Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Minneapolis is the New City of Champions

I think for those who enjoy professional football and baseball, you would now have to agree with the statement that, Minneapolis is the new city of champions. The twin cities that are three, including St. Paul's and Bloomington, have a red hot Minnesota Vikings team, who as of Monday with Quarterback Brett Favre, cheezed off his old squad in the Green Bay Packers 30-23 for the Monday Night National Football League victory, just a week after making his 43th career comeback from fourth quarter deficits or ties with just 3 seconds left against San Francisco, and a just as fired up Minnesota Twins club, who as of yesterday without First Baseman Justin Morneau, defeated my favourite Detroit Tigers 6-5 in 12 innings during a special tiebreaking playoff game, who had been 146 days in first place, became the first team in Major League Baseball history to lose a three game lead with four games left to play, at one point had a 7 game lead in the standings, only to completely lose it to Minnesota right up to the final weekend of play. The Hubert Horatio Humprey Metrodome, which is sadly in its last days now as it is the same age as the university I currently attend, has never seen such excitement in all of its years and I for one am happy.

Lots of emotion all around, Minnesota, and specifically Minneapolis, may just be in the line of having not one, but two championship banners flying within its domed stadium, with a pennant for American League Central finishing at 87-76 and National Conference North currently at 4-0 already in sight.

Though I love my Detroit and its Michigan and Green Bay and its Wisconsin, my third love of the Mid West is Minneapolis and its Minnesota, I picked the Vikings with Favre to win the Super Bowl and now so I will pick the Twins without Morneau to win the World Series, though I still wished my Tigers had not have blown it. Now, they must play a favoured Yankees squad in New York tonight, but I still think that their winning streak will continue throughout the league division series and beyond, as Detroit knows, Minnesota has a lot of heart and spirit to get where they are and know better than to lose it all in a four game sweep. As for the Vikings, three more wins, then off to Lambeau Field, to give those Green Bay Packers the business on the first day of November, with a bye week rest right after, the last eight will be interesting, but I have a feeling Favre just needs to play his new found rivals one more time for his emotions to burrst out for another run into divisional, conference and then league championship games for the wins.