Friday, September 09, 2016

Always Be Consistent is the Key to Staying Fit

The three Es of exercise have always been efficiency, effectiveness, and equity, being the efficiency of an exercise should bring out as much effort for as little waste as possible in the work, the effectiveness of an exercise allows for the maximum results from minimal work, and finally the equity of an exercise gives one a fair and balanced treatment across the board of the body through its work. In order to achieve these properly in everyday life, one must practice in walk a commonly heard mantra we constantly theorize in talk, an idea that rarely is used but widely abused and popularly confused in action being coopted into broscience and thus no given a proper hearing in the gym of reason. Not until Professor Martin Gibala and the academic researchers at the Mcmaster University Department of Kinesiology in Hamilton finally put the pen to paper, in doing so took Prime Minister Trudeau to task in rethinking concepts behind such basic elements as time and space, did that scientific team boldly going where no man including Justin had ever thought of going before to bring us the key.

That key to staying fit all year round is to always be consistent, instead of ebb and flowing up and down from extreme and intense burnout workouts to barely or rarely ever lifting iron for ages, this academic study from Prof. Gibala and the Kinesiology Department at Mac should make you rethink your fitness strategy to one that conforms us into getting at least one minute of hardcore blitz and burn to gain those extra health benefits for overall longer and stronger life.

Those one minute blitzes per day beat out the traditional two strength training sessions, two sprint interval sessions, three hour session of steady walk cardio plus activity throughout the day every single week, all of which make that intense dedication and commitment to excellence feel like a waste of time for you that could have been used for something perhaps more enjoyable personally. Again if one is keeping in mind the idea behind always being consistent, then even if one does have fast and furious phases of blitz and burn, it also goes to rationalize that one will have slow and steady phases of recess and rest to make up for the hot and heavy action which is natural in life. All of these ever changing pattern of physical activity of the body which involve the psychological aspects of the mind and spiritual aspects of the soul are what make us human, so we should welcome these modifications as we do the moderation of doing the same thing in a consistent manner at one constant pace as much as possible to keep disciplined and remain focused on the goal while recognizing its collective long term vision over a lifetime is only completed through our individual short term missions performed on a congruent basis daily.