Thursday, October 15, 2009

Land of Snow, Cold and Flu

Before Thanksgiving Holyday, just under half of Redeemer University College was hit by either the common flu or cold symptoms, afterwards it has become over half. My pal Kyle Gowling would say "Dude, it is like dejavu Doomsday, all over again!", but of course he is not here, instead helping build a rivalry between his Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener and Heritage Bible College in Cambridge just north of us here. But now the snow has hit us, all three of these events seemed to have the RUC student body struggling with tired weariness right now, as Redeemer's Head Chaplain Syd Hielema pointed out earlier in an emailed message for TSF devos.

As this seems to be a trend that started in early October, we have to be thankful nothing worse has actually hit the population on campus, such as the supposed flu of the swine that lives amongst those in both Toronto and Hamilton.

Disease and sickness are serious issues, I have tried my hardest to be a model on campus on them, but we do have to recognize that humans do not have full control over how they fully work. A shot or dose of what ails you here and there will not fully equip oneself to fight off the cold or flu, however doing this, plus maybe a little prayer to He who can just might do the full trick for those in need. The Crown I believe comes out today, perhaps it will better address these issues of importance for those on campus, then again I would not bet my health on it.