Monday, January 28, 2013

A Liberal Wynne for Toronto may bring a loss of Rural and Northern Ontario

The Ontario Liberal Party selection of Don Valley West MPP Kathleen Wynne, Saturday night on the floor of the Ryerson Rams' Mattamy Athletic Centre at Maple Leaf Gardens, as Ontario's first female and lesbian premier, moves the Greater and Metro Toronto Area forward and banishes the rest of Ontario to the backbenches of the legislative bus. Starting off with her leadership rival Windsorite Sandra Pupatello, where a supposed backstabbing by one of Wynne's male leadership candidate backers took place in the shadows, her de facto campaign manager Deputy Premier, Treasurer and MPP for Windsor—St. Clair Dwight Duncan immediate started hinting at walking sooner than later. Across the Mid South Western street, London West MPP and Energy Minister Chris Bentley is looking to take leave quickly as well, further up north, Rick Bartolucci, the ever popular Minister of Northern Development and Mines, the Chair of Cabinet and Sudbury MPP, readies for his own exit to follow that of the outgoing premier Dalton James Patrick McGuinty, Jr., MPP for Ottawa South, way out east.

Being gay, lesbian or a women will worry her not in the minds of most Ontarians, however that silent majority will read six digits across her forehead each time Madam Premier-Designate Wynne, like Tory a brief era before her, speaks to her media at Queen's Park, those six being 416-905.

If Andrea Horwath and the New Democrats gives Wynne a free pass this spring, Kathleen may have enough time to try repairing the bruised and battered party brand outside of the Greater and Metro Toronto Area, showing some strength towards her weakness in Rural and Northern Ontario, by introducing potential legislation toward positive results in the future for the region outside the big T.O. No one can blame the Ontario Tories and Tim Hudak attacking from the get go, as they know a united front by the progressive left will not help their sole libertarian right cause, preserving and protecting their already owned territory and pushing and pulling for more gains in the area outside the 416-647-905, particularly the 519-226, 613-343, 905-289 and perhaps 705-249/807 too. With the Hamilton and Niagara region being marked out between the Ontario Tories and New Democrats as we speak, the Liberals under Wynne must act fast before they start losing, as Andrea eyes Windsor and Tim views London, or else the Ontario Liberals can forget about keeping power in the province and start figuring how to keep peace in the party.

Friday, January 25, 2013

From thick to thin strained yoghurt for the win

Whether ymer made with concentrate whey in Danish, hangop made with fatty buttermilk in Dutch, straggisto made with honey in Greek, suzme made with spring water in Turkish, or zlabadineh made with olive oil in the Middle East, strained yoghurt has taken our North American health food market by storm. While it takes upwards five ounces of milk to make one once of it after souring, curdled, and fermentation, the less carb and more protein result also loaded with probiotics like lactobacilli acidophilus, bulgaricus, casei, lactococcus lactis, streptococcus thermophiles, with bifidobacterium helps reduce the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria, increase the protection of a healthy digestive system, and keep the natural balance of organisms or microflora in the intestines and digestive tract maintained onward. What two of three main ingredients one should look for in these are obviously milk, but also those aforementioned bacterial cultures actively living within it, while keeping away from added milk protein like whey concentrates, various animal byproducts like collagen based gelatin or plant based pectin, and thickening agents such as modified corn starch, locust bean, xanthan, cellulose, guar, agar gums, and carrageenan or sulphated indigestible polysaccharide red edible seaweed which causes inflammation.

From thick to thin strained yoghurt for the win, as such texture can have twice the amount in protein for your body, to build muscle you want, burn fat you do not use, and bereave weight from yourself with every loving spoonful.

However, always make sure the more acidic and calcium heavy strained yoghurt is not loaded with sugars and starches if you intend to eat it for its fitness nutritional qualities, or if not any placement of the said ingredient including fruit must remain at the bottom lest it becomes toetje and us another Dikke Jan, Piet, and Klaas. Though a primitive way of preserving milk beyond its life span, yet as unnatural an organic process as it may be, this much thicker, richer, creamier low to no fat dairy with excess whey removed gives us many nutritional options more than what had been on the market previous. All in all, this is truly a great alternative way to gain your daily nutrition intake of dairy as recommended, past the more effective quick acting whey concentrate or slow acting casein proteins which rightly continue to remain the standard.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Canadian First Nations finally reunited under the rule of law of Canada

For many years, Métis and other non status and off reserve Aboriginals had been separated by from Inuit and status and on reserve Indians in so far as constitutional rights, freedoms and entitlements were concerned, despite a cultural link together as one nation united since its origins in time. Yesterday, this supposed fact of life began to change after an almost decade and a half Supreme Court of Canada fight, started by the late Harry Daniels and his Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, came to a decision against the federal government, granting those Aboriginal peoples on the outside the same status as those Aboriginal peoples already inside, allowing for more than half a million added under the federal Constitution Act of 1867. Thus gaining rights, freedoms and entitled legal access to health care, education and employment, taxation benefits, as well as one collective seat at future negotiation rights in land claims, treaties and agreements towards self governance, which has eluded the Aboriginal peoples of Canada since the beginning of the Dominion and beyond.

Ottawa must now realize that Section 91(24) had always subconsciously denied the Dominion its purported two nations idea from Lord Durham, John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham, and his infamous Durham Report on the Affairs of British North America, which basically was a royal commission looking into why the rebellions of 1837 began, what caused them and exactly how they affected the future of the Dominion. With his Magna Carta like decision made, Lord Durham was soon replaced by Lord Sydenham and Toronto, Charles Poulett Thomson, 1st Baron Sydenham, who came in and started the union of the provinces into one United Province of Canada and became its governor from 1841 to 1867, but all of this still ignored the reality of the ignored third, or better known today as Canadian First Nations. But as Canada moves forward into the 21st century recognizing its responsibility to restore the rights to its Indigenous citizens delayed and denied their culture, hertiage and birthright as if they were citizens of a second class, or in this case third, its federal government fought hard tooth and nail to keep from having to do so, wishing not to exercise that responsibility and not wanting to involve themselves with the future plight of the new Indians.

Even if the federal government, which under the Stephen Harper Conservatives attacked the former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin's private member's Bill C-292 An Act to Implement the Kelowna Accord in June 2006 without any clear alternative to replace it, refuses to move forward on this new development, stalling it for the remaining days of its majority, into a minority and eventually government defeat, the future allows for progress on this file. The support for the bill by Liberal, New Democrats and Bloc Québécois members in the March 2007 vote still remains, has not changed and will rule the day once again, once more allowing Aboriginals to patiently wait for their wave, in the much needed areas of safe, secure and suitable living conditions towards higher quality of life standards, health care, education and employment, health care and taxation benefits, negotiation of land claims, treaties and agreements towards self governance for Aboriginal peoples from sea to sea. As one can now see, the Aboriginal First Nation is more than a movement like Idle No More, is more than a squalor like Attawapiskat and Kashechewan, is more than a protest like Caledonia and Ipperwash, or even more than a conflict like Oka, it is a community of communities through cooperation with one another between all Canadians, Aboriginal, English, French and other newcomers to the Dominion, one united whole that is greater than the sum of its supposedly disparate parts, which is something we should all strive to be more of and not less.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Praying for Faith, Hope and a Love of Charity in 2013

2013 looks to be a most positive brand new year indeed, markets high, profits wide and business already gaining on the work given, we have so much to be thankful for and yet we still wish or want more. But when does that want become a need, a need for greed in the most materialistic measure allowable on earth, in a world which will not limit us if we want way more. I look at this year and believe its motto already can be found, when one looks up the book of 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verse 13 from the Holy Bible best read in seasoned Shakespearean speak from the King James Version, "And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three, but the greatest of these is charity."

Charity, thinking and doing for the other brother, or sister, or another mother, or mister, showing love, giving and friendship, which mimics the greater love already given to us from Him. Further to it, the international law known as the Golden Rule, gives us a maxim in the ethic of reciprocity by either positively doing unto others as you would like to be done by or negatively not doing unto others as you would not like to be done by. Loving one another, helping those in need and not hindering those who bleed, keep us closer to Him in our quest to copy and be more like.

1Cor.13:13 in 2013 is a goal, though impossible to maintain perfectly, can become one we continue progressively working forward in, looking out for the other, not our selves. Not that it should be the reason for thinking, doing or being, as doing what is right should be motivation enough, but one does seem to be more blessed when they become a blessing for others around, which is just a bonus for doing what one should continuously do. As always be blessed by change creating challenges continually, these are those constantly opened windows of opportunity alround us that all we need to do is have confidence enough to jump though and seize the day, so I pray that all receive their chance at a choice for change, holding up high faith, hope and a love of charity, so we can all enjoy this brand new year forever together.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Lose a lot of fat just from eating up clean and leaning out fat

Hearing lots from people wondering how one can keep their overall fat percentage at sub 6 consistently, the phenomenon is not really that hard to do if you have a moderate amount of self control and denial to our naturally gluttonous impulses. Though I do agree certain foods and drinks should be avoided, especially the big 6 S's being sugars, starches, salts, sandwiches, snacks, and shakes being all highly processed foods, there is a way to counteract even the worst of foods with the best of responses. Simply by maintaining a daily caloric deficit, one can already hinder the hyperactivity of bad fat buildup in the body, as those few calories your body needs are burnt up throughout your daily way of life for the energy you need to get it done and do it well.

This is how one can lose a lot of fat, just from eating up and leaning out, eating up on the clean foods and leaning out by fasting between feasts to keep your overall fat percentage at sub 6 consistently.

Moderation when it comes to what you eat is also key, you can not eat a whole lot of a good food, as even clean food has calories to it and must be modestly eaten for all the energy it will provide. We all eat off the beaten path once in a blue moon, but we need to realize this is just our bodies naturally craving a little junk for all the quality fuel we energize ourselves with day in and day out, recognizing that fact allows you to have a little cheat meal once in a while as long as they are few and far between. Keeping consistent with just eating what you need for the energy your use daily, persevering through our tests, trials, and tribulations of seeing, hearing, or smelling those around you with their empty junky calories, and then patiently maintaining this will keep you well on your way of life to keeping clean, lean, and quite mean against those bad fats that cause inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistant obesity.

Thirteen in Thirteen for Fitness Friday

As many of you may know, since this is more of a professional weblog for my personal acquaintances not the general audience or media, I have been in a wee bit of a tough battle with physical ailments for the first time in almost one whole decade. Pertaining mainly around my left shoulder area, with a popped bone at the clavicle in the front and parted muscle by the scapula in the back, all from the same rugby match last year obviously being my last ever played since. To add to it as well as an apparent hearing loss, which I seem to have been suffering without realizing much of during my time at university and possibly before, only in recent months since this late summer as one very blaring tinnitus did I recognize it as such and acted accordingly upon the knowledge.

With all of the downtime since, especially as psychological symptoms from the ongoing stress of these newfound conditions of sadness, anxiety, and depression began to set in for the first time in my life, I have decided to change up an old tradition and make it more useful and easier to commit to during this unknown time of duress.

Since the beginning of this journey of journalistic endeavour started, I have dedicate every Friday I wrote to fitness and thus Fitness Fridays was a regular feature in the format I still hold to, however I can not honestly continue the heavy duty workouts and their hardcore exercises we share and care about at this time though I do continue to stay fit, work out, and exercise at more of a leisurely or lighter pace since the injuries. With that said, I have geared up for a change in format, going from a more active role of reporting on health and fitness to a more knowledge based one where we can share more insightful tips towards a more fit and healthy lifestyle for a better built body we all should care about. Thus the birth of my brand new Thirteen in Thirteen for Fitness Friday format on this weblog, where during this year 2013 I will give you a Top Thirteen list of tips towards various health and fitness every week, truly do hope you will enjoy it and let it be a blessing and encouragement as we move onward and forward positively in Him during this brand new year of opportunity for us all.