Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Canada's Cottage Country needs some global warming after a summer of global cooling

From the Beaches of Sauble to Wasaga, with Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in between, this summer's version of Canada's Cottage Country has been nothing but rain, freezing with exception to Dominion of Canada Day and American Independence Day week. This, alongside the current economic slowdown, has given the business of recreational activities from down in Grand Bend to up on Muskoka one big cold to sneeze on, but hopefully a rebound towards a more sunnier disposition will be made before Labour Day. Indeed, it truly needs some global warming after a summer of global cooling, perhaps we need to return to my favourite and correct terminology for unseasonal longterm weather being called climate change.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hallman Chapel of Chesley Lake Camp finds the Ecumenical Middle Ground

Coming back from the day and night service at Hallman Chapel of Chesley Lake Camp, I find it wonderful to see many different groups of ethnic and religious backgrounds unite together under one banner, which seems not to be something many churches within Western Christian tradtion repeat today. Watching those from the Mennonite, Reformed and Lutheran ecumenical dialogues, cooperation and commonalities amongst these Christian Protestant congregations work, sing and learn as a people in itself truly models love as it should be, being Bible believers, followers and workers in the Word for the good of God even while vacationing. For the past three years, plus many random visits before then, my family has solidly been spending their Sundays during the summer, enjoying the word, song and community it engenders, which is something we should all be thankful for.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

If You Can Not Say Anything Nice Or Do Anything Productive

So, first it was Canadians for Democracy in 2008, which apparently scared the Canadian public away from minority governments and coalitions, then now Republicans for Ignatieff in 2009 to show a tougher and rougher Grit, later perhaps a Democrats for Harper one in 2010 to show a softer Tory in Quebec and Ontario and gain that long sought after majority. Watching all of the drama from a far enough distance from Ottawa, you had to literally shake your head at how honestly horrible the lengths special political interests would go to have their own way, measures never taken openly before in the Great White Northern version of the game. I just have to wonder if those unofficial or official Conservative Party of Canada operatives know how damaging these kind of astroturfed ghosting tactics are to Canadian politics in general and the attitudes of the Canadian electorate.

Brought to you by NearlyFreeSpeech, RespectMyPrivacy and AmericaOnLine, its leader Semper Fi Colonel does indeed get the best of Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff on the hot topics of human rights, preemptive wars, targeted assassination, coercive interrogation, counterterrorism, torture and energy security and independence, while supporting American exceptionalism for those still in love with the Republican Bush Adminitration. Which I suspect the good people formerly of CFD and presently RFI seems to bank on the opposite reaction from the Canadian public at large, being the same kneejerk reaction by Canadians in their support last year for a professionaly solid majority over the amateurish coalition of the backroom dealings, something we can agree sadly they will likely get. Canada is seen as a progressive liberal democracy, yet everyday in most everyway since America's 9-11 with Martin or even NAFTA with Chretien, as Manley slowly replaced the large shadow of Thomas Daquino at the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, it has become more regressively conservative oligarchy, plus as this financial shakeup during the reign of the Consevative Harper Government has proven on both the continentally integrated crossroads of Bay and Wall streets, a rather economic one at that.

Just because you messed up on a lowly academic quote on international exclusivity misattributed to him, through your quick blitzing shock and awe warfare to fear and scare politics transition style of campaigning and obviously continuance of absolute partisanship even outside Parliament, despite the proof of its destructive nature towards cooperation within it, does not mean you can attack your official loyal opposition with everything including the kitchen sink. Going after those you disagree with politically means, first, having the solutions for where to go, if and when the electorate back you. As you know, pointing where not to go is easy, the hard part is winning through working hard for the people now instead of losing through private internal tricks which just creates public external blowback later.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Road to Wellness Independence as the Pursuit of Physical Happiness

Having now supplanted my old goals for one whole year, I have moved on to a more difficult program for 2009, with a 10 week big bang beginning from the Fourth of July to Labour Day which shall kick start it off. Using the Three Point Ultimate Strength and Conditioning System by fitness authority Chris Cubitt of Primetime Performance, I will continue the goals from the old program, however will now excelerate the work from it with this new program for better results. The Road to Independence as the Pursuit of Physical Happiness is key within the Primetime Performance Plan, going hard at the start on Independence Day and staying hard onward from Labour Day forward, again the progression and results of which shall be recorded on the Blogger, Facebook and Angelfire sites.