Friday, November 06, 2015

This is 2015 is why the Main Stream Media gave Justin the Win

2015 is the reason Canadian Prime Minister and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau decided to change it up and go with a brand new gender balanced cabinet he has delivered on, thus moving his agenda forward will be very interesting as Trudeau has cobbled his fantasy electoral coalition together through a trinity of special interests being feminists from the reproductive rights community, fundamentalists from the Muslim community, and queers from the LGBTTQQIP2SAA+ community, already two of those three communities would likely have something quite negative to say about seeing their values and ideals being excluded from this brand new gender balanced cabinet Justin has forced upon them and their special interests he was supposed to represent. Why is this message not incessantly propagated as much as you hear the hate for former Canadian Prime Minister and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and his supposed extreme hidden agenda from ideologue Reform days of yore, in reality a hapless man who never once stepped over the big government modern, diverse, inclusive, centrist, pragmatic, sensible, moderate status quo line former Canadian Prime Minister and Liberal Leader Paul Martin left a legacy for him to fill, yet Harper had to be stopped still in his tracks despite leading the Dominion through one of the most meaningless majority government ever witnessed in Canadian political history for all time. These kinds of disproportionate acts of attack have left any idea of biaslessness or neutrality from the Canadian press just figments of the imagination, where such a psychedelichyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic dream becomes the equivalent collective nightmare of all Canadians, how it was humanly possible from 2006 to 2015 for one to read anything past the blandest of days albeit not the cleanest or most democratic in our federal days of politics is truly beyond me though admittedly Tories throughout the history of this Dominion often end up going wayward one way or another.

This is 2015, is why the Main Stream Media and fake news propaganda gave Justin the win, however what happens between now and 12 to 25 years from now, that same media will not care for its citizenry of what fiscal and economic chaos Trudeau puts it through, as has been proven when Chretien, Martin, Mcguinty, or Wynne have been there and done that yet kept getting elected with the help of the fifth estate.

Lesson now in 2015 or ever is never learnt and neither is this ever the case by their opponents, who dilute their principles and thus message in hope it strengthens their electability by the people and likeability by the media, fact remains neither will ever show love to a grassroots campaign for cleaning up corruption nor clearing up patronage thus you just have to plug away in doing what is right not what is wrong even without anybody behind you. People respect that which they might even be diametrically opposed to and completely against, how many times have you had someone simply say to you how they absolutely disagree and even abhor the seriously solid stance of another yet respect them for their courage and conviction, when one tries making friends out of their enemies instead they usually make enemies out of their friends more times than not. No one respects someone who does not respect themselves and thus understand if one respects themselves then most likely they will respect others too, and this is why Trudeau may hang on for dear life for four or five majority governments on the Hill, however no matter how long he lasts up there, facts remain Justin will never gain the respect of those of us grassroots citizens down below he disrespects as he disrespects himself because tis 2015!