Monday, July 27, 2015

Three strikes Trudeau made just in time for the Mulcair Orange Crush

Technically Justin Trudeau had been quite careful with his personal image before he captured the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada mid April 2013, however something has indeed happened since then which has sullied that perfect image of a golden boy born of a Platonically platinum philosopher king father and former Prime Minister of Canada having 4 mandates, 3 majorities, 1 minority, 15 years, 5 months, and 14 days of power under his belt, that something is more rotten than anything in the state of Denmark. After pledging democratically to allow open nominations for all Team L'équipe Trudeau Liberal candidates in every single riding for this election, accusations of favouritism, tampering, and undemocratic vetted approval by a green light committee within the party executive here in Trinity-Spadina, Ottawa-Orleans, and Eglinton-Lawrence, plus another heated nomination battle starting to brew over there in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, not to mention local executive resignations here in Brantford-Brant, Don Valley North, and Hamilton-West-Ancaster-Dundas, plus more across the border in Ville-Marie has Justin and his team being called out as party wide toxicity by former nominees and supporters. On the lack of freedom of conscience, Trudeau has ended the long standing Liberal tradition of allowing pro life nominees and supporters by creating a party edict where all Grit members have no choice but to be pro choice and thus leaving only a couple old guard Liberals for Life Members of Parliament grandfathered in to remain so, but more damaging is how Justin has broken with another long standing Liberal tradition of civil liberty by supporting antiterrorism Bill C-51 against every single proof of political strategy for more support or even maintaining the base he once had.

Slowly but surely just sapping away support and melting the Liberal core of voters Justin needs, these are the key three strikes Trudeau made just in time for the Mulcair Orange Crush, allowing an Angry Tom to transform into a Happy Tom as the federal New Democrats roll tide from the Pacific and Prairies to Alberta and Québec which should traditionally be safe territory for the Liberals.

From the sixth book of The Republic by Plato, the younger Trudeau must have been told a valuable quote by the elder papa Pierre during his youth, that for the ideal Utopian city state Kallipolis and its harmonious just society to come true all educated philosophers must become real kings or at least those now called kings must genuinely philosophize while living simple lives and be the ideal philosopher king for all citizens to cooperate towards the greater commonwealth and good of all. Being a teacher who dramatically speaks first and then acts is one thing, but a philosopher is one who thinks first and then speaks, which is fundamentally different and diametrically opposed in the archetypal paradigm that is the human condition and its nature. Basically put out there for those wanting the cliffs or coles notes version, Justin needs to not only understand and positively learn from the legacy his father created for Canada and the party he leads but also that of the party, its storied traditions, and history itself for the betterment of it and his own leadership chances, or he risks going down for the count with lights out from a massive knockout before he even gets in one punch.

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Reform Ontario eye maybe bigger than its stomach

Now exactly half a year ago, the Reform movement in Ontario took another turn in Burlington at the Crossroads Forum when the Family Coalition Party of Ontario decided to rebrand itself with the old vestiges of the Reform Party of Ontario, which lost its registration after not running any candidates in the 2014 Ontario provincial general election. The new leader of the party, James Gault, realized the value in merging traditional moral values from the social conservative faction and modern common sense from the fiscal conservative wing and quickly took advantage of that synthesis in forming a new entity towards power. Six months into the rebranding exercise, the New Reform Party of Ontario seems to have somewhat lost its original momentum in the areas of policy, outreach, and communication and stalled at one very important juncture for its coming of age, just in time for Pride in Toronto to rain on its coming out parade.

Rather, could it just be that perhaps the New Reform Ontario eye maybe bigger than its stomach, or can it find the mythical third way of provincial party politics that has eluded so many since the New Democrats of days yore.

Only time will tell its tale, with a byelection to be held in a Tory friendly riding such as Simcoe Grey before the next general election in 2018 to bring in the newly elected socially conservative yet progressive Ontario Tory leader and federally Conservative Member of Parliament for Barrie Patrick Brown, time will be sooner than later in telling us just where this Ontario Reform movement wants to go and be for Ontarians across the province. Gault and the New Reform will have to be very careful with how they align the new found party, such a socially and fiscally mixed conservative party will have to be not too much like in Alberta with Wildrose or the Alliance and not too little such as Québec with Coalition Avenir or the Action Démocratique, yet provide a difference between it and the Ontario Tories and Grits to realign a polarized spectrum between it and the New Democrats for its electoral future. If they can do this, it will see the successes that Preston Manning could have continued towards if he kept his federal Reform experiment moving forward, however if not then expect this recipe to be unfortunately worse than what the Canadian Alliance concocted and then some with results not much different than what the Family Coalition provincially and federally Christian Heritage place election by election.