Monday, January 25, 2010

First beta phase of the Planet Hollywood workout training program worked out

So as I finish the first stage of that new Planet Hollywood styled workout training program, which is basically a hybrid system that simply takes all the best from two No Pain No Gain style old school bodybuilding workout routines being Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, and Sylvester Stallone with some of Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg, and Matthew Mcconaughey mixed to fill in any gaps. Though obvious this program is just a natural bulk up system, fully built for one to go out into the world feeling sleeping, eating, drinking, and training well at their maximum to gain their best physique. This program can also be a cutting down system too by feeling stronger, sleeping longer, training harder, drinking more clean, and eating less foul until that better physique, with proper balance of muscular symmetry and proportion, is attained once again or for the first time ever.

Just in starting on this program at the first beta phase alone, I have gained a little over 3 and three quarters of extra lean mass in a month, which maybe slow, but that is new muscle over the old and lowered the total body fat percentage by one full percent, according to my pinching calipers.

One point to stress however on the bench press, and even the squat and deadlift parts of the lift portion of the workout, my gains have not come from the routines themselves, but rather the intense progressive overload method created and reformulated by the strength and conditioning program in the athletic department at the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. Interestingly, one where you are consistently increasing the amount of iron you are lifting incrementally yet consistently, along with your muscle stimulus potential to build more longer strength, larger size and lean mass. That has been a key part of the program which helps merge Olympic powerweightlifting with bodybuilding, along with other techniques in areas I will be highlighting as I continue tweaking it for maximum effectivity and efficiency, looking forward to sharing this data of this experimental journey through humble gates on a long narrow road whose load remains heavy and burdensome towards a better built body together.