Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ivor Wynne is now Queen's Park after Mac got macked by the Golden Gals

Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanks for Giving Day in Canada

Going back home for the weekend is always quite the event, Friday night to Saturday morning is always such a blur, getting up early for the chores on the farm is not, so off for some wood cut, split and stacked we go up until the afternoon, from the outback bush on the tractor to home again, split and stack later. But listened to the CIS-OUA game of the week over the radio, as the #3 undefeated 5-0 McMaster was getting spanked by #7 defending Vanier Cup champions 4-1 Laurier 28-0 or 31-3 at the half, basically shutout from real points ater the injuries of their first two quarterbacks from the dynasty until Mac tries for the last minute comeback with their rookie third string pivot but WLU isn't having none of it, after the Marauders toss-and-catch for the first down in the red zone, the ball is fumbled loose and the Golden Hawks defense recover to kill the rest of the clock, kneeling to take the game 31-12.

Take my shower, prep up for later when we enjoyed a birthday dinner for my brother Hans at Harrison Park, who seemed to like the company despite the noise but has that same old smile from ear to ear like a shark (Katie's earlier in September wasn't quite so happy, likely because it is sadly on the same day of the 5th anniversary to 9-11). During which the Detroit Tigers eliminated the New York Yankees to move on to the American League Championship Series in Oakland (though I still only recognize my Tigs of Tiger Stadium days, not these low-priced underdogs who work out of Comerica Park), showing the experience and maturity of former Pirates manager and 1997 Florida Marlins World Series champion Jim Leyland has lead this team back to the land of Sparky Anderson, the Major Baseball League's other league, National has its Championship Series later in the Subway City as the Mets of New York and the Saint Louis Cardinals meet.

Sunday brings rest, church and some crass politics through the television, weekend debates amongst egotistical politicians, media and other assorted talking heads who get paid to speak on the issues they want leading the headlines and decided their societal fate as well for you and me in their forum, but not ours. Then some more football, the American variety, NFL games which we all just simply tune in and tune out of, not too much on the line this early in the season, just look at the scores, Green Bay, Minnesota and Detroit all not doing so well, worse that they should be as the Packers, Vikings and Lions are a combined 4-10 as I love my NFC North because the Mid-West or Great Lake States rock the house. The Green Bay Packers have been changed so much since Brett Favre began there, he is likely wondering what is left ot do at Lambeau Field, obviously retirement with the amount of financial security would be in his mind this season, but surely another shot at bringing in some of his old all star playing friends for one final drive, a Super Bowl ring and holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy high above the heads of his teammates next year dances in his thoughtful head (perhaps a start would be to bring Desmond Howard back, the kick and punt returner whose score the game clinching touchdown on a Super Bowl record 99 yard kickoff return, Super Bowl record 90 punt return yards and won the Super Bowl MYP for XXXI by tying the record total return yards and combined net yards gained at 244).

Well the second Monday in October once more began early, rise and shine to move some bales, get some aweful hay down your backside with dust down your throat, scratch and cough until you go blue. Working chats lead to finding out our local municipal elections in the Township of Chatsworth will not be with no reason to return home and vote, as almost every position and ward has been acclaimed, with only a fight in Ward 1 between the incumbent Terry McKay and his challenger Michael Kilby, while Mayor Howard Greig and Councillor Ward 2 Cornelius Vlielander, Councillor Ward 3 Tom Kuglin, Councillor Ward 4 and Deputy Mayor Bob Pringle get a free ride for four years this time as it has changed from three, another tradition killed thanks to the Liberal Ontario Government (why does the Canadian 3 and 5 year terms have to be changed to an American 4 federally, provincially and municipally by these Grits and Tories, they are staggered for a very distinct reason they miss entirely). Soon after that, we take off to the creek, start the mini cattle drive, bring them up for placement in the barn, tag them there, have a little battle with the bulls, the other cattle also seem quite feisty this late in the year, failing at the attempt to get them settled, but eventually have them ready for shipping off to Keady and the bulls off to Brussels for a pretty fair price I would figure.

Family, friends and farm is how my simple life really is, got back in time for the end of the football games at night, the Canadian variety. Both of these CFL games actually have post season implications beyond most fans wildest dreams, though I taped both for watching game film later down in Hamilton, I see Saskatchewan got roughed up by the birds of Montreal 35-88 first then Edmonton iced down by the boats of Toronto 28-23, kudos to the Roughriders and Alouettes plus Eskimos and Argonauts for keeping Thanksgiving real and to the 3 Fs for completing Thanksgiving as the holyday it is to give thanks traditionally to God for that which He gives us blessing each and every one every day. So getting back to campus, I know that home will always be where the heart is, but both heart and home isn't necessarily left in the temporal, but rather the eternal where all of our faith should lie.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Concerned Citizens of Ontario: There's more to recover in Ontari-ari-ari-o!