Friday, September 07, 2018

Swexit from its Nordic Social Justice and Welfare State leaves Europe wondering

Ironically like Islam, Sweden has always had a Zakat like alms mandatory Swedish Civil Code of 1734 by the Riksdag of Estates which runs on a similar Red Tory progressive conservative socialism code of noblesse oblige, an idea popularized by the 19th century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli towards an Industrial Revolution solution which did not lead to a republican uprising as it did in France during the days of Napoleon a century previous. The kicker here being Sweden with even its grand social justice experiment of the welfare state, along with the other Nordic countries even before post war as Germany joined them with its wirtschaftswunder from the middle ground sozialemarktwirtschaft Konrad Adenauer and the ordoliberal Christian Democrats instituted which lead to such economic growth across the board for the common good, would not tide away the massive 2010 refugee increase that led to the great European migrant crisis of 2015 where European Union member states received over 1.2 million first time applications for asylum being more than double that of the previous year where Sweden, Austria, Hungary and Germany received the bulk of them. Following these increases came terrorist links, sexual assaults, and a general lack of cultural integration which has been the key ingredient of the Nordic social justice welfare state, as it depended upon a certain element of homogeneous social hegemony where their formerly very small populations agreed to stay within the bounds of its unwritten Janteloven or Danelaw code of conduct or Scandinavian ethos, without it any recognition of what the nation state once stood for was lost and its now truly existential identity no longer made sense to all those who made it.

A final Swexit from the European Union and its Nordic Social Justice and Welfare State leaves Europe wondering just what is next, who are we and what do we stand for anymore if we ever did as we have lost ourselves in this world that we no longer rule and run as they once did as Vikings, that loaded question is harder to fully unpack in one weblog post but hints towards its answer can be found in the cultural norms and mores that remain in private and public lives of Europeans in general yet also in the slow and stunted integration that continues to inhibit the progress of the outside visiting newcomer specifically.

For a united Europe to save itself at this stage, it would need to recalculate what made it historically great via its heritage and culture which had once been put in place as a pride of ownership in keeping up appearances, put its people in their place, and maintaining a certain agreed upon societal order with a certain degree of democratic liberty to allow for both freedom and independence that made the continent move forward progressively for its people from nation to nation within its distinctively European ode to joy towards its fraternal celebration of the brotherhood of man with its the freely enlightened storm and stress of humanity as emotionally felt through Johann Gottfried Herder, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and even near the neoclassical end Ludwig Van Beethoven as it once proudly had. The European Union and its member states have forgotten albout these great societal elements almost thirty years later until Brexit happened, which had most recently been alive and well with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the dictatorial Communist Iron Curtain state as the start of the democratic and capitalist new world order was supposed to come and save European society, the West no longer had its convenient enemy and the East no longer had its concealed identity where localized continental integration between one another would first have to pass a more globalized test which has most definitely proved the old division remain intact right down the centre as right versus left gets replaced with right versus wrong. Germany, through its Alexander Gauland led Alternative has come to aid those grassroots believers in a revival of the principal ordoliberal Christian Democrats and conservative followers of Adenauer from the past, seems to follow less of where soft Eurosceptics like a Farage led UKIP, Lepen led NF, or even the Wilders led PF have gone and instead more of where Sebastian Kurz and his Osterreichische Volkspartei, Jarosław Kaczynski and his Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc, and Viktor Orban and his Fidesz Magyar Polgari Szovetseg, and so Sweden joins suit accompying the renewed Christian Democrat effort through an Alternative Germany to rescue what Europe they have lost to an elitist regime just as the rest of Scandinavia soon does too.