Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meadowlands Mafia started in September but finished on Friday

The Meadowlands Mafia in Ancaster at Redeemer had started out as an athletic response to the Alpha Mu Omega back in the Fall of 2006, in 2007, we had our first Royal Mafia Liftoffs in weightlifting, finished with Seven on Seven Offseason Scrimmages and sent a representative into RUC's Sausagefest III. The next year of 2008, we all went to York University Lions Football Recruiting Day and Academic Campus Day, then added some gym arena indoor rink football and united fight clubbing, which only had moderate success. This year however, we have added Redeemer University College Pro Weekends for March 12-14 and 19-21, with the Royal Mafia Liftoffs 2009 for weightlifting to follow on April 7.

It has been the slowest year to date, as far as getting a grip of and taking off with it, as one of our members has been suspended three times and was given the year off to think about their past actions.

For his sake, and ours, I hope we can all move past it, as no equipment full tackle scrimmages have been move down the hill towards Scenic Woods over looking Dundas, Westdale and Mcmaster, where some of us played together and won that big game of flag Canadian football at Mac's Alumni Field. Though we started out slow in September, off and on without a new workout program since the days of AMO, we persevered through, now at the point we have regained the Redeemer Rough Royals matra and begin to ready ourselves in defending its glory against the Ancaster Scenic Woodsmen at the Royal Snow Bowl/Super Chili Bowl. After the last 7 weeks of full out practice and daily workouts since the last week of October, I believe this holyday break starting tomorrow night will come at the best time for our boys, so we can start 2010 with a brand new leaf as a brand new cosca on January 6th.