Monday, November 01, 2010

From Change and Hope to Rage and Vote

After writing a weblog article on Monday the 3rd November of 2008, in which I expressed my personal feelings that despite a Barack Obama Democrat victory over John Mccain's Republican campaign, life would go on in America, since Obama would be like a third presidential term of George W. Bush, explaining how tied he was to Iraq, Wall Street and the political Republicrat system, I literally had to shut down that whole political weblog because of the constant violent threats, coercive expressions towards legal action suits and just plain massive barrage of instant messages within. I hope this posting does not lead to a similar event, something I think is less possible as I have slowly been proven right on many counts, despite the internet tar and feathering I originally received cybertronically which I now hope to evoid!

These midterms will most definitely turn towards the Tea Party's favour, which has been coopted by the Republicans into a future majority in the House, an expanded seat gain for its minority in the Senate and likely capture more victories than defeats in the Gubernatorials. I think that three key actors lead to this turn of events, first, the libertarian agenda of the fiscalist Tea Party movement finally pushed over the brim of the cup of joe that is America, where the 2008 federal Wall Street bailout of banks and financial institutions under Bush, the Emergency Economic Stabilization of 2008 and 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment economic stimulus acts got under the skin of the average taxpayer. Second, while believing Washington was taxing and spending too much, investing and saving too little and listening and doing not enough, Taxpartiers moved from disorganized protester discontent to orgranized political action, which is exactly what powered Scott Brown into winning Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy's seat the special 2010 United States Senate election. Finally, despite those who think Sarah Palin would be my third actor, it actually is the American citizen themselves, as the slogan Tax Enough Already, ten point contract that covers reduction in government spending and taxation, the national debt and federal budget deficit and the return to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution, respect for the constitutionality of legislation and the adherence to it seem to ring true in most Americans' hearts.

From a Contract with America in 1994 to a Contract from America in 2010, not much has really changed, quite like my past argument over the real difference from Dubya to Obama, Republicrats will stay the same no matter how much the average taxpayer and voter want change, just look at the amount declared as Independents to illustrate the fact of disillusionment in politics today. Moving quickly from the 2008 political issues of social justice and the environment to the 2010 edition being fiscal prudence and the economy, the prospects of being unemployed and without a job made the pragmatic idealist into a principled realist, which is why tomorrow will move America back into hard politics and well away from health care. Tomorrow will be a Republican victory, like yesterday was for the Democrats, but the real question is when does the Citizen of America finally get theirs?