Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fall fairs all about small shares

I love fall fairs as summer slowly comes to an end, there is something in them which transfers our busy energy due to heat from the sun into one from deep within our hearts, maybe tis how the air gets a little bit chilly or the leaves only a tad less green but that something is there around us. Desboro is always that first fall fair we get out to, despite almost missing it just as frequently, almost now a family tradition first when as the main event for the Township of Sullivan and now a prideful part of the Chatsworth municipality. The fair holds the best of local agriculture and farming up high, for all Grey and Bruce counties to see just what we can accomplish together to keep our little country community moving forward progressively without all the added modified technologies city has to entice us.

About fall fairs one could really think that they really are all about those small shares between one another, which none of us can put our finger on, yet when all of us get back home they stick in the back of our own minds and stay with us as memories forever.

Those small shares of information, techniques, and histories are what make the culture in our community flourish, which is why exactly we keep traditions like it alive, to continue building culture in our community so those histories of yore and past techniques of tried and true blue way of farming or the old wives tale of cooking will keep moving onward and forward into the future so others can repeat and for those generations yet to come. Sharing is caring as the old saying has taught us, communities do care about the culture of their citizens and this is especially true out here in the country, where people are less likely to just pave and paint over the old with the new without a second thought as tis in the city. But we must stand on guard and be cautious about that chilly wind, for there is a change in the air coming from the big cities of the south, whose rules and regulations which cost us our town hall may someday cost us so much more and then some of what we like to call our country community culture in Chatsworth.