Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tuesday Super for Trump but a Duper for Clinton

Just watching Marco playing his polo and Ted cruising his count helplessly as the Donald mercilessly crushes both in the primaries of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia, along with the Alaska, Colorado, and Minnesota caucuses as the Republican grassroots push to make Trump exactly what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pulled hard against, making him the nest presidential nominee for the Grand Old Party. Opposition has grown so loud against the renamed Drumpf, so much so that pleas and calls across the world internationally are being made for right of centre America to rethink making him their next candidate, which only further accelerates the feeling by those on the right wing that he must be the right man for the job to make America great once again if he angers their enemies so. As Texas trade off Cruz and the Southeastern states sends away Rubio, focussing on immigration, terrorism, and economic issues of business, trade, and jobs, along with the future establishment power of Republicans having taken control of both houses of Congress, Trump is poised to be in the best position of any president to indeed do just that since Obama only eight short years ago.

Tuesday maybe Super for Trump but promises to be a duper for Clinton, as Hilary continues to fool and lull the Feel the Bern team into a stupor, as Sanders realizes his grassroots democratic campaign is no match for the party muscle Clinton has commanded through its unpledged superdelegates and has as much chance of getting elected as Rocky De La Fuente or Martin Omalley.

Feeling the heat Rodham is giving him, Bernie recognizes that even by winning the majority of delegates from Democratic primaries and caucuses in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Democrats Abroad that he can not out run the party machine, thus Sanders has turned on Obama leaving Clinton to have to defend his and her left to centre record together as the establishment, stating he will now progressively deliver on the change neither of them ever hoped to give back and close the gap on whether on health care, economic or energy independence, or gun control. Showing the President to have been as close to big money interests through banks and business, Bernie is bashing Hilary at her most common denominator being the political economic military complex, and its corporate donors she was a part of and privy to as Secretary of State under Obama. Wasting away majorities in both houses of Congress, as well as disillusioning once motivated active young people energised to join the process and vote left wing finally, the Democrats make have swung the pendulum once again from the radical left to right of Ronald Reagan.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunny Ways do not lead to Happy Trails in Ontario

Debate last Thursday at Queens Park in Toronto finally came to Bill 100, being Supporting Ontarios Trails Act, An Act to enact the Ontario Trails Act 2016, which has many landowners and taxpayers across the province quite concerned about, with their ever so encroached rights and freedoms by the ever so intrusive government and bureaucracy. After listening to the former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and current Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Responsible for Anti-Racism and Responsible for the 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games Honourable Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East, this Bill 100 sounds like a land grab like no other as Rural and Northern Ontario becomes the playground for playmates Toronto and Urban Ontario while citizens within lose their land and watch from the murky windows of their farmhouses. To counter his governing thought, no, this bill is not about healthy living because no government can legislate the health or lives of its citizens, nor is this bill about its advancement of sport which government has proven again and again that it not an advocate of arts and all other entertainment, rather this whole legislative exercise is about using collective power over individual right being that of 1000 clubs participated and 250 consulted via 5 regional sessions plus 2 sessions with aboriginal communities yet with not 1 landowner having a word of input.

Any official piece of legislation, with such a potentially negative impact on land use agreements in Ontario, needs to communicate both clearly and coherently how it will positively reconcile balance with landowner property rights, by a government more happy defending autocracy of the Premier, than liberty of its people.

Making plans to open doors which should remain closed, until the continues practice of temporary agreements not the future visage of permanent easements can be procured locally between landowner and landusers, is a tradition a trustless government needs to slowly but surely get over and the sooner the better for us all. Expecting s government, any or all kinds of government all over, to support, sustain, and subsidize a system of trails so grand throughout this tremendous province when they can not even fund a public electricity system properly is setting us all up for an even grander disappointment ahead. Watch as many of the public trails across Ontario, including the granddaddy of them all the Bruce Trail built through past land use planning framework under Ontario Progressive Conservative Premier Bill Davis against Ontario Liberal opposition, now loses support of various individual landowners who pull out their sections from the present land use planning legislation under Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne against Ontario Progressive Conservative opposition, plus ca change, plus cest la meme chose.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Demos Make or Break for Clinton while Repubs Trumped in Nevada and South Carolina

For Hilary Clinton and her establishment Democrats, the 20th of February Nevada Caucus becomes a roll of the dice, a gamble that did not have to happen which put the 27th of February South Carolina Primary in double jeopardy. Clinton could have softened her Democratic National Committee approved Wall Street hawkish stance over the past month, to gain some of the lost ground from Bernie Sanders, quite like something Barack Obama would do against Hilary in 2008, after leading so far ahead then falling behind, turn policy around to pick up where he was losing, but she does seem determine to go all Frank Sinatra and do it her way all the way against Bernie. Now with the race being one between only Clinton and Sanders before Super Tuesday March the 1st, she feels by both being a minority as a woman and thus also more supportive of other minorities, whether racial, sexual orientation, or some other diverse category, Hilary hoped she will be able to start gaining trust of the first time voter by earning their support, though all of the above may be supporting Bernie now, she will still be supporting them, and will in the end work together.

Republicans, especially the establishment, again remain in a different boat made by a shipyard of similar branding.

As Donald Trump begins to broaden out his political base to be more friendly to backroom players of the party, thus expanding his exclusive brand of grassroots support to a more generic one palatable for the Beltway, moving slowly from Phase One to Phase Two of his three phased built to live in campaign like any good real estate investor and builder would do. Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, like most favoured traditional politicians, are still out in the lost fog of trying hard to speak to all the issues while splitting the same established party vote, instead of simply focussing on the main three being economic recovery, job opportunity, and trade liberalism to get America back to work, pay back its national debt, and then make it great again, instead complicating the whole exercise by diversifying into defense of religious freedom, repeal of Obamacare and reform of health care, and the Second Amendment to bear arms. Going into the 20th of February South Carolina Primary and 23rd of February Nevada Caucus, likely only one of Jeb Bush, John Kasich, or Ben Carson will survive to Super Tuesday March the 1st as each will need more than just double digits in public polling for the chance or they will slowly limp to gimp, all three need to win enough delegate support to move into second past Cruz or Rubio, or if they should falter Trump himself, however chances become slimmer for those of whom gain endorsement from governors and leadership in both states seen by its voter as Repubs in name only politicians for Wall Street donors, fundraisers, and operatives who believe in pure luck, entitlement, politics and not Main Street taxpayers, supporters, and patriots who believe in hard work, success, and business.