Thursday, January 29, 2009

Harper Federal Tories need to know Quebec is a Coalition of Socialists and Separatists

Before the Brian Mulroney cum Stephen Harper backing Tory Lian Macdonald of the Montreal Gazette and Policy Options of the Institute for Research on Public Policy spins the recent CROP poll from La Presse into a Charest styled "I support the Conservative ideal wholeheartedly, but do feel nods towards socialism and concessions for separatism are needed to maintain Quebec" argument for La Belle Province, let us be very clear, Conservatism in Canada, or Toryism is both socialist and separatist. If you are currently neither, due to polarization, you are instead a Liberal. Unity has always been the buzzword that allowed Tories like John A. Macdonald, John Diefenbaker and Mulroney to have it both ways, traditionalism and progressivism, but when the means they used came to an eventual and final end for all three, none had a surplus, each had deficits and separatism or some form of nationalism was on the rise in Quebec, all with their help federally.

Likewise as in the present, the Conservatives under Harper have now traded their lead to the Bloc Quebecois, 35 then and now 34, Tories today total 16, only a point away from Jack Layton and his New Democrats at 15. Liberals, the original antiseparatists, are in second with 31, surging on the new power Michael Ignatieff gives, while the Harper Tories lost, amongst francophones of the province, almost half of its support overall. Harper himself has lost the other question of leadership, as to who should be the next Prime Minister, Ignatieff has it with 37, Layton comes in second with 23 and Harper gets a sweet 16, proving at this point in time, Quebecois have taken quite to heart what the Prime Minister said in his early December address to the nation about that coalition driven by separatists and socialists, an actual attack on the culture and values of the majority of Quebecois themselves. After everything Harper gave to it, giving his all, literally turning on his original supporters, three different cirles of them, abortion for the social conservative, trust funds for the fiscal conservative and Quebecois nation resolution plus elected Senate for the democratic reformers, there really is nothing left on his table for his own hardcore supporters, his end is nigh and that light is at the end of his tunnel.

Add to all this as well, economic times Harper promised would not be have indeed become, especially for one with a Master's degree in economics from the University of Calgary, the implications are beyond obvious. By misjudging the economic, social and political situation now, he actually has made it difficult to make any real progressive forward in these same areas later, accordingly the 61 percent of Quebecois who answered they were dissatisfied with the Harper Tory government’s handling of federal affairs were not just members of that vilified coalition he spoke about to our nation, but rather the province at large who had been polled. Which is why the Harper Federal Tories in Ottawa need to know Quebec is a Coalition of Socialists and Separatists and vote accordingly, that said, after seeing the recent federal budget and hearing about intentions by Albertans for Independence, perhaps the same could apply to a good percentage of those sitting on the governing side of the seemingly glass built House with an opposition waiting outside with stones in hand.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The economic engine of Canada now pathetically putters

Ontario, the provincial leader of the confederal pack, is now officially a have not, joining six others, gaining $347 million, while Newfoundland joins four other have provinces. Now, all provinces except Ontario have one time or another been on equalization transfer payments, Ontario paid in full many a ride for the others, but here comes the change in that, one I would believe no Ontarian wished for nor any Canadian. Therefore I submit, fairness for both Canadians and Ontarians is a return back to building a strong Ontario for an even stronger Canada, we need to make the Province of Ontario work not just economically, but socially, fiscally, environmentally, politically and beyond.

All we have to do, if we become more responsible in all these areas, plus even further into areas we have not touch before, is finally work to make the Dominion of Canada rich again by our presence within it, but it will take really hard work to get there.

Realizing this, Ontarians must start tightening our belts collectively, to make a public example for the rest of Canada to see, our politicians and legislature should cut back on its pay and cost, our government and bureaucracy should lower down its taxes and waste, then we as citizens should ask it to stick to the basics in services for only the essentials and those actions we can not do for ourselves. If we all could just sacrifice our past position of pompositic prestige, then perhaps we could move forward, someone has to take the hit, we should do as we have done, be the example yet again the nation, for its commonwealth and its future. Our aim should be high, be true in our target for a better tomorrow for our youth, look to make sure mistakes now do not repeat for them later, one by one push the have not moniker out so we can replace it with the old have title yet again then know that yes we can do it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Harper's Economic Stimulus Package will be Mulroney's Goods and Service Tax

Stephen Harper's Economic Stimulus Package will indeed become just like Brian Mulroney's Goods and Service Tax, as both of these Tory torments will go down in history as being unpopular, quite useless and becoming yet again long term policies for short term policies for both of these Canadian Prime Ministers. Unfortunately for us, once the failed Tory Prime Minister is replaced by the hopeful Liberal Opposition Leader, usually that unpopular measure stays in place, no matter how much they campaign and promise to do the opposite, no different will it be for Michael Ignatieff. Remember Income Tax, during the horrible crisis of the First Great War in 1917, as Great Britain and the United States began putting these brand new schemes into effect governmentally, Canada's move reservedly called it one to be implemented temporarily until the end of that war. Just the same, this economic stimulus like the goods and services tax will be campaigned against, only to be continued in some other government cheese factory in the name of some other reason it must be kept, as even with good times, the vicious cycle of bad times is not far behind they will say. We keep adding more deficit and debt unto the small and weak backs of the children of this nation, continent and world, all without thinking of where all this will lead to for them and their young and perhaps yet to be futures, I would hope we could begin thinking about them before we just worried about ourselves just this once.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Count the Creator's Lucky Stars in Life

Do you ever notice one never fully counts the Creator's lucky stars above until one just barely misses one of their greatest tragedies in their entire life? This is me, last night I was at the university gym weightroom, I was performing a regular 225 pound Smith machine Lalanne squat that never gives me problems. However, that night was no ordinary night, as this machine is counterbalanced, stablized and needs for reracking being not, I take liberties, such liberties as instead of letting my shoulders take on the load up to its secured hooking point, moving the bar up manually with my own arms to go above instead.

That would be my big time mistake, one I may not have been able to ever repeat again, but am lucky to say I hope never to in my life.

As soon as my arms reached up with the barbell vertically, the weight seemed to pull backwards and down, like the Olympian this summer who ended up popping out his elbow. As the support gave out, so did the arms, which then proceed to immediately go backwards as though each were still forward, a massive stretch I normally can not do as I am not a acrobat who can contort, is hypermobile or have any real flexibility at all, so this was a complete shock to me. As I snapped, crackled and popped my way backwards, within mere seconds, my arms which still held the weight, now backwards, began immediately pulling up, from the level of my buttocks area, back up to over my shoulder and with more snapping, crackling and popping, made it above my head again to complete the original task.

Looking back now, I subconciously think I knew what kind of a sound it would make if I had dropped the weight, plus I always get hounded for being too noisy with them anyhow, so I made the effort without another thought.

After completing this, I took check upon how my body was for only less than a minute, God allowed me no immediate effect, the snaps, crackles and pops seemed to be natural, no bones had been actually broken, there was a balanced stretch across from top back right out to both arms, from the faces of the girls across the room on the arm press machines, I thought I must have destroyed everything. After I finished my workout circuit, however, I did begin to notice changes, such as massive shaking of the arms, when I tried hard to keep them straight ahead, yet they ranged up and down from head to waist, later this night, there was massive aching just as I was getting into the workout, but no really pain though, yet has stopped me from doing the dumbell operations I usually do over my head, as well as limit my bench press as the muscle around the elbow and joint under bicep affecting the biceps brachii, brachialis, pronator teres and brachioradialis, basically anything under the rotator cuff and deltoid of mainly the left, but also the right arm. This has forced me to change my routine, now going mainly advanced on legs, basic arm workout instead, so I can hopefully get back to it by the ides of March, but we shall just have to see as this was only my first day fully with the injury, something I usually am without, having to work through it and just adapt to it as we move forward. Ironically, my Creator has allowed me grace yet again, He could have broke every bone, tore every tendon and mince every muscle, if He wanted to yesterday, but no, He kept my intact for a purpose yet again only known to Him and I thank God for that absolutely.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Might makes right and Bauer plays power

24 Jack Bauer Redeemer University College Canadian Foreign Policy and International Relations Prof. Rob Joustra United States Foreign Relations Dr. David Zietsma

Friday, January 02, 2009

Creating a Planet Hollywood styled workout for 2009

Having dedicated three hours every day, six days every week, for the past three years to working out at one very extreme and demanding pace here at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, thanks in part to my trainer, friend, and football teammate Chris Cubitt, I have decided to expand beyond the original full body lean body mass program routine he created for this whole new year of 2009. This labour of love has led us to begin creating a Planet Hollywood styled workout, based upon the regimens of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1975 Mr. Olympia, Franco Columbu's 1981 Mr. Olympia, and Sylvester Stallone's 1985 Rocky IV workouts. Using this whole year to meld the various exercises for multiple body parts into the most effective and efficient whole body workout, that can be reduced from the overtrained three hours a day and six days a week model, to a more sustainable 49 minute daily session thrice a week.

It will be a challenge keeping as close to the letter of the law as possible, while still working within the spirit, as each of these three routines have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The good thing is there is a semblance between them, many exercises do overlap when training similar body parts and seem to be taking up the same amount of time when doing them by set and rep, so I do not think merging them into one is going to be such a problem. However, I do want to seriously take my time with it, setting it up properly and doing it right the first time which always is the best time. I thank Chris for getting me back into the fitness game for the fall 2006-07 season on campus here, burning off that extra fat, building up some lean mass, and gaining a good base of muscle for an opportunity to even try doing this venture. Fun is the first part of fitness, in doing it all for and in the strength, power, and glory of God, so never keep your eyes off the sacred prize being our Lord Jesus Christ!