Friday, June 15, 2012

Sleep better starring the milky whey

People use to ask how I could sleep well only with three hours of snooze time back at university, between 3 and 6 AM roughly every weeknight excluding the weekends for six years straight including honour years, but past the massive amount of exercise I used I also had my nutrition down pat. There are quite a few dos and do nots when pulling off this kind of activity, to study hardcore while also exercising at peak, one must be primed nutritionally by taking key vitamins, minerals, and oils to make your micronutrient system work properly. Though intermittent fasting or alternate day caloric restriction can work, I would recommend you first have down your macronutrient system work first, the most important part of which is just before gaining your rest and getting to sleep.

Though you can go to sleep hungry or not having eaten, if you do wish to eat before sleeping, the body most optimally and maximizes on the power combination of protein and fat.

While I know lots of college and university students who often powered up on caffeine loaded powerdrinks, hard dark coffee, and even alcohol, I would do the opposite powering down with a simple milky whey starlight protein shake loaded with a couple scoops of either casein or whey concentrate whch both boost the immune system, if you must feel very free to add supplements like creatine and glutamine to your shake too. Another simple meal would be having a thick strained yoghurt or country cottage cheese, with a scoop of chocolate flavoured casein, then add in some almond or peanut butter for a fatty protein chocolate peanut butter cup like meal your muscles will love you a night long for. Finally if I want to chew on things before my bedtime, turkey is my go to jerky or fresh protein choice due to high levels of the melatonin and serotonin producing the essential fats and amino acid tryptophan which stimulates brain chemical neurotransmitters into having good positive vibrations to relax against stress, anxiety, and depression which also saves hard fought for muscle.