Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Ten Football will eventually become Big Thirteen

Big news in American college football has been the possible expansion of the Big Ten, thus a contraction of another conference in the N.C.A.A., or possibly just a shoreup of the last independents, either way these changes will change the face of college football in the United States for quite sometime, let alone starting the 21st century with one bold step forward into its future.

The news mainly deals with the implosion of the Big East with either Syracuse, Pittsburgh or Rutgers being the twelfth, but supposedly they even have the crown jewel of the Big Twelve, Texas, on line to possibly join up. Well, all I can say is that none of these programs will be making the Big 10 into the Big 12 or 13, as none of them make any sense, on the other hand two or three which do are the Iowa State University Cyclones, University of Nebraska Cornhuskers and or the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Of the very top, Iowa State makes the most sense, mainly because it would join its archrival University of Iowa Hawkeyes, however Nebraska is a next door rival of Iowa, has been a bubbling with discontent for years down in Lincoln and is higher profile than Iowa State, which is more of a weaker sister, then you have Notre Dame, but with the Fighting Irish of South Bend Indiana, you do not pick them, rather they would pick you. Just like Texas, no matter what, changes are going to be made, the Boise State University Broncos will lead the expansion stampede by riding hard over to Mountain West Conference from the Western Athletic Conference to join their new rival Texas Christian University Horned Frogs in the worst kept offseason secret, with a promise of more to come, such as perhaps the University of Montana Grizzlies moving on up a division to replace Boise State in the W.A.C.

If changes do happen in the Big Ten Conference, I can guarantee not only will the Big Twelve Conference deflate, ironically both in the mellee just may end up switching their original conference sizes, but either in kind the Pacific Ten Conference, South Eastern Conference and or Atlantic Coast Conference will inflate, no matter what, once again the Big 10 is showing just how relevant it still is when it somes to a big picture system that is the N.C.A.A., even if the game on the playing field is not matching its behind the scenes muscle off.