Friday, March 25, 2011

Workout Using Fast Furious Frequently Intense Training Techniques

For Fitness Friday, we pay tribute to the Fast and the Furious film franchise, as both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel prepare to reprise the dynamic duo Dominic Toretto and Brian Oconner in Fast Furious Five this March. These two cool twin towers of power are the first since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence teamed up for the Bad Boys franchise to keep the heat down in Miami as Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett for the vice in 1995, it has been one full decade back in 2001 when the Fast and the Furious debuted that we saw the same fast, furious, and frequently intense action on the silver screen and at home from Walker and Diesel that reminded us so much of Smith and Lawrence. With the addition of Dwayne Johnson as an agent Luke Hobbs, it will not be too hard figuring out what the Rock will be cooking down in Rio with the boys, convoys and chases with cars, cocaine, and crazy computer chips seems to be a thick enough plot for an allout action flick I think.

But what about the fitness tribute to the Fast and the Furious film franchise, working out using fast furious frequently intense training techniques, exactly where are they in all of this you may ask right?

I thought you were going to ask sooner or later, as I was not looking forward to leaving you on a cliffhanger as the Fast and the Furious would, first your technique to training should always be intense, hot, high, and heavy or else it really just is cold, low, and light exercise which is why we are fast. Being furious is how we go at those weights, with such a quick and stealth like intensity that it rivals lightening, let our volume in pounds be our thunder in slowness with the negative motion keeping us real and in check. Consistent frequency is when all of us should get back to our iron, a balanced time for working out that lets us live our lives but remain healthy as well as wealthy, as keeping as fit as possible physically, mentally, and spiritually is the key so I hope this helps and simply allows you to enjoy a fast, furious, and frequently active connection between the movies and your moves beyond the clickbait.