Saturday, December 01, 2007

Smartpeeps always surround themselves with dumbbells

It really is quite true, my pal Chris "C Him 2 Believe Him" Cubitt paraphrased once that smartpeeps always surround themselves with dumbbells, these main pieces of equipment that equally, efficiently and effectively builds, repairs and maintains muscle mass as you grow mentally with it. When injury shortened his collegiate football career at McMaster, he immediately took up bodybuilding more seriously than before, the portable dumbbell became his best friend next to God, not only did it prevent injury, but they helped to gain much greater strength, speed and intensity.

Quite like basketball (rich and poor alike love basketball), a sport where Michael Jordan once said all one needs is a basketball, a hoop and a dream, these valuable resources are cheap, essential and stay longlasting as long as cared for well (someone at Redeemer was hungry and took a bite out of the lbs.). They are the great equalizer, giving better internal balance, muscular challenge and a more complete workout that one can do if they can't do most anything else (like the ever terrifying bench or squat).

This complete workout leads to a better heart, lung and body system, along with lower blood pressure for those who stress after crazy midterms, essay papers and dreaded final exams. Your muscles too get that change in constantly different ways of using the compact dumbbell, with that comes greater strength all throughout your body, coming not just from the positive lifting resistance, but especially from the negative dropping resistance. So there you have it, smartpeeps always surround themselves with dumbbells, therefore a great investment would be to go to your local recreational sporting goods store, buy yourself a set or even just two 45 lbs. dumbbells, then start building your body for the future!