Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Status quo will remain but Wynne wont win half

With five byelections on the go in Ontario, with a decision to be made by the end of this week, as usual the same political scientific facts about them play themselves out in front of us in the electoral district ridings of London West,  Windsor--Tecumseh, Etobicoke--Lakeshore, Scarborough--Guildwood and Ottawa South. Those being the usual ones such as these special elections are unpredictable in nature as previous fringe third parties positively know, risky for minority government parties and petty for majority government parties, and of course the people can use them as democratic protest tools or votes to send a message to government via large turnouts as the polls, however usually the people as a whole remain satisfied with the government as is and decide to keep the status quo via small turnouts as the polls. Finally, in the middle of summer vacations, with little free time from both family and friends, voter turnout will be down to a point that can only benefit the incumbent governing party.

Keeping in mind that at the end of the day, these byelections will be meaningless because the government and the free democratic society as a whole it represents only reflects the interests of the majority of its citizens, less so among the youth, those less educated and those in lower income brackets who all vote less.

That all said and despite the conventional logic held above, Ontario Premier and Liberal Party Leader Kathleen Wynne has just one sure victory of those five, as will John Fraser will replace former Premier Dalton Mcguinty as the Liberal MPP in Ottawa South. From there one would think Liberal Mitzie Hunter will ride the Red Rocket in Scarborough--Guildwood over the New Democrats and the former Deputy Mayor of Toronto and friend of Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford Tory Doug Holyday should hold Etobicoke--Lakeshore from the Grits, our battle of Kitchener-Waterloo 2012 seems to be found in London West where Progressive Conservative Ali Chahbar goes hard against New Democrat Peggy Sattler as Liberal Ken Coran disappears and in Windsor--Tecumseh where New Democrat Percy Hatfield seems to have little opposition from either Liberal Jeewen Gill or Progressive Conservative Robert Deverteuil. So one probable, two more possible but nothing else out of five, despite eHealth, Ornge, Mississauga gas plant scandals and Scarborough transit line expansion aside, party faithful amongst the Ontario Grits have to ask themselves is this all renewal or just reruns?

Friday, July 05, 2013

Top Thirteen Towards Burning Those Last Ten Pounds

So for this Thirteen in Thirteen for Fitness Friday weblog I give you a Top Thirteen Towards Burning Those Last Ten Pounds list of health and fitness tips, which may or may not be part of that gymyth legendary or psudeobro scientific aspect of bodybuilding, as I do not have any peer reviewed studies or medical journal backed research to prove these for absolute fact, thus please take each of these with a grain of salt as you throw caution to the wind.

First tip as one gets leaner and it gets harder to lose those pounds is cut back on that grain of salt in your sodium intake and those sugars and starches from processed foods, as it really is hard to cut out from salts, sugars, and starches in our natural foods, we can at least battle them away by choosing not to eat those more convenient fast and processed versions of real food which really makes a massive dent into any true attempt at making a deficit. Secondly, one must begin reducing the quantity of calories going into the body, lowering that amount can be done through performing sleep to eat intermittent fasting then feasting on smaller meals a few times during the day. The third tip is that one must begin improve the quality of calories going into the body, heightening that amount can be done through increasing the feeding ratios of lean proteins, healthy fats, and fibrous carbs, while decreasing their opposite sustenance again found in the more fast and processed variety. Number four would be to start .

Five has to be gain some muscle, lots of it, as muscle makes metabolism higher and burns fat much faster especially for those with lots of it thus all those with just ten left will still have a tougher time to go. Taking us to six at trying hard to .

Tip number seven is abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics, just a given if you even care about keeping your body as clean as a temple, as each of these has a detrimental effect upon your whole body and its fatty acid oxidation, burn, and loss. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve.

Finally thirteen being drink lots of water, as hydration is the key to keeping your metabolism primed and optimal for burning that body fat, go for 6 bottles to 1 whole gallon of the original ice cold drink God hath given us all to enjoy.

Following these top thirteen, while sleeping well, eating clean, and working hard, should begin to start internal signals to your stubborn fats that day is done. ???. Do not get discouraged in the challenging fight against body fat, as tis internally natural survival instincts for your body to hold on to it for excess it thinks it may need just in case, so just keep changing with these new tips, adapting these habits, and progressing forward then soon those last ten pounds will melt off in no time.