Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Tackle Football in Scenic Woods Ancaster

Weekend Tackle Football, sliding in grey oozee like mud, formerly grass lawn transformed into ripped up green turf bits and pieces, Jack Frost lying across the end zone before you slide into the whiteness alongside with him, drier and hotter before the wet and cold get within you. Missing a 4 score by a shoelace tackle on a fallen run here or a wraparound coverage on a failed reception there, gave up secondary again to be on the line for reddog and wildcat blitz formations, picking up a couple sacks, a fumble recovery, but no sacks. But most important, much bonding with fellow ballers and talking in depth about the game, working hard on bettering ourselves each game, all of which happened in Scenic Woods Ancaster just this afternoon.

In Canada on Vanier and Grey Cup Weekend, if you are not playing in either of course, you are then asked to partake in the elements, as listed above plus the rounder pigskin than all cowhide south of the 49th, usually somewhere else.

Now, when you play, or even much more importantly, when you practice, one must always listening to your weaknesses before talking about your strengths. Using such a system in life, as well as in game, leads to more wins, victories and championships individually, and of course in the collective sense as team. I truly believe when the game becomes all about the money, the stats and the fame, all that is not honourable and virtuous in the world but of it, that is when one must hang up the cleats and walk away from the game.