Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twilight's Last Gleaming from Depression to Repression

Remember, one government's budget deficits and debts of today are their people's user fees and taxes of tomorrow, bringing elevation down to depression. Why repeat the same cycle over and over again without any change in the historical status quo thus confirming governmental insanity? Just say no!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bill is right that John should just stop walking the Park

Dalton Mcguinty owns John Tory, outright with no real help from any other political entity, so Bill Murdoch, the maverick MPP of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, is right when he tells him to just stop walking the Park, get inside or stay outside. Without a real actual seat in the Ontario legislature, Tory had the chance and now Murdoch believes his Progressive Conservative party must cut their losses and elect a real leader, since we all know leadership does matter.

The problem is he is the only member of their 26 member caucus who believes this, especially after the special closed door caucus meeting held in Barrie Bill did not attend to find out who the lucky members was going to be to give up their seat for John, mainly due to his own promise of finding a seat by the end of the year or else, a choice prospect for Dalton as he watches Tory power disintegrate, as Stephen Harper and the feds have no time for their provincial Progressive cousins, giving them no government appointments or any other kind of inside job at Ottawa, where the real power now resides.

Even Bob Runciman, the current House Leader and MPP of Leeds-Grenville, has made it hard to resign for Tory now, as if he did it, people would ask why did he not do it right after John failed to get elected in unsuccessful attempt in Don Valley West, after successfully winning then spurring the good people of Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey, or now just Dufferin-Caledon. Perhaps Mcguinty will feel sorry for Tory, give Vic Dhillon a social justice work government head job in the Park, give him Brampton West to run and then let him be the next Bill Davis, then again probably not.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 7 Years Later

9-11 7 Years Later

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Football remains the underground at Redeemer

Homecoming Football Game, where is the homecoming football game, man? For those who missed it, welcome to the club, because there was no Homecoming Football Game on Royals Field in Redeemer University College of Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. So, no Mud Bowl today likely can be extrapolate into no Snow Bowl later, or at least that is how I am going to interpret it. Unlike Brigham Young University, University of Notre Dame or even Liberty University to the south, as I have said before, Redeemer is quite confident in being the academic superhouse only, without the extra added expense athletics cost in the long run, except maybe in soccer, volleyball and basketball, which remains a fact as well because no other Private Christian University competes at that level in elite sports like football. Personally, I came for the academics, so athletics never really crossed the mind, though it would have been nice to stayed in game shape with a club and league, no matter how small it would have been right here on campus, instead of the off campus game we play between Caledonia and Hagersville. But that is not the kind of animal RUC is, therefore we must accept it and move forward, run the race to receive and obtain the prize we all strive for in life to His glory.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Change slowly disappears with introduction of strawpeople

Change is not going to happen, not this time now, as the mindset has changed from a full on progressive reform change in America, to just settling for half measured change that is going to happen and will be moderated from on top by the big man. The United States was created by revolution, countries like Canada were created by resolution, which is why both now look for the opposite in their political heroes and leagues. To now paraphrase, Obama, Biden and the Democrats may give you all you want, but Americans believe they can not deliver, Mccain, Palin and the Republicans on the other hand will say they may be the mavericks, rebels and bipartisans on enough issues to not be another Bush. America has an electoral track record, one that shows it has bought that kind of quasi change agenda, especially just after eight years of shock and awe politics. So, as change slowly disappears with introduction of all these strawpeople, is the name of this new united party Democans or Republicrats?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Are we better off with Harper?

Here yet again, we are faced with the worst choices in leaders to choose from, as talk of a general federal election looms quite large. The federal Tories will be answering their preemptive strike question for us, because supposedly we are better off with Harper, without the fuss and muss of answering the question ourselves in the booth as to whether Stephen deserves a majority, minority or to lose it all. Like I say, if he calls an election singlehandedly right now, he knows he at least has a minority, but as he would be now breaking his own rules of the agenda, he would be kissing any chance at that coveted majority, if he really wants to be like Brian Mulroney. Conservatives may have a legitimate advantage over the Liberals, New Democrats, Bloc and Greens, but the power gained by being governors has been pissed away through killing promised reform initiatives by its grassroots base, something that was going to obviously happen after the merger, which leaves Reformers supporting Progressives without any of the principles to back that support up. Harper and Mulroney have not yet merged Reformers and Progressives fully into this new Conservative movement, today with a faltering economy and tax and spend policy to boot, that said none of the opposition parties or provincial governments have put a hole through its agenda, therefore it shall be returned with not a majority, but a minority, until the Liberals can landslide their way back into office again.