Monday, November 05, 2007

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

Running back to campus as quickly as possible from Dr. K's Ruskie poli sci class, to which I was only stopped in the buffed halls of ReDee 3 times for a full average of 12 minute a talk, zipping past all the first dorms to check the electronic mail online as the internet system is finally back up. I find by a majority those who took part in my website poll, which has been going on since the start of July, on what political ideology I was closest seemed to believe it to be Libertarian. The actual poll was cut at the end of October, but it took the team a couple days to compulate all the data for over 21 different ideologies listed as possibilities, so now I have added that chosen ideology by the people to my online profiles at Facebook, Myspace and other cultural networks.

The man I most associate with libertarianism is Guy Fawkes, though I likely am completely off the mark in doing so, especially as so many people will relate that his form was less political, more cultural and radical to perhaps the obvious yet distant tangent of anarchism. In V for Vendetta, V is quite like Guy Fawkes, righting the government's wrongs, yet somehow ignores the need to keep the citizen's checked and balanced as well. For us to remember remember the Fifth of November, shouldn't there be an honest reason, beyond a failed attempt to overthrow a government and blow up its parliament?

We the people as libertines of varying strength may have our very own creators, saviours and holy spiritual guides that we individually hold close to our hearts, collectively share with our minds and faithfully keep deep within our souls, ones who each of us worship in our very own churches of stadiums, parliaments, schools, malls and other important cultural social clubs. But if we all fail to see the deeper human reason that is the greater spiritual faith, we then fail as well to see the bigger picture in life that we are meant to live fully and love completely. For me personally, I would be less to call on those to remember remember the humanist Fifth of November of warful man in war, but rather remember remember the spiritual Twenty Fifth of December of peaceful God!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Gridiron Changing Any Given Saturday

Wow, let it now be known, Football, especially the University and College variety of the CIS and NCAA, is not a fixed phoney of a sport. The attack of Mac by a new cross county rival Guelph wasn't the only upstart underdogging, as Western wacked Queen's quarterfinal last week too, but this week both took out Laurier and Ottawa respectively in the semis. That would be an unranked Gryphons hosting a Number 10 ranked Mustangs for the 100th Yates Cup next week, the good folk up the road at Alumni Stadium deserves this rematch of the 1992 game, which featured a U of G 45-10 burning of UWO at the Skydome.

Powers that be have been shook and shocked, Ottawa, Laurier, Queen's and even the old Yates Cup powerhouse Mac have now been shown the door in this conference this year, this makes next year a brand new year for a brand new era somewhere someway in Ontario. Next door, Michigan escaped out of East Lansing the Spartans of Michigan State with less than 3 minutes, Big Ten is heading towards another Wolverine title fight against the Ohio State Buckeyes at the Big House. Even the Professionals in the NFL are getting into the excitement, the New England Patriots looking to stay on top tomorrow against the Indianapolis Colts in the battle of the unbeaten, with the CFL going into the playoffs.

Yeah, screw the World Series and Baseball, even Basketball and especially Hockey too, Football is all that is left that is pure in sport today. Save Track and Field of course, not only is that sport great for training, but truly merges the scholarly aspects of academics and athletics together like no other sport I know. Football is Athletics, Athletics is Football and both are one very important party of Life.