Friday, January 04, 2013

Thirteen in Thirteen for Fitness Friday

As many of you may know, since this is more of a professional weblog for my personal acquaintances not the general audience or media, I have been in a wee bit of a tough battle with physical ailments for the first time in almost one whole decade. Pertaining mainly around my left shoulder area, with a popped bone at the clavicle in the front and parted muscle by the scapula in the back, all from the same rugby match last year obviously being my last ever played since. To add to it as well as an apparent hearing loss, which I seem to have been suffering without realizing much of during my time at university and possibly before, only in recent months since this late summer as one very blaring tinnitus did I recognize it as such and acted accordingly upon the knowledge.

With all of the downtime since, especially as psychological symptoms from the ongoing stress of these newfound conditions of sadness, anxiety, and depression began to set in for the first time in my life, I have decided to change up an old tradition and make it more useful and easier to commit to during this unknown time of duress.

Since the beginning of this journey of journalistic endeavour started, I have dedicate every Friday I wrote to fitness and thus Fitness Fridays was a regular feature in the format I still hold to, however I can not honestly continue the heavy duty workouts and their hardcore exercises we share and care about at this time though I do continue to stay fit, work out, and exercise at more of a leisurely or lighter pace since the injuries. With that said, I have geared up for a change in format, going from a more active role of reporting on health and fitness to a more knowledge based one where we can share more insightful tips towards a more fit and healthy lifestyle for a better built body we all should care about. Thus the birth of my brand new Thirteen in Thirteen for Fitness Friday format on this weblog, where during this year 2013 I will give you a Top Thirteen list of tips towards various health and fitness every week, truly do hope you will enjoy it and let it be a blessing and encouragement as we move onward and forward positively in Him during this brand new year of opportunity for us all.