Friday, January 09, 2015

Change is another very important key to success

Following up on the last Fitness Friday from New Year 2015, today we talk about the other FIT in life, wealth, and health being frequency, intensity, and time or duration. Now we speak on all three of those other keys to success in breaking body and making muscle through stronger frequency, higher intensity, and longer time or duration, all of which must be combined to get the desired effect from exercise. During this cycle of rebreaking, rebuilding, then repeating, one must overcome the obstacles by improvising to said change, then adapting to it until time comes for more change.

I believe for the heart and muscle health of the body, most science nowadays recommends a frequency between 3-6 times per week exercising, an intensity that is equal to 70-90 percent of your maximum heart rate and 70-90 percent of your one rep maximum, for 7-13 reps and 3 sets during a time of 30-60 minutes.

To all those yet uninitiated, the frequency of exercise is finding a balance right between having just enough stress to initiate change and having just enough rest to recover from it, the more frequent you work out, then it will be more likely to use the progressively resistant overload to build a bigger and better quality body. For the intensity, or amount of effort and work, which too must be well balanced, resistant enough to overload the body progressively, but not enough to overtrain into injury and insult to your mind, that must be invested to follow a specific routine and direction towards a specific objective. On the importance of time or duration, the length of the workout depends completely on the frequency and intensity of the session, showing us clearly that change is another very important key to success too!