Monday, May 17, 2010

Harper Tories leave women outside when it comes to All in the Family

So, when did Parliament Hill suddenly out of nowhere become Archie Bunker's Place, as the role of women in the House of Commons slowly became a reduced one under this supposed tenure of the federal Tories under Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

This being the fifth anniversary of the crossing of the floor by Belinda Stronach, from the saintly Tories under Harper who could do no wrong to the darker sided Liberals under Paul Martin and his Machiavellian backroom shenanigans, all of which cost him in the end, seem now to be the same employed by those true blue Conservatives on Stronach at the time, later Lisa Raitt and now Helena Guergis, all seemingly targets by an all male cadre of politicos and the like within the Prime Minister's Office, with the fairer minority gender only given token positions and privileges. Seems to me, from the education I received earlier on, that in this kind of weltaanschauung, you have the pitting of the greater against the lesser in lighter terms, knowing that by starting the politics of smudge, smear, and fear, the instigator, motivator and architect of the action can then led from their movement into the general popular culture and promote openly the politics of safety, security, and freedom to counter the idea they did the exact opposite. If those being my own understandings from that basic education of mine did not blur and bias my current vision of what is going on here, I would be hard pressed to believe that is the actual reality, and that this which we witness at the present is nothing but a similar shell or card game using people as its currency for the express purpose of politically gambling away for the fun of it.

Indeed, the Harper Tories seem to leave women outside in the cold, when it comes to being All in the Family, but will they recognize this growing slight and remedy it as best they can, or is this just a sign of more to come from the invisible agenda everyone in O-town bubble keeps speaking of in shallow off the record blurbs, not official statements of depth and definity, which brings more doubt to its presence every day that way.