the Big East with either Syracuse, Pittsburgh or Rutgers being the twelfth, but supposedly they even have the crown jewel of the Big Twelve, Texas, on line to possibly join up. Well, all I can say is that none of these programs will be making the Big 10 into the Big 12 or 13, as none of them make any sense, on the other hand two or three which do are the Iowa State University Cyclones, University of Nebraska Cornhuskers and or the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Of the very top, Iowa State makes the most sense, mainly because it would join its archrival University of Iowa Hawkeyes, however Nebraska is a next door rival of Iowa, has been a bubbling with discontent for years down in Lincoln and is higher profile than Iowa State, which is more of a weaker sister, then you have Notre Dame, but with the Fighting Irish of South Bend Indiana, you do not pick them, rather they would pick you. Just like Texas, no matter what, changes are going to be made, the Boise State University Broncos will lead the expansion stampede by riding hard over to Mountain West Conference from the Western Athletic Conference to join their new rival Texas Christian University Horned Frogs in the worst kept offseason secret, with a promise of more to come, such as perhaps the University of Montana Grizzlies moving on up a division to replace Boise State in the W.A.C.

If changes do happen in the Big Ten Conference, I can guarantee not only will the Big Twelve Conference deflate, ironically both in the mellee just may end up switching their original conference sizes, but either in kind the Pacific Ten Conference, South Eastern Conference and or Atlantic Coast Conference will inflate, no matter what, once again the Big 10 is showing just how relevant it still is when it somes to a big picture system that is the N.C.A.A., even if the game on the playing field is not matching its behind the scenes muscle off.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh sheesh yall twas a dream or whateva

Wow, that was got to be the weirdest wackedout weekend I have had here at Redeemer ever, especially in light of the fact I was not even supposed to still be here. Yeah, originally invited over at two parties down at Mac on Friday, one held inside the campus in the woods behind the Back Ten fields and one around Westdale near Cootes Drive, then sent another instant message to go over to York, the plan included a party in the Village around the same time as the ones at Mac, where all of us would then leave at midnight by caravan, take in a campfire near an undisclosed swamp between Happy Valley and Bethesda in the King area, then finish the late night by hitting up a beer pong competition of some cigar gentlemen's club pal of a pal's place south of Barrie, like I said wow. Needless to say, for a guy who has been watching between like seven to twelve films a day, all of this would seem like a break, however instead to me right now, it would represent culture shock to its most extreme, which meant I stayed back in the cave, starting the night off rewatching Citizen Kane, so uh yeah?

Also, of late being this weekend, I have been having these absolutely weird, not quite psychedelic, but definitely fantasia like, all now in technicolor dreams, as to why that is weird is usually my dreams, for the good or the bad, are in black and white and now that I think about it even grainy in picture or blurred at the edges, if ever I even get to dream, as I usually do not especially while here at school. So what does it all mean, without the help of a frame by frame picture sequence afterwards that explains what happened the night before in the morning like in the Hangover, I think Freud slipped up when he said dreams, as the interpretative unconscious activities of the mind yet obscurely redacted and repressed by the mind to regain and remain at the previous level of relative sanity for the mind before the event, were communications through a symbolic language that could not be translated into the world of the awake thus also not understood. Instead, I would think our conscience, that judgement or intuition of the intellect that helps us to distinguish what is right from what is wrong, can tell in our sleep or while being awake, using the language which is being symbolically used to offer us more than outside knowledge whatever the inner message, by gaining our attention, we start identifying and becoming interested towards it, perhaps desire and make a decision for it and finally act on it ourselves, a final act from this subliminal communication that uses symbolic language to recreate an innate mandate of meaning, purpose and direction from their basic hardwired knowledge of humanity to be acted out culturally of, by and for the dreamful individual.

So, in the end, I decided to forget about it this Monday morning, watched and critiqued more films for content review and commentary, assessing the different genres and their subgenres by categories such as the narrative elements, setting, theme, mood, format and target audience academically within these particular works of art selected for class, trying hard to answer the whys, whats, hows, whichs of the auteur and their film, whens and wheres, using both theoretical and practical aspects. Took a break after seven films in a row, did some calisthenics, plyometric and resistance training outside as the school gym was closed, bladed about the campus for an hour plus for some cardiovascular from Kitty Murray around the loop and down the straight to Garner, came back to my very hot and dry independent apartment, to sweat out a 92 degree Fahrenheit or 33.3333333 degree Celsius Monday night like it was a Finnish sauna, with the aftermath of Lost, 24 and other finales playing out in front of me on the computer with internet television, just to see what excellence in program content broadcasting I may have missed during the school year. Evidently not much, so after switching from network television webisodes to some online comedy par College Humor, The Station, Equals Three, MattG124 and a bit of Fail Blog then some old Beavis and Butthead via Adult Swim to kill, after which I ditched the laptop programming for some live action outside, being the wonderful fireworks show the whole Meadowlands neighbourhood in Ancaster put on all weekend long, with our very own Redeemerites holding theirs at 390 Springbrook Road, quite the barrage of gunpowder and smoke, the long and short was a most hilarious show and the mishaps and misfires near the end had made it all the better in my own honest opinion, too bad I will miss their Dominion and Independence ones this coming early July down south here, but then perhaps in the end of this spring summer school course I will realize all of this was, oh sheesh y'all t'was a dream or whateva!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Harper Tories leave women outside when it comes to All in the Family

So, when did Parliament Hill suddenly out of nowhere become Archie Bunker's Place, as the role of women in the House of Commons slowly became a reduced one under this supposed tenure of the federal Tories under Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

This being the fifth anniversary of the crossing of the floor by Belinda Stronach, from the saintly Tories under Harper who could do no wrong to the darker sided Liberals under Paul Martin and his Machiavellian backroom shenanigans, all of which cost him in the end, seem now to be the same employed by those true blue Conservatives on Stronach at the time, later Lisa Raitt and now Helena Guergis, all seemingly targets by an all male cadre of politicos and the like within the Prime Minister's Office, with the fairer minority gender only given token positions and privileges. Seems to me, from the education I received earlier on, that in this kind of weltaanschauung, you have the pitting of the greater against the lesser in lighter terms, knowing that by starting the politics of smudge, smear, and fear, the instigator, motivator and architect of the action can then led from their movement into the general popular culture and promote openly the politics of safety, security, and freedom to counter the idea they did the exact opposite. If those being my own understandings from that basic education of mine did not blur and bias my current vision of what is going on here, I would be hard pressed to believe that is the actual reality, and that this which we witness at the present is nothing but a similar shell or card game using people as its currency for the express purpose of politically gambling away for the fun of it.

Indeed, the Harper Tories seem to leave women outside in the cold, when it comes to being All in the Family, but will they recognize this growing slight and remedy it as best they can, or is this just a sign of more to come from the invisible agenda everyone in O-town bubble keeps speaking of in shallow off the record blurbs, not official statements of depth and definity, which brings more doubt to its presence every day that way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Something cold is hot in state of Denmark

Now as I do not usually comment on hockey, though my two home countries have been in most of the recent world junior, senior and Olympic championship Gold medal finals, I have to state that I am not surprised by the outcome for these European hot up and comers in the world of cold ice to which I still have familial connections there.

Koln, being a western German city near the Netherlands, is home to the 2010 IIHF world senior ice hockey championship, along with Mannheim and Gelsenkirchen, completing the sport's year long circuit, where America won the world junior and Canada won the Olympic championships respectfully. Internationally, Denmark has always been a middle power political player, but now with tournament wins against Finland 4-1 and the United States in overtime 2-1, the Danes may start getting long awaited respect in the wide world web of sports too, especially in a sport where it lost to Canada 47-0 way back in 1949. All that is missing would be a couple wins against Russia, the Czech Republic and of course Sweden, a sweet victory if the 13th ranked Danish club indeed pulled it off, quite like a win over Canada, something that came very close to happening in 2003, when Denmark did defeat America 5-2 and tied Canada at 2, after 54 years of not playing the sport.

Having one whole side of my family being originally Danish itself, myself tempted in the past to play American football and even in the future train for a possibly run bobsled for a Team Denmark if they compete for 2014, I am personally very proud and happy for the state which is anything but rotten with these superior results on the world stage.