Friday, February 03, 2017

Burning fat to build muscle with Tabata cardio boxing as Mama said knock it out

Just last year, a good pal of mine I trained awhile back asked me to give him a health intervention, as he was wading back into the overindulgent excesses of our own consumptive life in this Western world we all live in where Twinkies are seemingly the king and cabbage is supposedly for the poor. I reminded him of the way it got done in the past on campus at Redeemer by twinning both high intensity interval sprint and low intensity steady state cardio, all done in a simple 29 to 49 minute boxing workout, using the Tabata protocol as was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Lo and behold, almost one year later where he started with a beginner 2:1x7 set and eventually increasing to a master  3:1x12 set, not only did he knock off his rolling beer keg belly fat but indeed there sat a set of six pack abdominals that absolutely set me off my head for a bit as it was astonishing how much time and effort he actually took making it happen.

Burning fat to build muscle, with Tabata cardio boxing, as Mama said knock it out by keeping in mind that 2:1 ratio for work to rest being 2 minutes working and 1 minute resting and then x7 repetitions of that set as the starting key to burning the fat off with an eventual increase to 3:1x12 ratio bring 3 minutes working and 1 minute resting then repeating it 12 times though rest at the next level should be replaced with skipping rope jumping and then a more elite level would add weights to keep the beat and the visceral adipose fat off for life with only lean body mass and muscle to show for it.

Currently,  I am tutoring another set of folk on how to do this so I just thought I would take some time and share the basics of the workout online here on my weblog since tis Fitness Friday, so Tabata cardio boxing whether the basic 2:1x7 set or more advanced 3:1x12 set really comes down to controlling ones intensity and the related stress from storming between high and fast to low and slow. The first 30 second of the 2 minute or 1 minute of the 3 minute boxing set needs to be fast and high intensity to release the free fatty acids from the fat cells into the bloodstream, the last 1:30 of the 2 minute or 2 minutes of the 3 minute boxing set needs to be slow and low intensity at that steady state point of cardio to burn that fat for fuel instead of sending it back into the bloodstream and body fat stores or continuing at that maximum intensity that will start burning your valuable muscle cell glycogen not body fat storage. I will go into all this with more detail later, major takeaways for one to remember here is simply it does not matter the kind of punches used like uppercuts, hooks, or jabs, nor does it matter even the kind of cardio from swimming to skating to sprinting, what matters is you go from high to low to no and then just go again until you finish so go hard with this or go home without and see where you end up.