Monday, June 16, 2014

Ontario electorally said Hudak guy and what was Tim thinking?

Ontario electorally said Hudak guy and what was Tim thinking, being accused by the press of ignoring economists who said the Ontario Tory one million private sector jobs creation plan, that included for one hundred thousand public sector jobs cut, was built upon fundamental math errors within the formula. The Ontario Liberals were being generous, as they surprisingly rode to a majority government victory under the left wing of Wynne, when they accused Hudak of being right of Mike Harris in his nonsense revolting platform, as the backroom who fought long and hard for Kathleen spun it well. Facts, however are, Mike would have found amongst those one hundred first within the ranks of the politicians themselves, giving himself a populist boost, while thinning out the herd at Queen's Park, all in one quick fell swoop.

Another thing which is true, if a quite Victorian conservative Hurricane Hazel Mccallion, Mississauga Mayor and Mistress of Machiavellian politics Canadian style, will not endorse your campaign for your more progressive rival, there are more problems with your campaign beyond the controversial platform.

We could all sit here, and just as Tim has already said, play Monday quarterback all over this subject, the whole and full point of the matter is, especially in times of economic stress and vulnerability, always talk about positive job creation, or at the very least sustainability, maintenance, or retention, never speak to negative job cuts, slashing and burning, which should only happen when they need to happen, such as those within projects of the government that are wastefully made to just make work. Another interesting thought is how the Ontario Tory campaign led by the former Walmart management employee talked of job creation, when this was the phrase most Conservatives hated during the days of the federal Liberal majorities of Chretien and Martin yore, shocking how many times we heard that, even before the doomed early May press conference in Barrie which unveiled the Million Jobs Plan. How only since the implosion of Reform, we have noted that various Tories all three levels of government, seem to have watered down their rhetoric, unlike Hudak returned back to bland Progressive Conservatism of the Big Blue Machine managers Drew, Frost, Robarts, and Davis past, and even in the case of the federal Tories, stolen more than a few lines of policy from that of their previous governments of true red Grit glory.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Tories likely gain minority government by default in Ontario

All for not, as the New Democrats under Andrea Horwath are set to return to around the same amount of seats they gained last election, 17, after winning an extra four to rise at 21 before the dissolution of legislature by her own hand. That left the game to be won between the other two rudderless leaders, who both have been questioned rightfully left, right, and centre on their various deficiencies, one budgetary scandals and the other economic miscalculations, leaving both vulnerable to an accurate attack that neither actually knows what they are doing, nor do they exhibit any modicum of leadership, all three lacking in the area of conflict mediation, management, and resolution especially as evident in their lack of cooperation and care for the average citizen of Ontario in the legislature. That now said, the fortunes of the Ontario Tories, which have not changed since the last election as their seat count remains at 37, may be turning on that of the Grits, whose 53 seats have dropped ever so quickly to 48 just before dissolution, also from where I stand, the voter turnout would have been lower, as the attack negative ads, heavy pessimistic tone from any possibility of positive betterment to pure bitterment in gesture, and overall pointlessness of this election has led it down an inferior weedy garden path, but a quick last week scare across the board makes 66% very possible and well in range.

There will likely be a simple flip of the polling numbers for the Grits and Tories from last election, where 37% and 49 seat gain from the mainly prime bellweather ridings of central, western, and eastern Ontario, with much of 905 in the south going with the verdant Tim Hudak led Progressive Conservatives, who squeak ever slowly towards a slim minority government, almost just like Stephen Harper during the 2006 Canadian 39th general federal election as he did without detection, and a 35% and 36 seat gain from mainly second tier solid ridings from some northern Ontario, with sprinkles of eastern and western ones too, but mainly 905 and especially 416 south going with the exhausted Kathleen Wynne led Liberals, who seems to have mimicked Paul Martin completely from his 2006 tour of duty, scaring what could have been another minority government victory into a very razor thin defeat, while the naive Horwath New Democrats will maintain a 28% and 22 seat volume all exclusively from the far north, extreme western, and ridings deep in the 416 south, thus little actually has changed at the end of this drill. However, one thing has been made abundantly clear, as redundant as this election has been, as much as the key numbers will likely stay the same, as little as the leaders and their parties clearly know about the citizens they claim to care about by the evidence of both their platforms and campaigns respectively, political life at Queen's Park will continue, waste of hard earned taxpayer's dollar will grow, and legislation of the most unenforceable kind will pass under the next session of government whoever makes it. All three of these provincial political parties, their policies, their platforms, their leaders, and their backrooms, all of them, refused to present a clear, clean, concise, and comprehensively cut out vision, with a positively realistic outlook for those needing one to see, instead used that same old smear and fear smokey backroom tacticiantry, and the honestly unpleasant thing is, the whole calculatedly stupid campaign by all teams involved was sloppy at best, skullduggery at worst, with its subefuge from all sides being as obvious to your average schoolchild as almost anything of its nature can be.

This is why people do not vote anymore, are discouraged with the way things are, especially where they are headed, will not truly believe politicians, nor ever be faithful to politics, as it has become both an art and science based not on facts and truths towards transparency, but lies and fiction from fuscation, all studied, planned, and executed to precision. If that was the whole point and purpose of this very expensive exercise and evident enterprise for some pockets out there, then I would like to express my sincerest heartfelt congratulations to all those who made it successfully happen for their own health, not likely though, and wealth, more likely I would imagine, also would like to extend a cordial invitation to all of them never to do this again, because the people, citizens, and taxpayers of this great province of Ontario hard earn their money, which you, by way of the government that you schemed to campaign for and eventually create, tax, actually do not work in life for the enjoyment of its spending so severely on such shornfaced waste as it is in government at the current. Simply put in short for those backroom boys and girls, with safer job security until the next ballot box blue moon when it comes, do not pull this kind of $90 million dollar by approximation stunt again, even with the ever so real spectre of a minority government you are all about to receive, live with it, work hopefully together, or fight each other for all I care, but do live to see another day, towards your obviously selfish goal of being a career empire making lifer of a majority government, not one towards the betterment of society and mankind, after all that would be just too honest.